This group will stand in the gap for pastors and their families.

Has God laid the blessed burden on you to pray for your pastor, if so lets share our thoughts about it.

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  • Isa 41:10 ESV
    I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.
  • Heavenly Father,

    Thank You for our pastors. Please bless them and take care of all their needs.

    Bring relief to them every time they need it, for them and their families and their churches.

    Give them Your wisdom and guidance and protect them in all things, always.

    Please especially bless their families.

    Thank You Lord God.

    In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.
    • Thank you for your faithful praying.

      I welcome this prayer for my family and ministry,
  • Thank you!

  • For those trying to connect with Elder Audrey Dowling, please visit her website at:; email her at:; mail her at: P.O. Box 811, Lithonia, GA, 30058
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    God will always use leaders in the lives of His people! We need our leaders whole and functioning at the highest capacity of their gifting and calling at all times.  This will require focused, anointed, and specific prayer and intercession that goes on for them regularly!!


    As the Body of Christ, most of us have not been cultured to automatically pray for our pastors.  Pastors don’t always ask for prayer and many members may not feel comfortable praying for them.  We need a renewed culture where prayer for the pastor is encouraged and taught.  Prayer Points for Pastors:  A Tool for Pastors and Their Intercessors will help both pastors and their intercessors alike by offering important prayer points to consider during intercession.  If pastors are upheld in prayer, the Body of Christ will win MAJOR battles, regain lost ground, and recover all. (Exodus 17:11; 1 Samuel 30:8) 2451581830?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024


  • I pray for all of the wonderful pastors that give their lives for the the sheep! Lord, anoint them now.   Replenish and restore the virtue that has gone out today! Ease their minds right now of the troubles at hand.  Speak the very Word into their hearts, that they are each in need of! Amen!

  • Pastor Appreciation Month is around the corner .. may I ask you to add a resource, story or idea at our network discussion page?

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  • American Religious Heritage Under Attack

    I am a pastor and attorney here in NYC and I want to urge you to watch the videos below. OUR RELIGIOUS HERITAGE IS UNDER ATTACK.  The clips are not long.  We have an educational  program on Sat Sept 14th in NYC and I am encourage everyone to forward the first 2 videos and post them on social media to get the word out.
    Pleas pray for me and our task force as we seek to educate the Body of Christ on these issues!
    Michelle Morrison
    Introduction about the task force and Sept 14th
     A must watch!!   Pastor Bill Devlin speaks on recent development with SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE under attack
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