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Agree? Diasagree?

By Sing Oldham

Phil Miglioratti opened the winter leadership meeting of PrayerLink asking whether Southern Baptists are more interested in developing prayer guides (booklets and other resources about prayer) or prayer guides (individuals in congregat

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Praying from Scripture

I am always looking for ways to "prime" our prayer group to pray "big picture" prayers.   There is a new little book (99 cents, Kindle edition) which is very helpful to this end.  It consists of 777 short "prayer points" picked directly from Scriptur

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Try this as a prayer format

This came in an e-newsletter from Ken Blanchard - use the format when training leadership -


"If you are ready to start working on your legacy as a leader . . . explore leadership from four perspectives:

  1. The Heart—Motivation and Character
  2. The Head—

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Congregation Prayer Requests

How do you receive prayer requests from the congregation, written or electronic? We currently give the congregation the opportunity to write prayer requests on their tithe envelope however we will be changing that in the near future and would like to

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