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  • Ask the pastor how you can pray for Him. Have some people pray for him during the service. He will see the power of prayer.

  • 1. Commit to praying for your pastor, a minimum of weekly.

    2. Do it.

    3. Periodically (no more than once a week) email or text your pastor for prayer requests.

    4. DO NOT get discouraged when you don't get an answer (that's sataN's way of discouraging YOU).

    5. Remember, God has your pastor's address.


    Would you consider praying for Paul Covert.  He is the prayer pastor at Central Christian Church in Mesa AZ and a featured member of Pray.Network.  Since June he has been having trouble with his eyes.  The doctors are still trying to determine if he has optic nerve swelling or a tumor.  The optic nerves are so small that both look the same in an MRI.  The only way to tell for sure is to do a biopsy but that will cause Paul to loose his vision for sure.  He is presently visiting doctors to determine a treatment plan.  He is asking for prayer for healing and that he can represent Christ well during this trial.


    Paul Covert

  • If you live within driving range of Indianapolis, you might want to check out the Midwest Prayer Conference, put on by the Church Prayer Leaders Network and scheduled for the Indianapolis area on September 25-26.  I've attended this conference multiple times and each time have come away both equipped and inspired, with a renewed commitment not only to personal prayer but to leading others in prayer.  I'm hoping to have a Spotlight interview with Jon Graf about the conference in the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned, and meantime, check out the conference's web page (link above).

  • pX-Dmvvx5xUjzUqu2iUgZIabHx9NsqtBoMzmSHtX1bK-iDqnamyqHVaL6W1Gfu3JRJNX3ya45KQOvR72Z_6-z9kGuUJD2yALQGMOTz7l_CcBpT2XaXTng6kHXdeD27koNoH-=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=
    Become a certified Prayer Trainer with The Praying Church Movement!
    May 26-27, 2015
    Kannapolis, NC
    Every congregation needs a prayer trainer! Work with denominational groups, city prayer leader training efforts, or train in the context of your own local church. Training by P. Douglas Small and Program Coordinators, Dr. Gloria Ross and Joyce Miles.

    What you will receive:
    • Complete Resources for Prayer Training
    • On-going assistance and support
    • A network of unique people with a heart for prayer ministry
    • Additional opportunities for ministry and service
    What you will learn:
    • A model for Transforming a Church into a House of Prayer
    • The Seven Markers of a Praying Church
    • Three Simple First Steps
    • The Four Dimensions of a Well-Rounded Prayer Ministry
    • How to conduct multi-denominational training meetings
    • Launching Congregational Prayer efforts
    • The two-big cogwheels that drive prayer ministry
    • Resources for Prayer Ministry
    There is no cost for the event, pre-registeration required: 


  • Dear All


    Hi, i've just joined this group this morning, please advise how it works.



  • thanks
  • If you would like to become one of the Maasai Team of Tanzania's prayer partners please email me your email address at

  • Last week in Turkey the WEA MC met...

    They drafted a "Letter from Smyrna to the Global Church" (World Evangelical Association  Mission Commission Global Consultation, 2014)

    - News - WEA Mission Commission

    Letter from Smyrna to the Global Church
    May 2014

    To our brothers and sisters in Christ,

    Grace and Peace.

    We, the Mission Commission of the WEA, have been gathered for five days in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in the setting of the Apostle John's letter to the seven ancient churches of Revelation 2 and 3.

    This setting has been a profound reminder of the 2000 years of church history to which we are connected, of the struggles to ensure that the apostolic witness should be passed down faithfully, and of the reality that we today receive that witness because men and women laid down their lives rather than compromise the gospel. It has been a vivid reminder that from the beginning of the church it has been costly, even sometimes to martyrdom, to declare that Jesus Christ is Lord and he alone is to be worshipped.

    The letter continues...


    READ the letter in its entirety at:


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Prayer Guides? or Prayer Guides!

By Sing Oldham Phil Miglioratti opened the winter leadership meeting of PrayerLink asking whether Southern Baptists are more interested in developing prayer guides (booklets and other resources about prayer) or prayer guides (individuals in congregations who help guide church members to be prayer warriors in the house of God). Drawing his lesson from the purification of Jesus recorded in Luke 2, Miglioratti pointed to two individuals in Scripture who serve as prayer guides for twenty-first…

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Prayer Walking in Tuscon Arizona

A question has been raised by a friend of mine, who is also a member of Pray!Network.  Are there any who are active in prayer walking and praying for Tuscon, Az? If you know of some involved in prayer for Tuscon, please let us know.  I will pass that information on to my friend. Thanks, and blessings.

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Praying from Scripture

I am always looking for ways to "prime" our prayer group to pray "big picture" prayers.   There is a new little book (99 cents, Kindle edition) which is very helpful to this end.  It consists of 777 short "prayer points" picked directly from Scripture. I highly recommend:

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