The course was module 2 of the ‘Praying Together Course’.  It is now a separate course with 2 modules of its own.  The course is designed for parents/grand parents.   It has two modules:  One is to help teach children to pray and help them understand the term ‘Heart’ as it relates to our spiritual heart. The second module is to help children to learn more about prayer and helping  parents/grand parents to learn to pray for children.

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  • As we approach VBS season, I encourage everyone to take a few moments and review this course.  Helping our children learn about the heart is very important and can help them understand what it means to invite Jesus into their heart.

  • The Podcast for lesson 5 has been posted. It is titled Giving an invitation. The link to it is in the syllabus of the course.

  • The Podcast for Lesson 4, Jesus is Our Friend has been posted.  The link is in the Syllabus of the Children and Prayer Course.  It is presented as if a teacher were presenting it to children to help in preparation for teaching children.

  • Lesson 3 of the Children and Prayer Class and the Podcast link have now been posted.  Take time to listen to the Podcast and review the activity for children and share how they might help children understand their Spiritual Heart.

  • Note to all about the Children and Prayer course and to prospective class members.  This course is targeted to help us adults to be able to teach children about prayer, and to understand our spiritual heart. 

    I would like to know if it would help to also adjust it for developing a DVD for use in teaching children.  To do that I would need someone willing to help with art illustration of the lessons.   Good art work takes time and effort to develop--for all the lessons. 

    Also--any ideas as to the best age group that a project like a DVD should be targeted to?
  • Note to Class--Reflection questions for Lesson 2 have been added.  Take time and share your thoughts.  That sharing will help all of us.


  • Lesson 2 of the Children and Prayer Course has been posted and the link for the podcast for the lesson is listed in the syllabus.

  • Lewis - everyone no matter what age has a little child's spiritual heart....thank you for this group.

  • Cathy,

    Thank you.  Children are so precious to all of us, and very precious to our Lord,  A covering scripture of  this instruction might be Mark 10:14 "Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God".  Helping them understand their 'spiritual heart' can help them come to Jesus. 



  • Thank you for inviting me to this Lewis...appreciating so much what you are sharing here.

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Lesson 3 Our House-our Spiritual House

Lesson 3 Our House-our Spiritual House     You may want to compare the picture of the letter ‘Bet/Beth’ (above) to the house where you live.  You may have more rooms in your house than in a tent—but, both represent “a home”.  The people who live with us, are usually family—or—loved ones who are close to us.  These people (loved ones) live close to us--inside of our house, where we live.  Jesus wants to live with you, too!   Now let’s take a step further and look at a place where we may feel…

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Prayer is Needed to Keep Us Clean

Lesson 4   Prayer is Needed to Keep Us Clean   Welcome to the Children and Prayer Course, Lesson 3.  In the past two lessons we studied That we should be thankful and that Jesus cares for us.  We also learned that one of the letters in the Hebrew word for heart represented an inner chamber of a dwelling, tent, or house.  This letter Bet is shown below:   We have learned that we have a house, and periodically we need to clean the house, and whenever we go into a house, dust and dirt is carried…

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Lesson 5 - Jesus is Our Friend

Lesson 5   Jesus is Our Friend   We have shared that we need to be thankful.  We learned that Jesus loves and cares for you.  We have learned that Jesus wants to help us be clean.  He wants to live with us in our inner house, which is our spiritual heart.   Today, we are learning that each day, we should talk with Jesus.  He is our Friend, someone who we can trust, and we need to learn how to talk to Jesus; to start, we talk to Him in the same way we talk to our own friends—about what is…

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Have you shared about the heart to your children during this Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years celebrations?

Recently, I shared the praying for children course with a freind.  Upon reading it, he shared with me that he would like to use it to share with his grand child about the heart.  I appreciated that.  We take for granted that children understand such things as the heart--but many do not.  As facilitator of the course, I would love to hear of how sharing about the heart with children has helped them and encouraged parents too. Hearing about your experience would definitely encourage others.

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