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  • Praying Together Course Praying Together Course

    150 Connections

    Latest Activity: Aug 9, 2018

    The course is and in-depth study designed to help us to come together when praying with others.  It examines scriptures, and issues in learning to pray and when one is involved when praying with others. 

  • Prayer Leaders Prayer Leaders

    141 Connections

    Latest Activity: Oct 5, 2019

    For those who coordinate, facilitate, motivate individual prayer and corporate praying. ... 

    Our heart beats for prayer. Let Us Help You . . .

    — Go deeper in your…

  • Need Prayer? Need Prayer?

    112 Connections

    Latest Activity: Nov 7, 2021

    Prayer warriors committed to intercede for others.

    1. Post your request - we will pray with you.
    2. Join with us - become a member and pray for others
    3. Visit the online prayer site (America Bible Society)
  • Intercessors Intercessors

    78 Connections

    Latest Activity: Sep 19, 2021

    As a group, Intercessors have special needs, and are often isolated. Here we have the opportunity to share our thoughts on various issues that face us, and to pray with and for each other.

  • Encouragement to Pray Encouragement to Pray

    51 Connections

    Latest Activity: Nov 27, 2020

    Each Month several Prayer Minutes will be shared on a topic to help us turn to the Lord in prayer.  These Prayer Minutes are short encouragements to pray.  Take time to consider them, and work…

  • Book Club Book Club

    49 Connections

    Latest Activity: May 31, 2017

    For those who like to read good books about discipleship and/or ministry and interact about them.
  • The Seers The Seers

    41 Connections

    Latest Activity: Jun 4, 2021

    What is a Seer? a prophet that God communicates through dreams and visions. The group is focused on prophetic intercessors and seers coming together to share experiences and knowledge.
  • Prayer for the World Prayer for the World

    41 Connections

    Latest Activity: Jun 2, 2019

    This group is united to pray for the lost people of the world on a daily basis. By using the World Prayer Map created by Every Home for Christ, we pray around the world each month.
  • Grandparents@Prayer Grandparents@Prayer

    40 Connections

    Latest Activity: Jan 29, 2020

    Grandparents@Prayer is an intercessory prayer group for grandparents to interactively be prayer warriors in the battle against the enemy who is trying to steal their hearts from God.

  • Books.  Views.  Reviews. Books. Views. Reviews.

    36 Connections

    Latest Activity: Jul 11, 2020

    Post your review (commentary or a few quotes) of a book or resource that has challenged or strengthened your prayer life.

       -on our Comment board or attach a file in Pages

       -or link to a webpage with a prayer related…

  • Intercessors Arise International Intercessors Arise International

    35 Connections

    Latest Activity: Jan 12, 2018

    Igniting the fire of prayer worldwide!

  • Operation World Operation World

    35 Connections

    Latest Activity: Nov 18, 2016

    Calling all global prayer warriors and intercessors. Please join in praying for His glory among all nations, that He would be known by all peoples.
  • Children and Prayer Course Children and Prayer Course

    32 Connections

    Latest Activity: Jan 12, 2018

    The course was module 2 of the ‘Praying Together Course’.  It is now a separate course with 2 modules of its own.  The course is designed for parents/grand parents.   It has two modules:  One is to help teach…

  • Core Discipleship Core Discipleship

    31 Connections

    Latest Activity: Sep 17, 2018

    Join us as we share, learn and grow in Christ-likeness.
  • Book and Resource Review Team Book and Resource Review Team

    29 Connections

    Latest Activity: Sep 15, 2021

    This group is for those who have committed to being a part of the Book and Resource Review team. If you enjoy reading and have a heart for sharing what you've read with others, this group is for you!

  • Praying the Names of Christ Praying the Names of Christ

    27 Connections

    Latest Activity: Aug 10, 2018

    Followers of Christ uniting daily to worship Him and to pray His names and attributes into our own lives, the whole Church, and all people.

  • Cry Out America Cry Out America

    26 Connections

    Latest Activity: Jan 12, 2018

    America needs a fresh Christ Awakening. In response to our nation’s need and God’s Biblical and historical pattern for bringing awakening to America, we are calling for extraordinary, united prayer.
  • International Cross Cultural Discipleship International Cross Cultural Discipleship

    23 Connections

    Latest Activity: Sep 17, 2018

    A group committed to discuss the issues, methods and success of making disciples across international cultures. Special attention is aimed at helping westerners disciple across to other cultures.
  • Mission America Coalition Mission America Coalition

    22 Connections

    Latest Activity: Oct 24, 2019

    Agreeing in prayer for the praises and petitions of the largest coalition of denominations & organizations, networks and city collaborations partnering in evangelism - accelerating toward the Great Commission.

    See Comment…

  • Prayer for Pastors Prayer for Pastors

    22 Connections

    Latest Activity: Oct 24, 2019

    This group will stand in the gap for pastors and their families.

    Has God laid the blessed burden on you to pray for your pastor, if so lets share our thoughts about it.

  • Pastors' Prayer Group

    21 Connections

    Latest Activity: Aug 30, 2015

    A place for pastors to share comments, questions, needs, insights and resources in a confidential setting with colleagues.

  • Watchman Watchman

    21 Connections

    Latest Activity: Mar 22, 2013

    The watchman on the wall to pray for our Law Enforcement, and those without voices that deserve justice. The unborn, the abused, and the neglected.

  • My Hope with Billy Graham My Hope with Billy Graham

    20 Connections

    Latest Activity: Dec 13, 2018

    My Hope with Billy Graham is a grass-roots effort to reach people across the United States and Canada with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Following a simple biblical model, My Hope with Billy Grahamcombines the…

  • Seek God for the City Seek God for the City

    19 Connections

    Latest Activity: May 28, 2018

    Join in prayer for our cities, our nation, and the world during Lent! 

    Record prayers and prayer experiences below.