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The King's Word




            “That isn’t necessary—you feed them. Bring them here.”     

                        “It’s all right. I am here! Don’t be afraid.”         

                               “All right, come,” Jesus said.                             

                             Matthew 14:16, 18, 27, 29 NLT





My commanding word transforms the little in your hand into abundance. 

Your deepest wants are lavishly supplied by My miracle-working ability. 

Situations that are impossible for you are no problem for the Almighty.

I am the Mighty God—absolutely nothing is too hard for Me to handle.

Shamgar gave Me the ox goad in his hand, and he defeated Israel’s enemies. 

David gave Me the smooth stones in his hand, and he conquered Goliath.

Moses gave Me the staff in his hand, and he led My people out of bondage.

Paul gave Me the pen in his hand, and he wrote most of the New Testament. 

A boy gave Me five barley loaves and two fish, and his lunch fed thousands. 

Give Me your little talent—I will change it into a great blessing for many.

Give Me your one life—I will open heaven’s windows in limitless blessing. 

Give Me your needs—I will take such good care of you, there’ll be leftovers. 

At My word, take a seat at My table and satisfy your hungry heart.


My comforting word enables you to sail on troubled seas on an even keel. 

Realizing who I am, you can move beyond fear and find courage to live.

As a father coaches his child, I speak tender words to see you through. 

As a friend sticks by a friend, I walk alongside you and reinforce you.

In quiet solitude, I restore your equilibrium and strengthen you to carry on. 

No one understands you like I do—no one stands under you like I do.

I am the Prince of Peace calming you on earth’s chaotic roller coaster. 

I am the Wonderful Counselor guiding you through life’s perplexing maze. 

I am the Captain of your vessel reassuring you in the world’s scary storms.  

Whatever your days may demand of you, My grace will supply.

When the sea is high and your spirit is low, I keep you from going crazy.

At My word, quit wringing your hands and fold them in serene prayer.


My challenging word invites you to attempt the humanly impossible.

If you want to walk on water, you’ll have to climb out of the boat.

If you want to experience adventure, you’ll have to leave your comfort zone. 

If you want to think new thoughts, you’ll have to think outside worn boxes.

I am the Everlasting Father incredibly stabilizing you in changing situations.

You may wonder how long you can tread water, but I will keep you afloat.

You may feel you cannot go on, but My grace will help you persevere.

You may be unable to figure out how things work, but I will direct your steps.

You may be afraid of gusty winds and high waves, but I will give you courage.

You may feel you are walking alone, but I am on the water right beside you.

At My word, get out of the boat. 




© by Pastor Johnny R. Almond                            

Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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GUEST POST ~ #Reassess Your Gospel

GUEST POST ~ #Reassess Your Gospel

Question: What if the Gospel message we’ve been proclaiming is not the FULL picture?

If an important aspect of the Gospel is overlooked, do you think it would affect the Church and our Mission?

You betcha!

In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, I continue with Part 2 of this short series on the "two lenses" of the Gospel: Power and Purpose. 

Most Christians have never been taught the Purpose of the other words, "why" God sent his Son to save us. This changes everything!


In this episode You’ll Learn…

  • Why the Gospel is so much more than a message about how to have a nice afterlife.
  • How the Gospel propels us well beyond sin management and behavioral modification.
  • How not embracing both "lenses" of the Gospel has led to the lack of discipleship in the Church today.
  • The danger in not keeping both the "how and why" of the Gospel central to all we do.

From this episode:

“It is when we grasp and wrestle with both perspectives that we have a gospel that both places our salvation squarely on the work of Jesus on the Cross and sends us out to be his body, his family of redemption, and restoration in the world. It is when the world both hears the good news and witnesses a demonstration of restoration that they are most inclined to believe. This is a BIG Gospel!“


Each week the Big 3 will give you immediate action steps to get you started.


Download today’s BIG 3 right now. Read and think over them again later. You might even want to share them with others…

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Caesar Kalinowski: 00:00:01

There's a risk of distorting the Gospel when we view it through only one of these two lenses.


If we view the Gospel primarily as the power that sets us free, we could end up focused on our own personal salvation, getting outta hell and going to heaven someday.


Which can become a very human-centered Gospel.


However, if we view the Gospel as purely focused on the restoration of all things, we can tip over the other way and believe and start proclaiming a social Gospel.


This is seen in the churches that are centered primarily on doing good works and acts of service and large social projects.


