A group committed to discuss the issues, methods and success of making disciples across international cultures. Special attention is aimed at helping westerners disciple across to other cultures.
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  • My fellow soldiers in the kingdom.
    Praise the Lord,
    I am a pastor  from Western Kenya. My passion is evangelism
    and church planting. I traveled in the some areas in Kenya and I have
    really been touched because the gospel has not been fully reached
    there. This is why I am writing to you so that we can partner to reach
    the souls there for Christ and plant churches. May God help us to
    focus our eyes on the harvest and make it our business to bring it in.
     Please check these videos of my recent mission below.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    God bless you and grant you good health-3John2.
    Yours In His Service,
    Pastor Davis Ochieno Juma- email: davisjuma@gmail.com





  • I am in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I just wrote an article for the Christian Library International newsletter about the need for donations of Spanish language Bibles for prison chaplains to place with Hispanic prisoners. Some prisoners are awaiting deportation and will carry God's word back home with them. It is a blessing to be able to share God's word through the ministry of Christian Library International.
  • Hi Everyone,  I am in Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea as a missionary with Mission Aviation Fellowship.  I am here with my husband and 3 children and this is our first cross cultural mission experience.  We have almost been here for a year now.  We are planted in a great local church and I would dearly love to connect with others to draw from your experiences and ideas on cross cultural discipleship.

  • Hi Everybody, I am from Chicago, IL USA and have just relocated to the Philippines.  We (wife and I) are currently building our house but in a few short months will be step up and I can begin to connect with other believers.

  • Hi Everybody, I am from Chicago, IL USA and have just relocated to the Philippines.  We (wife and I) are currently building our house but in a few short months will be step up and I can begin to connect with other believers.

  • For the past 22 plus years on different levels involved in cross-cultural missions as discipler/trainer to young South Africans at first then different South East Asia peoples who pursued their careers in other parts of the region.  Worked over the years closely with workers in different settings in North Africa, Middle East as while spending 8 years (2002 - 2010) with my family in South East Asia (SEA) where any disciple study group gathering will be as many cultures as persons, with the focus on the host cultures in two countries.

    Currently back in South Africa and part of a relative small Evangelical Reformed church where I am involved in ministry to teens,  which is like a foreign field to me - I mean the teens even the church!

  • NavScouting,

    I'm quite curious - what did you find to be your greatest challenges in Ireland?

  • I am on staff with The Navigators and working with Boy Scouts, both boy and their dads.  Over the last 30 years I have been working in Birmingham, Alabama, but now we are living and working in the Orlando area.  I have found it to be very different than back in the Bible Belt.  

    I took 6 boys and a few dads over to Ireland a couple of years ago and found it to be a real challenge. We are hoping to go again as soon as the Lord gives us the green light.  

    I'm interested in how different it will be when we live there and start working with the local troops.  

    We are teaching churches how to use Scouting as a disciple-making too.  Discipleship made fun. Hiking, swimming, camping, caving and all those fun things you can do with a Boy Scout troop.  

    Any comments would be of interest to us and I mean from anyone that reads this comment. I'm learning how to use this media better every day.  

    It was great to just read what the people are saying in this Christ-Centered Network. (2 Tim. 2:2)

    Still learning how to use most of my fingers rather than just the two.

  • I might add my present work is in the field of Education - I have taught French in the past.  Right now, due to some life transition, I am working part time as a licensed Substitute teacher in a small mountain town west (and "up") from Colorado springs. 

  • Hi, I'm located in Colorado Springs, CO.  I belong to a very large Presbyterian church here that also has outreach to refugees from other countries.  My particular interest (other than music ministry and a courthouse prayer ministry I serve in), is to teach English as a Second Language.  I am new to my church and just trying to fit in and feel a part of it - I joined it about 2 to 3 weeks ago, but had been attending since March of 2011.

    I have an interest in multi-cultural discipleship, although I have not done any work really in this area.  I am mission minded too.

    In college years ago, I studied foreign languagesa and cultures and had a variety of friends from many different cultures.   I just have an interest in learning about other cultures and how to reach them for Christ.

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