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Please pray for the salvation of Dr. D's summer course student, Andy (pseudonym). Although from the Gulf, Andy once lived in Los Angeles, where he became involved with a gang. Thankfully, Andy was able to leave that situation left that situation, and he has shared some of his life with Dr. D. They have, in fact, become confident friends. Pray for meaningful conversations about the gospel in the next few weeks, and for the Spirit of God to convince Andy of the Truth.

There was a group in one AP country that specifically did campus ministry at a local university. The girls of that group started to find that many of the local female students had questions about who Jesus is. So, they started having Bible studies with these students, and in the end, about 13 female students began to meet regularly and read through the Bible together. They continued to disciple the students for some time, but the group ended up leaving altogether. They did, however, hand the girls off to other believers. Please pray for spiritual fruit among these university students. Pray that the seeds of the gospel sown in them will grow into full salvation in Jesus Christ. Pray that they would continue to be hungry for the Word and find Jesus to be sufficient and satisfying.

Pray for a local man who has been hospitalized for a year since last Ramadan. He is wasting away and cannot communicate but is conscious and can hear. A member of his Muslim family happened to sit next to a Christian on a bench. Although they were total strangers to each other, the Muslim struck up a conversation and directly invited the Christian to pray specifically for a divine healing for the man. Such an invitation was certainly seen as a divine appointment by the believer! Pray for God to be glorified in healing and salvation of the man, his family, and those who hear the testimony! Pray for the fame of the Lord to spread and draw multitudes to Him through the Son.

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A former student came into a professor's office with his cousin, who is currently finishing a course with this professor.  He said he had visited the expatriate church and liked it.  He asked the professor if he knew about this church, and this led to a conversation about worship in music and a brief sharing of the Gospel. On another occasion, this professor mentioned in class that there was an event years ago in university that changed his life. A student asked about this event when she visited him for office hours. This was another well-received opportunity for the Gospel. Pray that God will be able to finish the work He has begun in these students hearts! 

A group of Christian workers gathered to pray and intercede for the Arabian Peninsula. Join these workers as they sit before God in silence, listen, and ask God to give insights into what to pray. 

"Although he was a son, he learned obedience through what he suffered" (Hebrews 5:8). This verse reminds us how Jesus came to live out obedience unto death on earth. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide believers in the Arabian Peninsula. Pray that He leads His people to do the will of the Father, so that His people learn obedience, just as Christ did. 
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The school year has begun this week in most countries in the Arabian Peninsula. Pray for the many Christian workers who serve as teachers. Pray that they may be able to teach and love the students, families, and colleagues as Jesus did. May their presence be a light.

As the school year begins, pray for the children of Yemen who have had many school interruptions due to the fighting in their country. Some of their schools have been destroyed or were used to house displaced people. Pray that the children will be able to go to school. Pray for their protection and ask that the war in their country will end.
A group of Christians gathered to eat in a food court were discussing the difference between two Arabic words for "chicken." Wanting to resolve the matter, Sister T stepped over to a nearby table where a local woman was sitting alone. "Excuse me, may I ask you a question?" "Please go ahead," the young lady replied. "Is there a difference in the meaning between dujaaj and farooj?" After answering Sister T's question, the local woman said, "May I also ask you a question?" The Christian welcomed her to do so. "How can Jesus be God?" The two had a wonderful discussion about how Jesus is God and other spiritual things as well, and the two women exchanged numbers. Sadly, the young woman's phone was taken by a male relative and is suspected that she has had some negative repercussions at home given that the contact was completely cut off. Please pray for this dear young Muslim seeker.

Ahmed invited his former professor Doug to see the new version of Ben Hur, which had come to the theaters of this country.  However, all aspects of Jesus were censored out! Fortunately, Doug had a DVD copy of the 1959 version which he loaned to Ahmed.  Pray that the contrast will draw attention to Christ's work and Ahmed to Christ.
A Muslim woman who has regular contact with members of the Royal family and other VIPs became a follower of Christ through watching the Jesus film. She came up with a clever way to share the Gospel with them, without incriminating herself in the process. Please pray for the seed sown to take root, grow & produce a harvest. Pray also for her to walk in sound doctrine and an impeccable testimony in public & private.

An elderly bedou woman sought medical help and spiritual deliverance for her granddaughter who was dying. Neither attempts were successful in the end, and the girl passed away. However, the bedou woman had been touched by the kindness of the only Christian family in her village during the year-long ordeal of suffering. The wife had visited often, bringing gifts to cheer the bed-ridden granddaughter--even calling to find out what she would like to have that day. The Christian husband had paid for some very costly prescription pain reliever to ease her suffering when the men of the bedou family refused to "waste money on one who was going to die anyway." She was so moved by their  kindness that she asked the Christian couple for a copy of the Bible. Since she couldn't read, they gave her a dramatized Bible on tape. The bedou lady became a believer and has since discovered others in her tribe who also know the LORD! Please pray for their solid growth, protection, maturity, and the spread of the Gospel throughout their families.
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