In their cities, but they rarely move toward a proclamation of the Gospel that includes sin, repentance, and salvation found in Christ alone.


It's when we grasp and wrestle with both, both of these perspectives, that we have a Gospel that places our salvation squarely on the work of Jesus on the cross, and sends us out to be his body, his family of redemption and restoration in the world.


It's when the world both hears the good news and sees a demonstration of restoration that they are most inclined to believe.


This is a big Gospel, the Gospel of the kingdom that Jesus was talking about.



Announcer: 00:01:21

Welcome to the Everyday Disciple Podcast, where you'll learn how to live with greater intentionality and an integrated faith that naturally fits into every area of life.


In other words, discipleship as a lifestyle.


This is the stuff your parents, pastors and seminary professors probably forgot to tell you.


And now here's your host, Caesar Kalinowski.



Caesar Kalinowski: 00:01:39

Welcome to the Everyday Disciple Podcast.


The power of the Gospel is really much bigger than we proclaim.


The Gospel is by faith in Christ and Christ alone


The power of the Gospel saves us and sets us free in so many ways, but often that's where we stop; we don't proclaim the full Gospel, which includes the second lens, which is the purpose of the Gospel.


And if we don't also embrace the purpose of the Gospel, It shines a light on why maybe the church has been really shy on making disciples in recent years. I, praise God, there's a resurgence of, of interest in this, but I really think if the church is not making disciples as our primary mission and really embracing it as a lifestyle, it's a Gospel issue at its core.


God in Christ has given us both. The amazing good news. The of message of reconciliation, the Gospel power.


But he's also given us the Ministry of Reconciliation, a Gospel purpose. This is the other lens.


We've gotta help our people see Gospel has a purpose for our lives. It just doesn't save us and leave us there.


Two Corinthians five, 17 and 19. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he's a new creation and he has committed to us this message of reconciliation.”


Ephesians two 10 then says, “we are God's workmanship created in Christ to do good works, which God and prepared in advance for us to do.”

Do our folks know that they have good works prepared in advance for them to do?


That's what the Gospel purpose is.


And that good works probably is not ushering or handing out flyers at the door or just working in children's ministry or doing everything in our box.


Do they realize their purpose is so much bigger than that now to.


Coming into this purpose of the Gospel sort of brings us into the reason for our salvation and the second lens.


And so to get this second lens of the Gospel, we need to look at the, at the Gospel through the lens of a story.


If you look at it as a story creation, Fall redemption restoration.


And man, I could speak for days on how, on how to help form your people in understanding their own story and telling their story and helping to listen to other people's stories through those lenses.


But if you look at scripture, not thematically, where we see the power of the God, the power of the Gospel, but you look at it this way as a storyline, what does it appear?


What's it heading towards?


Restoration. The restoration of all things.


I mean, the story starts in a garden and everything is amazing and there's two trees and it ends in a garden and everything is amazing and there's two trees and they're both the tree of life and it says God will come and dwell of his people. And it all will be restored.


No more sickness or pain or death or decay or any of that. It all gets restored.


The purpose of the Gospel is ultimately about restoration, and we'll see in a minute why restoration brings about God being glorified in all things.


See, the Gospel is not just about my individual happiness and God's plan for my life.


It's about God's plan for the whole world.


That's my number one prayer. For my kids, for people in our community, I want them to understand that God seriously does have a plan for the whole world.


This American dream life where we pretty much as the church look just like our culture, except we hide our sin better and we wedge a little bit of Jesus and church going and a little bit of mission in now cause it's a cool term. Other than that, we're not that different. That is not what Christ died on a cross for.


God has a plan for the world, and he's got a purpose for your life.


A friend of mine who works in some of the hardest places in the world with the persecuted church asked me one day: “Caesar, is the life you're living worth, Christ dying for? Is the life you're currently living worth him dying on a cross?”


t's like, ouch, ouch.


And what he was getting after, what he was getting after is, oh, there's so much more. There's so much more than just stacking up and amassing and piling up stuff and in church attendance and ushering and maybe tithing and oh my gosh, if you go to a midweek group, you're freaking rockstar Christian. There's way more than that.


When we repent of our sin and we receive the new life that God has offered us, we begin this journey of restoration inside and out, and not for just for us. So we'll have a happier life, more peace, less strife. But this restoration begins in us for the whole world. For the whole world.


“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”


Now, a word of caution here.


