America needs a fresh Christ Awakening. In response to our nation’s need and God’s Biblical and historical pattern for bringing awakening to America, we are calling for extraordinary, united prayer.
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  • looks forward to again supporting Cry Out America in 2014.

    Dear Ministry Friend,
    Reports of God’s divine favor on our Cry Out America 9/11 Prayer Gatherings are still being received. A few highlights are available on our Awakening America site. Even more exciting is the news that thousands are continuing to intensify their prayer efforts through the 40 Days to Save America initiative leading to November 6. If you are not receiving the daily prayer targets, please visit 40Days to Save America and register to unite your voices with those who are committed to praying for a nation in crisis.

    Never before in America's history have so many groups mobilized prayer efforts in the weeks leading to the elections, and never before has America needed prayer as much as we do now. You can be a vital part of these efforts.

    One of the exciting spiritual phenomena of our generation is the number of missionary intercessors that have come to the United States from around the world. The African Strategic Leaders Prayer Network (ASLPN) is being used of God to network a broad cross section of these ministries for united intercession.

    We wanted to extend an invitation for you to join us at a Call to Pray for America. I am convinced this gathering at the Lincoln Memorial October 20th will be spiritually significant and will be used of God to shift the spiritual climate of our nation toward a new Christ awakening.  

    Please forward this information and invite everyone on your ministry team to join us on the mall in D.C. on October 20th as we make spiritual history together!

    Uniting together for America's future,
    Awakening America Alliance
    Awakening America Alliance
    Voice of Salvation Ministries/World Impact TV
    William (Billy) M. Wilson, Executive Director

    PO Box 3986
    Cleveland, TN 37320-3986
    Office: (423) 478-7078 *  Fax: (423) 478-7753

    2483476653?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Tom Walker & Billy Wilson

    Pictured above is Executive Director Awakening America Alliance Billy Wilson discussing "Cry Out" on the morning of 9/11/11. Afterwards Rev. Walker said. "We came together in NYC representing those across our nation who were holding gatherings of prayer in the neighborhoods and cities across the nation we love & together we Cried Out for America for a new awakening."

    Mr. Walker went on to say "These past 10 years have been a difficult season for us as a country and a church. We recognized and confessed our shortcomings and repented as a people of God. We stood before Him committing ourselves to being trainable before Him to readying ourselves for the opportunity to participate in what we anticipate is preparation for the next great awakening.

    America needs God’s protection and grace more than ever. These ten years have been a time with fear in the form of tragedies in terrific storms , financial instability and war. We have witnessed even further spiritual decline.

    Christ is calling us to wake up. He said we would know the season. He wants us to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth. He wants us to make disciples. We do not need to be afraid but we need to know that no institution is exempt from God’s shaking, not our government or the economy or even the church. Together we recognized that this was not a time for the Church to draw back, it’s a time for us to move in."

  • ICFSR---Mid-September-2011-e-Blast_01.png

  • Awakening America

    Summer is here and we have begun our push toward what has become one of the largest grass-roots prayer events in the Nation---Cry Out America. On this tenth anniversary of 9-11 I want to invite you and your local church to get involved in Crying Out to God. Please mark your calendar and plan now to join other Christian believers in seeking a new Christ Awakening in this nation. Because when we wake up to Jesus....everything will change.

    Billy Wilson, Chair

    Play the Cry Out America Video

    Involve Your Local Church

    Connect in Your County 

    AAA_Logo_web_resolution.jpgCry Out America is part of the Awakening America Alliance
  • Awesome Brother Claude! Thanks so much for all you do for His Kingdom!
  • The Video Link:
    Consecrate the People
  • In conjunction with the Cry Out America team, I helped prepare a tool to help individuals, groups, and churches prepare for a time of sacred assembly. "Consecrate the People" is available as a free download to help us get ready to pray with power on September 11, 2010, at Noon at our courthouses. You can download free resources at

    Here's a link to a video invitation to get ready to meet with God in sacred assembly as we cry out to Him.

    Jesus is standing in the throne room of heaven with hands open asking for us to present our lives to Him as living sacrifices. What kind of life will you present to Him? Consecrate the People is an 8-day devotional guide designed to help Christian individuals, churches, and groups prepare themselves for a sacred assembly before their holy God. Though it can be used at other times, it is designed so a pastor can preach on a Sunday to issue a call to a sacred assembly. The booklet helps members prepare (consecrate) themselves during the week. Then the congregation gathers the following Sunday to renew their covenant commitments to Jesus Christ in a time of sacred assembly. Let's be diligent to prepare lives that will be pleasing offerings to our King Jesus.
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