Calling all global prayer warriors and intercessors. Please join in praying for His glory among all nations, that He would be known by all peoples.
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  • Berete, bless you as you pray focused on and in the power of Christ!

  • In 2000 I got a book " Operation World" and a map on which there  are flags of independent countries. I started praying over that map every day in my office but I am now retired. Later I gave up praying and God sent a prophet to remind me in 2009. He stopped me and said " You gave up the work given to you y God...."  I resumed and God said to me that he gave that assiignement to protect me  from international and original demons. I am with you everyday but I need help in the matter because I read names of countries while pouring the blood of Jesus over the world..there is power in his blood..

  • join you all in praying for egypt-merv and the spokane world prayer team

  • Praying for Egypt today.  Praying for Christians and the unsaved in this country.

  • Andrew - if you have time, please copy this good comment to the discussion on Book Reviews, or, revise for that page.

  • Had a chance a few weeks ago to see Patrick Johnstone on his whirlwind tour of the States for his latest book, "The Future of the Global Church".  I highly recommend the book - it's a truly awesome collection of research and thought-provoking questions and insights as to how the Church can/should respond to various major issues facing the world.  I'm still in the first section - there's so much info to digest that I can only handle a few pages at a time. 

    The book is a wonderful companion to Operation World - for more info, see the entry on the InterVarsity Press website.

  • thanks to you all for your comments and prayers.

    It's been awhile since I have had time to go through your wonderful comments, thoughts, and questions, forgive me for being late.

    We are in the process of working on an App...but this is complex and needs much prayer and thought.

    Someone asked who i work for in Colorado Springs...I work for Biblica (formerly International Bible Society) and the publisher of Op World.


    Again, thanks for your prayers, but being evangelists for global prayer.


  • Have used the 7th Edition Operation World book since May this year; and this resource is a must for every library either personal or professional.  Can't be without it!  Such a blessing to have!


  • What a awesome resource to use to pray around the world with such insight without even leaving your prayer closet! Thanks so very much! The book is incrediable!
  • The Entire World Now Downloadable in Minutes

    Operation World, the definitive prayer guide to every nation, from Biblica Publishing is now available in multiple electronic formats to support any e-book reader, including iPad, Kindle, Sony, Nook and more.

    Operation World’s e-book includes easy-to-follow summaries of every nation, and:

    Updates on church growth, population, people and language statistics
    Explanations of major currents in economics, politics, and society
    Challenges for prayer and specific answers to prayer

    “The exciting part is now anyone, anywhere in the world, has immediate access to this powerful resource. Until recently, Operation World was only available as a traditional book, CD-ROM, or DVD. Ready to download immediately, the prayer guide is available in every format imaginable,” said Mike Dworak, Director of Marketing for Biblica Publishing.

    The e-book is fully searchable in full color when devices are color-compatible. Operation World’s table of contents is hyperlinked and has bookmark features. Operation World (Biblica Publishing, $19.99) is available for purchase at,, and

    "Outside of the Bible, no book has had a greater practical impact on my personal prayer life than Operation World,” says David Platt, senior pastor at The Church at Brook Hills, Birmingham, AL and author of Radical. “I eagerly welcome this new edition and wholeheartedly recommend it."

    For more than 40 years, Operation World continues to be the primary global resource encouraging readers to pray for world missions and evangelism. Since the original edition as printed in 1974, more than 2.5 million copies have been sold in a variety of languages. The book has been translated into German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean, Chinese, Russian, and in part into Indonesian and Italian.

    For more information on Operation World, visit In addition to the e-book, Operation World is available in paperback and hardcover, CD-ROM, and DVD. Operation World is published by Biblica and made available in partnership with WEC International and GMI (Global Mapping International).

    About Biblica
    Celebrating more than 200 years in ministry, Biblica provides God’s Word to people through translation, publishing, and Bible engagement. Biblica’s ministry extends worldwide, with outreach in over 55 countries. Biblica has translated the Bible in more than 100 languages and is the translation sponsor and publisher of the New International Version® (NIV) Bible, the most widely read and trusted contemporary English translation. Through its worldwide reach, Biblica engages people with God’s

    Word so lives are transformed through a relationship with Jesus Christ. For more information, visit

    Mike Dworak, Biblica Publishing Marketing Director • mike.dworak(at)biblica(dot)com • 719-867-2768 •



    Mike Dworak
    Biblica Publishing

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Pray Today 2015/2016

Adding a new discussion to encourage daily prayer using Operation World through 2015-2016. Starting a few days early!!   The country of the day can be found at the OW home page:; click on the 'Pray Today' header picture to get to the country info.  The info in the page is an excerpt from the book.  For anyone who is interested, you can sign up for a daily e-mail on the site as a reminder to pray; the e-mail basically contains a link to the home page and also a…

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Praying for Egypt

Praying for Egypt today.  Praying for the Christian there and the many churches that were burned.  Praying also for the unsaved, that their eyes will be opened to the saving power in Jesus.

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Pray for Egypt

Egypt: A country on the verge of changeIn Egypt massive protests against President Hosni Mubarak's authoritarian regime have been gathering momentum over the past week. The growing unrest might end in a revolution, with radical islamists capitalizing on the crisis to seize power. Also in a few other countries in the Middle East there is a growing mood and momentum for radical change. Commentators have warned of a domino effect from Tunisia across the Arab world, as instability grows in Algeria,…

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