There are those that believe that the church, by restoring stuff, accomplishes the bringing about of the kingdom. That's not what we're saying here, and we've gotta be careful that we don't tip our people into that. The kingdom is established by the king. Jesus is the king. The restoration is his work. We submit to that work.


It's amazing that he chooses us as plan A to accomplish that.


There is no Plan B that I could find in the book yet, but we, we, we, we, we do not want to tip into, well, we bring about the kingdom.


If we could just get enough stuff cleaned up around here. That's not what we're talking about.


What was the plan Jesus gave us for accomplishing the purpose of the Gospel, the restoration of all things?


It's found in Matthew 28: “Go and make disciples.”


Thanks Jesus. Thanks for clearing that up for us.


How is going and making disciples gonna bring about the restoration of all things and ultimately the glorification of God in all things?


When cities. When cultures, when nations are restored as the Gospel restores the hearts of the people in that culture.


What if increasingly in the cities, there was more and more teachers, educators, administrators, principals, people on the school boards that were truly disciples of Christ. And they, they, they were, they were bringing about kingdom restoration by bringing about Disciple making to that people group.


The mission is always to a people group.


It's never a, it's never a, it's never a construct or a building or a system. It's always the hearts of the people in it.


What if the business, what about, what about industry and business in this city or any city that you live in was completely devoid of disciples.


You know, owners are mistreating employees around the world. But, but what if, what if business was increasingly full of disciples?


What if seriously, many of you and many of the people in your churches were taught and trained and released and sent and supported to start and run businesses for the sake of the community, for the sake of being a display of the Gospel?


Do we really believe the Gospel has a purpose and it's moving towards the restoration of all things, which is always gonna be, and always has been, and always will be about people healthcare.


Can you imagine if the government was increasingly full of disciples of Christ service organizations?


It's gonna be disciples who make disciples in every area of culture. That is what brings about restoration. That's why the purpose of the Gospel restoration of all things gets accomplished by the plan, go and make disciples.


Is that central to your churches? The mission is Disciple making.


Whatever you do on Sunday, whatever your budget line items look like in your budgets this fall, whatever you do midweek, whatever you do, if it doesn't somehow prop up, promote expedite and accelerate the multiplication of disciples who make disciples, you're going the wrong direction. And I don't care how long your church has done it. I don't care how many other guys are doing it. I don't care how many videos are up on Verge or resurgence or any of that. If it's not making disciples who make disciples, we're going the wrong way.


This is where it gets really good.


See when this happens, when disciples increasingly are filling up. Every little nook and cranny of culture in your neighborhood and your neighborhood and media over there in that city and this family that went to LA and is doing it in film and in government over here when every little nook and cranny is reached by the Gospel.



When disciples of Jesus fill the earth, and this is the point. The restoration of all things will fill the earth with God's glory when everything is full of Jesus.


That's why it's all about making disciples.


Psalm 72: “May the whole earth be filled with his glory.”


What does glory really mean? In Hebrew, the word glory means weight; weighty.


God is the most glorious. He's the most weighty one in the universe. He's I am. So to bring God glory to glorify is to, is to manifest that hidden essence that amazingness.


Jesus, it says was the glory of the Father, the exact representation of the Father. He was the glory of God. That's what we're to be. That's what God is doing in us, this glorification process.


The purpose of of the Gospel is that the whole world would be filled with Jesus. That's the purpose that brings about the restoration of our cities.


Not more church services, not better preaching, not lots and lots of hands outs, not lots of world aid. Jesus filling all things. And that happens through disciples making disciples. Making disciples that fill the world is the plan that accomplishes the purpose. That's why it's so critical that we focus on that and, and I want to call you to that.


Let me read this Ephesians one, starting in 18. Paul's talking to the church and about the same kind of stuff says.


I pray also that the eyes of your heart … love that term … The eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he's called you.


That power of the Gospel is like the working of his mighty strength, which he exerted in Christ when he raised him from the dead and seated at his right hand in the heavenly realms. Far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, far above all the media muck and educational woes and healthcare issues.


That's how powerful this power of the Gospel is.


Jesus is the message. Jesus is the Gospel. Jesus is the point. The P, he's the power. His life, death and resurrection fulfills or fills full. Both the power and the purpose of the Gospel.


The Gospel saves us and restores us, and then sends us out to make disciples who make disciples.


