Lesson 3 Our House-our Spiritual House

Lesson 3

Our House-our Spiritual House



You may want to compare the picture of the letter ‘Bet/Beth’ (above) to the house where you live.  You may have more rooms in your house than in a tent—but, both represent “a home”.  The people who live with us, are usually family—or—loved ones who are close to us.  These people (loved ones) live close to us--inside of our house, where we live.  Jesus wants to live with you, too!


Now let’s take a step further and look at a place where we may feel free to share.  Do you ever invite someone to come to your house?  Usually the person you ask to come to your house is a friend whom you trust and enjoy sharing a lot of items and concerns and worries with?  Have you ever thought that your body is like a house?  We each live inside of a house—called a “body”, which is where our spirit (or what makes us – ‘US’) lives.


God gave each one of us a body (which we can think of like a house); He put a special place inside us, called a ‘heart’, which is like an inner room of our body, where our spirit lives.  That room where what makes us, what makes us a unique special person—‘Us’ lives.  Let’s take an example that may help a child to understand this concept.  We also have a physical heart, inside us, too, which pumps the blood to our whole body; but now, we are talking about a spiritual-heart. That room where what makes us—‘Us’ lives.  Let’s look at an example that a child would understand.  As we grow, we often have worries that we want to tell to someone whom we can trust.  It may be a Dolly or a Teddy bear.  When we hold a Dolly (or a Teddy Bear, or even a pet) close to us, we are saying, “you are mine…; and, I am yours”.  When we invite Jesus into our spiritual heart, (the inner room of our body), we are asking Him to be a close and loving Friend, one whom we can tell about our worries, about and share about our problems, and also the good things.  To be able to do that is much like what we do when we hold our dolly or Teddy Bear, or pet—close to us, telling them personal things.  Having Jesus close to us is saying to Jesus, “I want you to be my Friend…and I want to be your friend, too.


Jesus cares about you and you can share with Him, when you invite Jesus to be with you.


2 Notes to the teacher

  1. This lesson ties into Part II of the “Hebrew Meaning of the Word Heart”.  (attached at the back of this book)
  2. As you share this training with children, an activity that may help them understand is to write a brief prayer asking Jesus to help.   Below are some examples.

Activities—write a short prayer:



  • Jesus, please help me to find someone to play with, today, who is kind and likes me.  Sometimes, no one wants to play with me, and that makes me feel “left out” and sad.  Help me not to worry.  Thank You, Jesus for understanding my needs.


  •  Or—Jesus, my Mommy (or Daddy) has been very sick and I worry that something bad might happen to her (or him).  Please help my Mommy (or my Daddy) to get better, soon.  Thank You for being my good friend and caring for my family.


  • Or—Jesus, please help me do well in school.  I am worried how I will do on my test, today.  Please help me to remember the answers, to do well.  Thank You, Jesus.

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