The watchman on the wall to pray for our Law Enforcement, and those without voices that deserve justice. The unborn, the abused, and the neglected.

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  • First of all, Denise, my heart does go out to you. I have 2 brothers who also faced jail because of drug-related issues. (which was especially difficult since my husband is a police officer.) One of them is victoriously living for Jesus now, as a result of his experience. The other one is in Heaven, having achieved ultimate and forever victory. (Yes, I know he received Jesus as his Savior before he died. Praise the Lord for that.)


    I do want to address one thing. This isn't just like Moses (and I think you meant Joseph) or Jesus. They were innocent. My brothers were guilty. It sounds like your son might be, too. Until we come face to face with the reality of their SIN, we can't pray the prayers of the Spirit on their behalf. We instead enable them and allow the enemy to keep them imprisoned by bringing ourselves and our loved ones into agreement with his lies and deception.


    I do pray that God's will would be done in this situation as it already is in Heaven. I pray that His kingdom would prevail in the life of your sons. I pray that our loving Heavenly Father would be your sons' Abba Father in all of this, and your Abba Father too, holding you in His strong arms, and providing all your needs according to His riches in glory. I praise the Lord this His arm is not too short that it cannot save. May he use whatever means necessary to reach your boys and turn them to fully love and serve Him. May He use this situation for their good, your good, and ultimately for His glory. Father, give Denise great grace and strength, wisdom and discernment. Line her and her family up under Your righteous authority. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

  • I so aggree with u. Today i went to a video arrainment at 36th fistrict in detroit, mi. It has by far opened my eyes to the attack on the male from both Moses amd Jesus both endured the xact same attack on thier lives and were inprisoned. The men today unfortunately have been blinded and walk into a crime like s blind man drunk and as they stand sober being arrained and the shambles of t+e pmadness of his crime tears at his already stressed famiky , n full support the legal system has no respect for anyone. So i dnt like the treatment yet God bridled my tongue thank u Jesus bcuz my son is the man on trail facing 10yrs plz pray with me. I just went thru a simular situation with his twin brother convicted and charged with 3 yrs he wss released last summer doing fine just cant hold a job bcuz as directed by the Spirit, his prison sentense just truly started. No better words habe been spoken. If anyone has any good words for war weary mom. Gof ur will be done, just give me ur wisdom to endure whatever, i trust that u will b with me always so i believe that as i abide in him when He brings me to it,Hpe will bring me thru it. Justify in Jesus name.

    I nred a goof pro bono lawyer; criminal, drugs.
  • Amen, Toni!
  • Father, I cry out to You for all the children, especially those represented by the prayer warriors connected to this site, who have been abused and neglected. Only You LORD know the depths of their pain. But LORD God, You are a God of healing. Jesus died for the sins we committed and for the sins committed against us. Please deliver these children who are precious in Your sight, regardless of their age, from the shame, fear, distrust, immorality, drug abuse, or anything else that keeps them stuck. Please Father, set these captives free. Father, may they know the joy of freedom in You, may they experience the abundant life that is ours through Jesus Christ. Thank you Father for loving all of us. May we sow seeds of kindness and love to all the children and teenagers we see. May they see You in us.
  • My husband just intoduced my to a law about passing police or emergency vehicles...thank You Jesus that this law is around! I just want t share it with you all....When there is an emergency vehicle or police vehicle on the side of the road, the law states that you are to safely change lanes prior to reaching the vehicle and then you can change back, and if you cannot change lanes then you must reduce your speed by 20 miles less than the posted speed limit, if you fail to do that the fine is tremendous. I thank God that this is officially a law in 47 of our 50 states. Thankful because it helps to protect our officers from tragic accidents that could be avoided if other drivers were paying more attention. Thank You Lord that steps are being taken to help protect our men and women who are out there putting their lives at risk to protect us.
  • We here in Arizona have just dodged the bullet (Pardon the play on words) of the poice force and the fire departments laying off staff due to the economy. We have sent out prayers for this not to happen. The state and city governments made other cuts instead and we've not seen the forces cut. Could you imagine what would happen if they reduce the Police force? Dear Lord, thank You for guiding those in 'power' to make the right decision in not cutting our Police force.
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