And how many of us are content to let people sit in our churches and listen to our awesome preaching week after month after year after life? They've never been a part of a community that lives on the mission of making disciples together.


If we want to give our people a full Gospel and they can kind of think through it this way, with these handles, what happens if a person or a people only get a steady diet of the power of the Gospel to set them free?


What, what are we potentially in danger of them becoming? Man-centered, it's all about you.  Jesus has a wonderful plan for your life. You need to make a personal decision to accept him into your life as your personal savior. And you have a personal walk and a personal faith.


See, it can become this amazingly powerful Gospel that has the power that has saved us, is saving us, will save us, can become very man-centered. It's kind of about you and your happiness and avoiding hell.


And we sort of paint heaven like, you know, a trip to the dentist office where we're all just kind of waiting to go in and hoping to God Jesus returns before it's our turn to get our teeth cleaned.


We have to have the purpose that no, no, see, you have been saved and you do inherit this amazing inheritance in Christ for a purpose.


Folks, I, I gotta let you know, and, and it's gonna cost everything you have. Jesus said if you don't lose your life, you won't gain his life.


If you try to hang onto your American dream life, you'll lose it.


If we only preach the power of the Gospel, the restoration side of things, we, we can't end up with a very social Gospel. In churches that are busy, busy, busy, get it done, restore everything, fix everything, have every kind of feeding thing, every kind of this sheltering, housing, cars, ministry, we do it all. And people do it without the power and it becomes law and it becomes a heavy yolk.


But if you have Gospel power connected to his Gospel purpose of making disciples to make, make disciples, that's a powerful Gospel.


And we've gotta give our people these both lenses and, and we work it and, and we need to work it into everything, not just the Gospel series or not just a tag on the end of the message, but our people need to hear and understand.


The power they have in Christ that's transforming them now for the purpose of making disciples to fill the earth with God's glory, call your folks to this point, them to the power that raised Christ from the dead that now dwells in them.


God's Gospel power will accomplish his purpose when we believe that.


It's that powerful and necessary that we embrace this fully.


Both the power and the purpose of the Gospel.


I hope it's causing you to do a little thinking and scrutinizing, you know, how have we been proclaiming the Gospel and how often and are we leaning one way or the other?


I hope you will embrace this and proclaim the biggest of gospels.


As big as the Gospel is to all your people, and as you make disciples, they will really understand both the power and the purpose of the Gospel.



Okay, let me get to today's big three. As always, I like to summarize the show in some ways and say, Hey, if nothing else, don't miss these three things. They're sort of head, heart, and hands and a bit actionable at the end here.


Don't miss these three things first.


The Gospel is not just about our individual happiness or God's plan for my life. It's God's plan for the whole world.


When we understand both lenses of the Gospel, it propels us well beyond a Christianity that is focused on sin management and behavioral modification, and it sends us out to be a part of the restoration of all things.


Second, the more we embrace both the power and the purpose of the Gospel, the more the church will engage in making disciples of Jesus and filling the world with his glory. Calling people to God's eternal purpose is a powerful way. To help them see all of life as an opportunity for mission. It's way bigger than chasing the American dream or whatever dream wherever you're living. And I just wanna remind you, it's not enough to call people to church attendance and participation in Christian events. The adventure we were created for awaits.


And then third God in Christ has given us both the message of reconciliation and the ministry of reconciliation. Don't forget, don't miss it.


It's important that we hold both of these aspects of our mission intention together. Focusing on one without the other is not a complete understanding of nor participation in God's eternal purposes for his church. It's just too small.


So ask yourself, which do I tend to lean toward or proclaim more often?


The power. Or the purpose and, and whichever it is, then ask the spirit to guide you in a fuller embrace and proclamation of the Gospel in all of life.


He will, the spirit will do, that God is going to accomplish.


He is accomplishing his eternal purpose to fill the world with his glory, and he's doing it through his family, through us. The redeemed.


It's amazing, right?


How powerful is this is how big this is.


I wish I had heard this, uh, years and years and years ago. I wish this was proclaimed from the rooftops and the seats and the pulpits of every church and everywhere.


Heath Hollensbe: 00:35:40

Thanks for joining us today.

For more information on this show and to get loads of free discipleship resources, visit everyday disciple dot com.



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The Perfect Gift



    Thank God for his Son—a gift too wonderful for words!

                             2 Corinthians 9:15 NLT

Be grateful for My Precious Gift—your Cornerstone in a changing world.

