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  • Father, please bring revival to your church in Sweden.  Please do not allow your church to continue to decline.  Purify your church from materialism and liberalism; bring your people back to the truths of your word.  Recapture the hearts of those who name your name but who don't truly know you.  Reestablish this country as a sending base for missionaries to the lost.  May your kingdom come to your church in Sweden.

  • Lord God, thank you for the growth of the church in Suriname.  Thank you also for the introduction of seminaries in the country.  Please use these seminaries to train leaders and pastors for the churches in Suriname.  Please purify your church from cultural influences that have caused a drifting from you.  Bring about greater unity in the church and a return to the truth of your word.  Make your church salt and light in Suriname.

  • Father, thank you for the doors you have opened for the Gospel in Sudan and for the churches that have been planted.  Thank you for raising up your church to respond to the great needs in Sudan and for the lives that have been changed through the relief work and preaching of the Gospel.  Please continue to open these doors and watch over believers, especially in the North.

    Lord, please hear the cries of the slaves in Sudan.  Look down on their misery and bring relief.  Proclaim freedom from them, Lord, and tear down the institutions that are perpetuating their slavery.  Raise your hand against the militias and others who are capturing and enslaving people.  Break down the hold of Shari'a law in the North and reverse the enslavement - both physical and spiritual - that it is causing.

  • Father, please strengthen your church in Spain.  Purify your church of styles and practices that don't relate well to the Spanish culture.  Bring unity between Catholics and Evangelicals - please break down the walls of and discrimination.  Focus your church not on the issues that divide, but rather on the mission that should unite all your people - the reaching of every people with the Gospel.

    Lord God, please reverse the trend away from you in this country.  Strengthen the seminaries and Bible schools as they raise up leaders for the church.  Raise up godly  men and women to lead your people.

    May your name be honored in Spain, Father, as your people live out your love and grace among their neighbors and those who are far from you.

  • Lord God, please raise up indigenous pastors for yiur Church in Austria.  Provide the training they need in knowledge of your Word, in personal holiness, and in vision for the lost.

    Please raise up more workers for thus harvest field as well, Father.  Hasten the day when every people group in Austria has a vibrant, witnessing church.

    • Please,pray for Christians in prison in North Korea and Iran.   Pray for their well being, that their faith will continue to be strong.   That they will feel god's presence.   ---Doeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeris B.





  • Father, please intervene in Antigua and Barbuda to reverse the trend away from you.  Give the government both wisdom and courage to break down the structures of sin in the areas of money laundering, drugs, violence, and gambling.  Raise up your church as a light to these islands.

  • Father, thank you for the increasing growth of the church in Iran.  Thank you for the believers who risk their lives to follow you and to name the name of Jesus.  Thank you for the ways in which you are revealing yourself to them.  Please continue to encourage, protect, and grow them in their walks with you.

    Lord, please use the economic and political climate in Iran to open the hearts and minds of many more Muslims to the Gospel.  Raise up leadership for this country with a vision to help the poor.  Raise your hand against the drug dealers and the prostitution rings; change the hearts of those involved and open them to your work in their lives. 

    Father, please shine the light of your word into the darkness of Islam in Iran.  Defeat the efforts of those who would use terrorism to further their agendas.  Bring the hope of the Gospel to those desperately in need of Truth to believe in.  Multiply your church in Iran, Lord, for the sake of your glory.  Amen.

  • Father, thank you for both the tradition of Christianity and the rise of new churches in Ghana - particularly for the increase in indigenous churches.  Thank you for the freedom for the Gospel to spread.

    Please cleanse your church in Ghana from any influences that distort the truth of the Gospel.  Free those who are still clinging to traditional religions, fetishism, and similar practices.  Bring the kind of revival that will draw people to only you.  Raise up leaders for your church who will move the church in a direction of purity of both doctrine and practice and who will continue the spread of the Gospel in Ghana.

  • Lord God, thank you for continuing to open doors for the Gospel in the country of Georgia.  Thank you for the large-scale changes in laws and social climate and the individual-scale changes in people's hearts.  Thank you for the growth of your Church in Georgia.

    Please use your Church to reach out to the people who have been displaced through ethnic conflicts.  Raise an awareness of their needs and extend your love and grace through your people.  As you do that, Father, open the hearts of these struggling families to the truth of the gospel and claim them for your own.

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