“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children

        are walking in the truth” III John 1:4.


For PRESCHOOLERS, pray they will:

  1. Develop a well-balanced personality.
  2. Learn problem resolution skills.
  3. Play well with others.
  4. Learn to obey quickly; respect authority
  5. Explore and create without fear of failure.
  6. Develop a soft heart toward Jesus.
  7. Develop confidence and independence.
  8. Learn to control their emotions and anger.
  9. Develop an awareness of God’s love for them.
  10. Build positive friendships.


For ELEMENTARY-AGE children, pray they will:

  1. Discover their God-given gifts and talents.
  2. Develop a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment using their skills.
  3. Be motivated, disciplined and challenged in their learning experiences.
  4. Treat others with respect.
  5. Stand firm for what is right and refuse the wrong with a positive attitude.
  6. Choose friendships wisely.
  7. Obey their parents.
  8. Understand their need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and invite him into their heart.
  9. Develop a strong and healthy self-esteem and self-confidence.
  10. Have a safe, healthy classroom environment.
  11. Be protected from the deception of the enemy.
  12. Develop a hunger for God’s Word


As TEENAGERS, pray they will:

  1. Be motivated, disciplines and challenged to apply themselves and excel in their academic studies.
  2. Experience the reality of Jesus Christ in their lives, as they grow strong in their faith.
  3. Recognize the deception of the world.
  4. Be covered with God’s safekeeping physically, spiritually, and emotionally.
  5. Date wisely (which leads to a spouse for a lifetime).
  6. Be sexually pure.
  7. Have communication and a good relationship with their parents.
  8. Choose friends who will have a positive influence.
  9. Grow spiritually with a hunger for God’s Word.
  10. Have a balanced view of their beauty, charm, and strength.


As COLLEGE STUDENTS, pray they will:

  1. Be motivated, disciplined, and challenged to apply themselves in their studies to excel academically.
  2. Seek God’s wisdom and direction in their management of time, money, and talents.
  3. Think creatively and live with integrity.
  4. Recognize their gifts so they can find their God-given assignment.
  5. Provide the resources to fulfill their God-given assignment.
  6. Find a spouse with a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  7. Be sexually pure.
  8. Be willing to accept responsibility and make wise financial decisions.
  9. Have open communication and a good relationship with their parents. 

By Lillian Penner, National Prayer Coordinator

Christian Gandparenting Network


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