     No human language can fully express gratitude for His loyal friendship.

     Sun, moon, and stars quietly reflect His Name’s majesty and glory.

     Jesus is your Faithful Redeemer—quiet your heart and enjoy His freedom.

     Silence is the humble soul’s reverence.


Be grateful for My profound grace—your cleansing in a corrupt world.

     Christ’s unmerited favor and mercy are gifts too wonderful for words.   

     Words may express affection, but actions tell the true story.

     You are saved by grace—prove your love by serving your Savior.

     Service is the holy soul’s response.


Be grateful for My personal gladness—your celebration in a sad world.

     My song is your unparalleled rapture—putting a spring in your step.

     I teach you hope’s eternity-melody—I teach you faith’s time-dance.

     No day is so hard, no night so long, you cannot find a reason to sing.

     Singing is the happy soul’s rejoicing.


Be grateful for My powerful goodness—your Center of Gravity in a bad world.

     Traveling the high road is possible through strength Christ provides.    

     Friendship with the Sovereign is unrivaled relationship—true wealth.

     Satisfaction is the hungry soul’s resource.


Be grateful for My perfect guidance—your compass in a confusing world.

     I guide by tranquil streams now—and to life-giving springs forever.

     Trust the infallible directions of God’s Providential Spirit.

     Stillness is the homeward-bound soul’s restoration.


Be grateful for My promised glory—your confidence in a despairing world.

     Faith in the Bright Morning Star transforms you into an eternal optimist.

     Christ in you is glory previewed—peace in pandemonium.

     Serenity is the hopeful soul’s rest.





© Pastor Johnny Almond                     

Day 341, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Daily Prayers for An Ailing Friend


Daily Prayers for An Ailing Friend


“Dear Lord, in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit, we pray that Tim's body, mind, & soul be made whole by the healing hand of the Living Christ. Amen”


"Lord Jesus ... as we ponder & accept the Scriptural truth – ‘we know that in all things God works for good with those who love Him, those whom He has called according to His purpose’ - we recognize that you are in control of Tim's situation, & that you have a plan. We put Tim in your hands right now. More than anything else, we want you to be glorified through all that's going to take place in the coming days. We pray this in your name. Amen"


“Lord Jesus ... as we think about Tim today & what he is going through I am reminded of the Scriptural truth: ‘If you ask me for anything in my name, I will do it.’  Lord, in faith I/we are claiming that promise.  I’m/we’re asking for Tim’s healing today.  Just as you touched people with your healing hand when you walked on this earth, please touch Tim today. Please do a good work in Tim for your glory.

I pray this in your name. Amen”


"Dear Lord ... I cannot even begin to imagine what is going on in Tim's (& Peggy's) mind this week. But you have promised to be with him. (Hebrews 13:5) Please Lord, bring that promise to his remembrance whenever fear or doubt might enter his thinking. Thank you Jesus. Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as I think of Tim & Peggy today I'm asking that The Holy Spirit surround them with a divine peace. Give them, please Lord, a quietness of spirit recognizing that they are safely in your care. When they lie down to sleep at night, provide them with a relaxing time of rest. Jesus, we know that you love them even more than we do. Thank you Jesus. We pray all this in your holy name. Amen"


"Lord, please comfort Tim, & Peggy, with the assurance that you will never leave them, that you will never abandon them.  Thank you Jesus. 

I pray this in your name. Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... we love you.  Tim loves you.  You love us.  You love Tim.  You created him.  You've saved him.  And he has served you faithfully.  We come to you tonight on behalf of Tim.  We ask you to please do a mighty work in his life in the coming days.  We are comforted in knowing that you are in control.  Please Jesus, we pray this in your name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus, we know that this is going to be an incredibly busy day for Tim. 

We pray that you would keep his mind clear, & that Peggy would be especially attentive, so that they might comprehend & be able to assimilate all the information that is given to them today & as a result be able to make wise decisions.  Thank you Jesus.  We pray this in your name. Amen"


"Lord Jesus, Scripture often refers to "giants" that come into our lives.  And if we have faith & face those giants you will intercede & help us overcome them.  Lord, Tim is facing a giant at this moment, but he is a man of faith.  So Jesus, as you honored David's faith, & as you honored Caleb's faith, please bless Tim's faith and defeat this cancer that has invaded his body. 

