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As a member of a local body of believers, I want to help "us" hook up with regional, national and international prayer focuses during the year. It seems like too often, I don't know about them until a couple weeks before the event which seems too late to get the leadership "onboard" or to pray and plan for how God wants us to be part of what He is doing. Is there a "calendar" somewhere that would have that info so that when the leaders get together and map out the church calendar for the next 6…

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  • Hi Joan.  I'm glad you are a member of the Praying the Names of Christ group.  Every few days, I post some insight about the greatness of Christ for us to join in knowing Him more, worshiping Him more, and loving Him more.  A number of those insights are from the daily devotional I wrote on the names of Christ, called "I Want to Know More of Christ."

  • Hi Joan.  Thank you for expressing your care for me.  That is very helpful.  It is a joy to share about how Jesus works in our lives, so He will be honored and one another drawn closer to Him.  He has truly been my refuge.  We had Mom's memorial service yesterday.  What a wonderful time of remembering dear Mom and celebrating that she is with Jesus.  I pray His best for you and your family too.  CHRIST IS ALL, Steve Hall

  • Good to hear from you. It is a joy to focus on Christ's names and attributes. I have 153 (one for each day, August 1 - December 3 of this year). I will have one for each day of 2011. Feel free to share them with others, as we worship Christ together and pray for Him to rule and reign in every area of our lives. CHRIST IS ALL, Steve
  • Hi Joan. Definitely, we must depend upon God. I'm glad you are receiving joy from worshiping God through the names/attributes of Christ! Thank you very much for your prayer that He dwells with me. I am so grateful for His presence. May He dwell richly with you too. CHRIST IS ALL, Steve
  • Yes, God is so good and so wise. It is a joy hear Him, especially when He is talking about proclaiming the greatness of His Son. Thanks for your part too. CHRIST IS ALL, Steve
  • Hi Joan, I'm glad to be your friend, and that the names and attributes of Christ are a blessing to you and your prayer group. What a joy it is to focus on Christ together! CHRIST IS ALL, Steve
  • Hi Joan. I invite you to join a group. We are worshiping Christ and praying for His lordship in every part of our lives and across the nation, using 153 names and attributes of Christ (one for each day, Aug. 1 - Dec. 31). You can go to: http://www.prayersummits.net/articles.html, then click on daily names of Christ. I will also add you to my friends list and send you a daily update, if you want. CHRIST IS ALL, Steve Hall
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