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PTAP: Pray for Teachers

Most teaching positions in schools across the Arabian Peninsula are filled with expats from all over the world.  As head counts are being considered and new hires are being made for the 2019-2020 school year, pray that God would bring in a wave of believers to work as teachers and administrators of schools in the Arabian Peninsula.  Pray that the Father would use this sphere of influence to have profound Kingdom impact in this region.

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The school year has begun this week in most countries in the Arabian Peninsula. Pray for the many Christian workers who serve as teachers. Pray that they may be able to teach and love the students, families, and colleagues as Jesus did. May their presence be a light.

As the school year begins, pray for the children of Yemen who have had many school interruptions due to the fighting in their country. Some of their schools have been destroyed or were used to house displaced people. Pray that the children will be able to go to school. Pray for their protection and ask that the war in their country will end.
A group of Christians gathered to eat in a food court were discussing the difference between two Arabic words for "chicken." Wanting to resolve the matter, Sister T stepped over to a nearby table where a local woman was sitting alone. "Excuse me, may I ask you a question?" "Please go ahead," the young lady replied. "Is there a difference in the meaning between dujaaj and farooj?" After answering Sister T's question, the local woman said, "May I also ask you a question?" The Christian welcomed her to do so. "How can Jesus be God?" The two had a wonderful discussion about how Jesus is God and other spiritual things as well, and the two women exchanged numbers. Sadly, the young woman's phone was taken by a male relative and is suspected that she has had some negative repercussions at home given that the contact was completely cut off. Please pray for this dear young Muslim seeker.

Ahmed invited his former professor Doug to see the new version of Ben Hur, which had come to the theaters of this country.  However, all aspects of Jesus were censored out! Fortunately, Doug had a DVD copy of the 1959 version which he loaned to Ahmed.  Pray that the contrast will draw attention to Christ's work and Ahmed to Christ.
A Muslim woman who has regular contact with members of the Royal family and other VIPs became a follower of Christ through watching the Jesus film. She came up with a clever way to share the Gospel with them, without incriminating herself in the process. Please pray for the seed sown to take root, grow & produce a harvest. Pray also for her to walk in sound doctrine and an impeccable testimony in public & private.

An elderly bedou woman sought medical help and spiritual deliverance for her granddaughter who was dying. Neither attempts were successful in the end, and the girl passed away. However, the bedou woman had been touched by the kindness of the only Christian family in her village during the year-long ordeal of suffering. The wife had visited often, bringing gifts to cheer the bed-ridden granddaughter--even calling to find out what she would like to have that day. The Christian husband had paid for some very costly prescription pain reliever to ease her suffering when the men of the bedou family refused to "waste money on one who was going to die anyway." She was so moved by their  kindness that she asked the Christian couple for a copy of the Bible. Since she couldn't read, they gave her a dramatized Bible on tape. The bedou lady became a believer and has since discovered others in her tribe who also know the LORD! Please pray for their solid growth, protection, maturity, and the spread of the Gospel throughout their families.
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PTAP: Bearing Fruit



Pray for the Muslims who are fasting now. Especially in the last week of Ramadan they believe there is a special night of Power when the heaven is open and all your prayers will be answered.  Since they are not exactly sure when that night is, many will spend whole nights in the mosque or at home reciting the Quran or praying. They give great value to dreams.  Pray that God will reveal himself in dreams or visions to them.


As Christ followers, we are commanded to support the widows and orphans or give cold water to those who thirst.  Pray for those who want to deliver aid to the needy in a land where the suffering is great and shelter to the refugees who have fled for their lives. Ask that resources will be collected. Pray that a way to send aid will be found.


A young man of 19 told his new friends that because of the fighting in his country, he was not able to finish high school. He is now 19 years old and wonders about his future. There are thousands of young people who are facing the same issues. Pray that they will be able to, one day, finish school and continue to prepare for adulthood. Pray that they will hear about a Savior who cares for them and loves them.


"Saoud" has spoken on several occasions with his Christian professor, "Frank", about his Shiite beliefs.  At the same time, "Saoud" has been very open to hear about the love and redemption found in Christ.  He now wants to continue some independent academic studies with "Frank" next fall.  Pray that their relationship will bear fruit in the knowledge of Christ and Saoud's salvation.
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“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children

        are walking in the truth” III John 1:4.


For PRESCHOOLERS, pray they will:

  1. Develop a well-balanced personality.
  2. Learn problem resolution skills.
  3. Play well with others.
  4. Learn to obey quickly; respect authority
  5. Explore and create without fear of failure.
  6. Develop a soft heart toward Jesus.
  7. Develop confidence and independence.
  8. Learn to control their emotions and anger.
  9. Develop an awareness of God’s love for them.
  10. Build positive friendships.


For ELEMENTARY-AGE children, pray they will:

  1. Discover their God-given gifts and talents.
  2. Develop a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment using their skills.
  3. Be motivated, disciplined and challenged in their learning experiences.
  4. Treat others with respect.
  5. Stand firm for what is right and refuse the wrong with a positive attitude.
  6. Choose friendships wisely.
  7. Obey their parents.
  8. Understand their need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and invite him into their heart.
  9. Develop a strong and healthy self-esteem and self-confidence.
  10. Have a safe, healthy classroom environment.
  11. Be protected from the deception of the enemy.
  12. Develop a hunger for God’s Word


As TEENAGERS, pray they will:

  1. Be motivated, disciplines and challenged to apply themselves and excel in their academic studies.
  2. Experience the reality of Jesus Christ in their lives, as they grow strong in their faith.
  3. Recognize the deception of the world.
  4. Be covered with God’s safekeeping physically, spiritually, and emotionally.
  5. Date wisely (which leads to a spouse for a lifetime).
  6. Be sexually pure.
  7. Have communication and a good relationship with their parents.
  8. Choose friends who will have a positive influence.
  9. Grow spiritually with a hunger for God’s Word.
  10. Have a balanced view of their beauty, charm, and strength.


As COLLEGE STUDENTS, pray they will:

  1. Be motivated, disciplined, and challenged to apply themselves in their studies to excel academically.
  2. Seek God’s wisdom and direction in their management of time, money, and talents.
  3. Think creatively and live with integrity.
  4. Recognize their gifts so they can find their God-given assignment.
  5. Provide the resources to fulfill their God-given assignment.
  6. Find a spouse with a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  7. Be sexually pure.
  8. Be willing to accept responsibility and make wise financial decisions.
  9. Have open communication and a good relationship with their parents. 

By Lillian Penner, National Prayer Coordinator

Christian Gandparenting Network

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