Jesus, we pray this in your name. Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... we're thankful today for Facebook which allows us to receive Peggy's updates concerning Tim.  It also allows us to send words of encouragement to him.  Since today is kind of a "recoup" day for Tim, please refresh his body

& relax his spirit so that he will be prepared for the next step in this medical process that we pray will return him to perfect health. 

We pray all this in your holy name.  Amen.


"Lord Jesus, many of us have been praying for some time about this procedure that is now beginning. And we will continue to pray for Tim, Peggy, the physicians, technicians, nurses, aids, & for the many others who will be actively involved in this process. You, Lord, know the wishes of our heart. We place Tim in your hands. Thank you Jesus. We pray all of this in your mighty name. Amen"


"Good morning Lord Jesus ... thank you for bringing Tim & Peggy to this time

& place so that they might minister to Mircia & share your love with her.  We remember her right now, & ask that The Holy Spirit might touch her in a powerful way today.  We continue our prayers for Tim, please Lord keep his faith strong

& his will optimistic.  Please give Peggy the right words of encouragement to say at the right time.  Let them feel your presence today. 

We ask all of this in your mighty name, Jesus.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... the Psalmist praises you for how "wonderfully made" we are.  You have "created every part" of us.  And "put us together in our mother's womb."  And for the most part we accept that & then move on.  But every now & again something happens & we stand with awe at just what David was praising you about.  Peggy writes that the doctors need to harvest over 2 million stem cells.  Lord, I can't speak for the others who will be praying, but I can't even begin to fathom that our bodies could possibly have that many of anything.  Every new fact like that I learn overwhelms me with your creative genius.  What a truly awesome God you are.  So, as you originally placed all of Tim's stem cells in his body, & called it good, we pray that you will "recreate" those stem cells & make them good again.  Please Lord. 

Thank you also for demonstrating your love to both Tim & Peggy during this time, i.e. yesterday through the conversation with their kind nurse. 

We give you thanks today, & ask all this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... Scripture records that "you rested" following creation.    Tim's body  is tired today, & you know from personal experience what that's like.  When you walked on this earth you experienced weariness.  And that means that you also know what it's like to be refreshed after rest.  We pray today for this respite for Tim.  Please Lord, refresh his body, mind, & spirit.  Allow him to sleep deeply.  We also ask that he be able to eat & nourish his body that way as well.  We continue to lift up Peggy to you.  May this be one of those times when they can truly feel your presence in their lives. 

We pray this in your name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as we gather at our various places of worship today & especially during this Lenten Season, we thank you for our eternal salvation which you have made possible through your sacrifice on the cross on our behalf.  What am incredible gracious Savior you are.  And I suspect that in most of these worship services the name of Tim McCoy was mentioned.  Throughout this whole situation Lord, we have been united in praying that you would be glorified, that people would be drawn to you.  Please Lord, bring healing to Tim's body.  We pray this in your holy name.  Amen

"Good morning Lord ... my mind seems to be going in many different directions today as I pray for Tim.  Right now I'm thinking of the sacred song we sang yesterday in our worship service - "What A Friend We Have In Jesus."  The 2nd line in each of the stanzas really expresses my desire for him. (1) 'What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.' (2) 'We should never be discouraged take it to the Lord in prayer.' (3) 'Precious Savior, still our refuge take it to the Lord in prayer.'  Thank you Jesus for being a true friend to Tim.  You, & you alone, have provided him with eternal salvation.  Thank you for the privilege now of bringing his current physical situation to you. Please touch him with your healing hand. 

We pray this in your holy name Jesus.  Amen"


"Lord ... I think today of Paul's letter to the Galatians, & how he tells them of The Holy Spirit's work in their lives.  'The Spirit produces love, joy, peace, PATIENCE, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, & self-control.'  Please Jesus, grow that fruit of patience in Tim's life today, & throughout the coming days. 

We ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Thank you Lord for making us relational beings.  Just as you enjoyed your dear friends - Martha, Mary, & Lazarus - we too have friends that have meant a great deal to us over the years.  And just as you celebrated your friends during the joyous times & cried with them during the difficult times so have we with our friends.  Today I pray for my friend Tim.  Please Jesus, touch him with your healing hand. 

I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Jesus ... I am constantly being reminded about how totally dependent I am on you for my very existence.  As I slept last night my heart continued to beat, my respiratory & digestive systems continued to function as you created them to work.  Thank you Lord.  My prayer today for Tim is that while he slept you were working in his life also ... strengthening him & bringing healing to his body.  Tim too is totally dependent upon you for his life.  Jesus, I know that there are many praying for him & Peggy today.  Please Lord, look upon them with favor. 

