January 22

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  •   Hi Pamela

    Hope all is well and safe for you all, be strong and of good courage , look to the joy and progress that God is giving you, let us know how all is going.

  • Thank you!

  • I'm joining you in this prayer for your daughter. Vicki
  • Pamela --I appreiate that, and will do so to help others pray.

    Thanks you and Blessings

    Brother Lewis Turner
  • Pamela,

    Would you mind it if I share what you share with me about the storying cloth with the Intercessor's group for prayer? I may also want to share it with other groups--haven't decided which groups yet--possibly prayer leaders--will be double checking their focus before sharing it there.

    Blessings-and hope to hear from you soon.

    Brother Lewis Turner
  • Hi Pamela,Thanks for making me your friend! I love the way you're sharing requests on the site. I'm not a frequent visitor, but I'll have to get more active:)
  • Hi Pam, Thank You for adding me as a friend. I am so excited to have this opportunity; being among a group that prays for the world's specific needs. It may take a little courage but GOD WILL PROVIDE and give me HIS strength. My heart and prayers go out to our missionaries who live everyday in desperate, sometimes dangerous situations. Also the many unreached peoples of the world that GOD is calling us to reach with the gospel message. The best part is that we aren't doing this alone; HE is always with us, THANKS BE TO GOD!!
  • Pamela,

    A very good start-much thought-it should be very helpful inviting people to pray.

    Now--A thought to consider-actually 2--you might share the testimony of some converts who are on fire for the Lord--how the Lord has changed their lives. Also, each a month or season, you may want to share about a town or a specific region where you will be focusing your work. In time you will cover your whole territory in prayer and special areas of focus as we pray for that town or region.

    And--Share this on the Prayer Leaders and the Intercessor's Groups.

    I know that Phil Miglioratti who developed the prayer leader's group would be glad to hear about it. I also know our intercessor group has people willing to pray. That's an encouragement!



  • Pamela,

    A web page is a page like this one in Pray!network. You might even be able to use this page. I looked at what John Saddington posted on May 12, 2010 and in his description of virtual prayer walks. Also I looked at what the North American Mission used and it appears that they copied the maps and posted them on a page where they or others could visit and use them for prayer. They also added comments to the maps which helps in praying for the area.

    If google earth provide opportunity for a web page, then that is an option. Otherwise, a personal page such as this one may be the way to proceed as long as you can copy the maps to the page.

    I went to google and searched out John Saddington using the following: virtual prayer walks john saddington

    That may lead you to a source on finding a place to post the maps for others to see. They might even work in a blog-Its worth a try.

    Maybe there are some others that could help you with a page and posting the maps. Keep us posted -- Others have done it--the must be a way--

    I know our Lord will help you find a way.

    Again--Keep us posted
  • Pam--Thank you --many good things take time. The Lord will bless. If that procedure for the maps does not work, we may be able to find another.


    Lewis Turner
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