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  • My son died this morning due to Covid 19

    We'll appreciate your prayers. The funeral is going to be hard on us.all.

    Thank you for praying.

  • Jesus, we place each of these requests into your care.

    Remind us to pray in sync with your will.

    You are almighty, healer, redeemer, counselor ... all we need...

  • Melissa and Greg have been taken captive by the enemy and turned from the truth of the Word and faith in God. Please pray for deliverance, for the Lord to enlighten the eyes of their hearts and reveal Himself in a life-changing way that they might encounter His love and be born again.

  • May God protect your daughter and grandchildren from COVID…

  • My son John is in critical care unit due to pneumonia / covid. 

    My daughter in law Sarah is not allowed to see him as she has a cough. She is ok physically at the moment, but emotionally she struggles. She stays home to take care of the kids. The kids are healthy. Thank you for praying.

    Lord God, 

    You are the God of life and death.

    Thank You for saving my son's soul when he was 5 years old. 

    Now we ask You to save his life, for the sake of his wife and children. We may ask, because You said so. 

    Thank You that Sarah loves You. She has Aspergers and life is hard for her. Please help her now again. Heal her completely and keep her and the kids safe. 

    Lord, we know that You have a plan for everybody's life. Let Your plans for every one be fulfilled, so Your will be glorified and Your will done and Your Kingdom come, on earth as in heaven.

    We place our lives in Your hand, Lord God, our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Thank You for Your grace and love and care.


  • My son is delirious with covid 19. Please pray for him (John).

    My daughter in law  (Sarah) is trying to get 911for ambulance to take hom to the nearest hospital (one hour away from where they live). We are very worried. 

    Thank you.

    Please God, help! 

  • Dear Lord, Please protect the people of California against the wild fires. Please intervene with your grace and mercy....In Jesus' Name. Amen. 

  • Urgent prayer needed re California wild fires:

    Ps 46:1,2 BSB

    1God is our refuge and strength,

    an ever-present help in times of trouble.

    2Therefore we will not fear...

    11The LORD of Hosts is with us;

    the God of Jacob is our fortress.

    Heavenly Father, thank You that You are our refuge and strength and our ever-present help in times of trouble. You are our fortress, You are with us. Help us not to fear. Please let the Lord of Hosts send angels to help - in some areas it is too much for human help. Please protect and spare people's lives. Please spare their homes and livelihood. Please prevent arsonists from making it worse as they threatened to do. Please bless and protect the fire fighters. Thank You, Lord.

    We pray in the Almighty Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

  • Intercessors for America has published a strategic prayer guide:

  • Today (Mon June 1) more trouble expected. Downtown businesses of Bay cities in CA advised by police to close and board up, everybody to stay home or away from downtown areas and roads leading to and from town. Several stores were ransacked and looted over the weekend and a federal officer was killed in Oakland. Lots of property damages. Incredible hate spewed out at innocent people. Curfew renewed.

    As our buildings are mostly wood due to earthquake safety and therefore highly flammable, fires are a huge danger. 

    Lord God, we pray for Your protection over us all. Let Your gentle Spirit blow and stop the hate and planned violence and destruction all over this country. Let Your Kingdom come, Your Name glorified and Your will be done. We call on the mighty Name of Jesus Christ and we thank You for Your power and grace, amen.

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Hi everyone, Please think of me. I have an important exam coming up in two weeks. Please pray for guidance, clarity and calmness. Thank you! God bless...

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Dear Lord...

Dear Lord, I praise You for Your mercy! I praise You for delivering me from stress, anxiety, panic and insomnia. I praise You for a victory over my exam! Please cover me with the blood of Jesus. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

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Dear Lord...

Dear Lord, I praise You for Your kindness and provision in my life. Thank you that You are in control of my destiny. Thank for the privilege, opportunity and ability to study. I praise You that You are going to guide me through this week's exam with wisdom, calmness, courage and self-confidence. In the Name of Jesus. Amen. 

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