I ask all of this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... today I'm praying for protection for Tim & Peggy as they travel back & forth for all of these procedures.  In addition to everything else, they are going to be on the road a lot.  Please Lord, put your angels around them & guard them throughout the coming days/weeks/months.

I ask this in your holy name. Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... we've been conditioned over the years to look forward to the weekend.  It often presented a distraction from our regular routine, & it usually included something that was enjoyable to do.  I pray that Tim & Peggy would especially enjoy this weekend together.  I pray that they would be able to laugh & experience something/anything that would refresh their bodies-mind-spirit. 

Please Lord, I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... on this day when many of us will gather with others to worship you, I want to thank you for your gracious care of Tim.  While we've been praying for you to bring healing from the cancer that has invaded his body, (& we continue to pray for that), I'm especially thankful for your spiritual healing from the sin that invaded his spirit.  (I'm thankful to have experienced that healing also, as are many of Tim's other friends.)  Your grace toward us is truly amazing.  We give you all our praise today, for indeed, you & you alone are worthy to receive it. 

Thank you Jesus.  Amen"


"Good morning Lord ... I love prayer.  I can't see you right now, nor can I see Tim.  But prayer connects us at this very moment.  What a wonderful gift prayer is.  Thank you Jesus for it.  This morning I ask that both Tim & Peggy experience your loving presence in an unexpected way.  Remind them again of your total care for them.  Please Jesus, I ask this in your name. Amen"


"Good morning Lord ... when Peggy invited me, along with many others, to pray for Tim, she did it because she believes in prayer, & she knew I believe in prayer, & she knew the others she invited to this group believe in prayer, & Tim believes in prayer.  We believe in prayer because of you Lord.  You not only taught us how to pray, & commanded us to pray, but you practiced prayer yourself.  Today Lord, we continue to lift Tim up to you.  Please Jesus, touch him with your Holy Spirit. 

We pray this in your name. Amen"

"Lord Jesus ... I pause right now in my day's activities to bring Tim & Peggy before you.  I have no idea what's on their agenda today, but the Psalmist reminds that whatever it is, that you promise to be close to all who call upon you.  Thank you Jesus for your faithful care.  Please continue to remind them that they are not alone.  Encourage them with the army of prayer warriors who lift them up to you throughout the day.  Thank you Jesus, & I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... we are ministered to by the thought that you came to earth

& humbled yourself with the limitations of a human body.  We know that you got tired, hungry, frustrated, & angry.  You understand the weaknesses that we experience, & that Tim & Peggy are struggling with right now.  Please Lord, use this day to strengthen & refresh their bodies, minds, & spirits so that they will be prepared for next week. 

We ask this in your name Jesus.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as I pray for Tim today I am reminded of the numerous times in Scripture that you promise: 'I will be with you.'  How grateful we are to know that you are, & continue to be, with Tim & Peggy.  Prepare them over the next few days for next week's procedures. Please remind them over & over not to be afraid for you are truly with them.  Thank you Jesus. 

We pray this in your name.  Amen."


"Lord Jesus ... as I am praying right now the wind outside is really blowing, & it makes me think of The Holy Spirit's power at Pentecost.  Jesus, I pray that your Holy Spirit, that touched so many lives in miraculous ways in that early Church, would today touch Tim.  I, of course, am praying for his healing, but I'm also praying that you would use him during this experience to bring glory to your name.  Please Jesus, I ask this in your name.  Amen" 


"Hosanna Lord ... on this day when believers celebrate your coming to Jerusalem, we eagerly look forward to your coming again when you will put an end forever to all death, grief, crying, & pain.  Until then, we pray for one another, & help carry one another's burdens.  And specifically today, our concern focuses on Tim & Peggy. 

As they head out to Hershey they have a better understanding of what to expect during the coming days.  But they (& we) continue to be totally dependent on you for the outcome.  Please Jesus, intervene & allow for the necessary collection of Tim's stem cells.  Please Jesus, strengthen Peggy's resolve. 

Please Jesus, hear my/our prayer. Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as I think about the schedule that Tim will be following this week,

I am conscience that he & Peggy will come in contact with a number of others at Hershey Medical Center who will be involved in various tests & procedures.  Numerous people will be praying for those "patients" as well.  My prayer today is that you would use Tim & Peggy to be an answer to one of those prayers. 

