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  • Looking forward to beginning on Wednesday.  Such exciting times in seeing God's favor poured out in communities.  Lives being changed for His glory.

  • Week 5 - March 13

    In this final full week of the Seek God for the City campaign, we're focusing on seeking God's peace for all peoples.  Peace is more than just the absence of war - it's a positive Presence.  The SGFC prayer guide describes it as "the infusion of heaven's life on earth". 

    Scripture tells us that there will be wars and rumors of wars until the end; but this does not prevent us from praying for peace.  In fact, Revelation refers to the days of tribulation being "cut short" - who knows but that the reason for that is the prayers of God's people?

    Peace takes many forms - between individuals, within families, between races and ethnicities, between nations, and others.  All around us we see dividing walls of hostility, while our God longs to bring reconciliation.  Reconciliation between Himself and the lost, and reconciliation between peoples.  Jesus tells us that the peacemakers are blessed, as they will be called sons of God.  What better way to make peace than to pray to the Prince of Peace!

  • Week 4 - March 06

    This week's focus is on seeking God's righteousness in our communities.  This includes personal righteousness as believers learn and practice God's word, but it also includes corporate righteousness throughout our communities.  As the state of being right with God spreads through our communities, we begin to experience here on earth a taste of what God's ultimate kingdom will be like.

    So we pray for righteousness in ourselves and in our churches; in our leaders and in those who have yet to come to know God.  May his righteousness pervade our communities!

  • Week 3 - February 28

    The focus for this week is on the evangelization of all people groups.  In Matthew 24:14, Jesus promised that the gospel would go to all the world - in fact, it was the last sign he gave that would precede his return.  As we pray for God's Word to reach every nation, tribe, and language around the world, we are actually praying for God to usher in his kingdom through Christ's return.  2 Peter 3:12 tells us that we should be looking for the day of the Lord and hastening the coming of that day.  What more could we do to hasten the day than to pray for the gospel to reach every people?

    At the same time, there are unreached in our midst.  They may not be unreached in the same sense that many people groups are - without access to churches, the Bible, or Christian resources.  But they may still be unreached in the sense that they've never heard God's Word in a context that they could understand, or maybe have never seen it lived out in a way that challenges their hearts. 

    The continent of focus this week as we pray for the world is Africa.

  • For anyone who is following along with the daily prayers this year, you may be interested in Steve Hawthorne's comments about the Scriptures behind the prayers.  Steve is the author of SGFC and he explains the importance of the Scriptures and how they relate to the prayers on the Seek God for the City Facebook page.  This page doesn't contain the prayers themselves, but rather a slightly deeper dive into the Scriptures behind the prayers, and it can give you additional insight each day into the prayers for that day. 

  • Week 2 - February 20

    Where last week's prayer focus was on revival of the church, this week's is on awakening of the lost.  in the introduction to this week, the prayer guide makes the point that neither our persuasive words nor our acts of kindness will cause people's hearts to turn to God.  Jesus said that no one can come to him unless the Father draws him; salvation is a work that begins with God - not with us nor with the lost.  As we pray this week, we'll be focusing on asking God to draw the lost to Himself.  As an evangelist once said, "Before we talk to people about God, we need to talk to God about people."

  • I understand that Waymakers has some books available again for the 2016 campaign.  If you weren't able to get a book previously, try contacting them again through their website, or call Stephanie Tucker at 512-419-7729.  Meantime, feel free to join the prayer discussion in this group!

  • I have the booklet, but I also downloaded the app on my iPhone.  What a great tool!  I especially appreciate the ability to link right in to Operation World to pray for the countries.

    Anyone with an Android smartphone or tablet can now download the Seek God 2016 app. Click the icon below to go directly to the app (or click

    The cost is only 99¢ (in-app purchase). The app contains all the same scriptures and prayers as the 64-page booklet called Seek God for the City 2016. The app makes it easy to pray the same prayers wherever you may be.

    Get the app now in the Google Play store. It’s easy to find by searching for Seek God 2016. Very soon (a day or two) we will have the Android version of the app ready to download for Amazon Fire tablets. Search Amazon Appstore for Seek God 2016.

    It contains all the same scriptures and prayers and dates (Feb 10 - Mar 20) and all the same practical ideas for praying for your community. It all starts within days, so tell your friends now about it. Find out more about the app by clicking here  (

    Those with an Apple iPhone or iPad can download the app from the App Store (iTunes). Clicking the icon below will take you directly to the app (or click

    Several great features:
    This year the app has been re-worked to give a better interface with more features:
    • Change the font size to make it easy to read.
    • Now landscape or portrait orientation.
    • Set multiple reminders (alarm settings), prompting you to pray at the times you want.
    • Search for any word.
    • Flag your favorite prayers to make them easy to find again.
    • Jump to today's prayer during the 40 days or select a random prayer any other day.
    • With web access, link easily to prayer info for every country.

    Yours for God’s glory,

    Stephanie Tucker
  • Thank you soon as I posted here...I got an email saying the app was available! Thank you Jesus! I'm a happy girl!!
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