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  1. SURF
    • Goal: A comprehensive grasp of where to go to explore themes/topics 
    • Begin with a click on the Start Here tab to check out what drives us and gives us a distinct focus
    • Then click each of the tabs (left to right on the navigation bar at the top) and skim the drop-down menu options
    • Goal; To review the most recent content
    • Scroll down the front page; it serves as a portal to new content, guest-posts, ministry newsletters, videos/podcasts
    • Goal: To find content on a specific subject
    • Type into the search box: a name, focus terms (prayer + strategy; discipleship + youth; rethink + pastor), a scripture verse (Romans 12:2)


       THREE MORE...

  • SUPPLICATION ... #SayALittlePrayer whenver you come to the site, asking the Holy Spirit to lead you to content that will give you the mind of CHrist for your specific ministry situation.
  • SHARE ... this resource-source with your pastor, colleages, group/team members. Free. Always.
  • SERVE ... hundreds more pastors, prayer champions, evangelism catalyst, disciplemakers with a small gift @ PrayerINC.org * Help us reach more! 
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