PTAP: Bearing Fruit



Pray for the Muslims who are fasting now. Especially in the last week of Ramadan they believe there is a special night of Power when the heaven is open and all your prayers will be answered.  Since they are not exactly sure when that night is, many will spend whole nights in the mosque or at home reciting the Quran or praying. They give great value to dreams.  Pray that God will reveal himself in dreams or visions to them.


As Christ followers, we are commanded to support the widows and orphans or give cold water to those who thirst.  Pray for those who want to deliver aid to the needy in a land where the suffering is great and shelter to the refugees who have fled for their lives. Ask that resources will be collected. Pray that a way to send aid will be found.


A young man of 19 told his new friends that because of the fighting in his country, he was not able to finish high school. He is now 19 years old and wonders about his future. There are thousands of young people who are facing the same issues. Pray that they will be able to, one day, finish school and continue to prepare for adulthood. Pray that they will hear about a Savior who cares for them and loves them.


"Saoud" has spoken on several occasions with his Christian professor, "Frank", about his Shiite beliefs.  At the same time, "Saoud" has been very open to hear about the love and redemption found in Christ.  He now wants to continue some independent academic studies with "Frank" next fall.  Pray that their relationship will bear fruit in the knowledge of Christ and Saoud's salvation.
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