Please use them this week for your glory.  I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Lord ... how easy it is for me to become discouraged when I don't see in concrete progress in the tasks I am involved with.  Jesus, I pray that is not the case with Tim & Peggy.  Through your Holy Spirit strengthen their desire; motivate them to keep their eyes on you; & help them to keep on keeping on.  I pray that the injections that Tim has today will successfully achieve their medical purpose.  Thank you Lord for giving those of us who are praying the opportunity to be part of the grace Tim is experiencing in his life right now. 

I pray all this in your holy name. Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as I pray for Tim today I am thankful for the excellent medical facilities that are available to him.  I believe that in your mercy you have prepared the physicians, technicians, nurses, & staff for this very moment, & will use them to restore health to Tim's body.  So Lord, we are grateful for each of those men & women & the training they have had.  Bless them in their work today with Tim & each of the other patients they will be seeing.

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"  


"Lord Jesus ... as I pause right now & think about Tim, the words of the 'Prayer That Never Fails' popped into my mind.  'Help me, O LORD my God; because of your constant love, save me!'  Please Jesus, hear those words from Tim today.  Peggy has kept us up to date with what is needed.  You know what is needed.  Please Jesus, allow for the necessary collection of stem cells. 

Please Jesus please, I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Dear Jesus ... please surround Tim & Peggy with your presence & enable them to get the rest tonight that they both desperately need. 

Please Jesus. I ask this in your gracious name. Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... on this holy day we remember the extent of your gracious love for us.  'It was while we were still sinners that you died for us.' And all we can offer is an eternal thank you. And while we can't even imagine the atrocities your body was subjected to, we do know that it was part of God's eternal plan. 'That by your stripes we are healed.' Certainly that has our future destiny in mind, but it also speaks of today. Please Jesus, look upon your servant Tim today with the healing touch that only you can give. And we give you all our praise for what you have done, what you going to do, & what you are doing at this moment.

Thank you Jesus. I pray this in your holy name. Amen"


"Dear Lord ... as I pray to you today my thoughts go immediately to the cross, your suffering, & death on my (our) behalf.  And certainly my heart is full of gratitude.  And as that sacrifice was beginning, you prayed, "take this cup of suffering away from me.  Not my will, however, but your will be done."  Jesus, I'm honestly trying to pray that with Tim in mind.  I want to be in your will, but, I really want Tim to be healed.  I really want that to be your will for him.   So today, I continue to pray that you make your perfect will known in Tim & Peggy's life; help them in the decisions that must made.  Give them a sense of confidence & peace.  Please give Tim's Dr. a faith mindset as he suggests options to them.  Lord Jesus, I know you hear my prayer, & the prayers of so many others who are praying for Tim. 

Thank you for the way that you will perfectly answer our prayers. 

I bring this before you, Jesus, in your holy name. Amen"


"Praise you Jesus ... you have risen!  You're alive!  And you have saved me/us from our sins.  Praise you Jesus.  And as a result I/we can actually have a personal relationship with you.  We can talk with you.  And incredible as it seems, you promised "I will be with you always."  Praise you Jesus.  And with that knowledge & assurance, Jesus, I ask you to intervene in what's going on in Tim's body right now.  Please end this cancerous invasion, & bring healing.  Please Lord.  You overcame death.  You can do anything. 

Please Jesus, I ask this in your gracious name.  Amen"


"Good morning Lord ... Tim is 1st on my mind as I begin my prayers to you today. 

I know that he, & Peggy, & their Dr. will be discussing future options today.  We read in Scripture that we are to pray for wisdom, & that you will give it generously & graciously.  So I pray that for my dear friends today.  Please Jesus.  And on this day following the celebration of your resurrection, I am reminded that over & over again Scripture records events where you have proven that nothing is impossible for those who have faith.  So today I/we continue to pray that your healing hand would overcome the obstacles that are facing Tim. 

Please Jesus, I ask this in your gracious name. Amen"


"Dear Lord ... as I lift up Tim before you today, I am reminded of my very 1st theology lesson.  My Mom was the teacher.  She told me that 'God has a plan for each person, & He doesn't make a mistake.'  So as I ponder Tim's text to me yesterday, I am going to trust those early theological truths I learned.  I pray for the medical staff as they meet today to discuss Tim's case.  I pray for Tim & Peggy who must sit & wait & trust the decision they arrive at.  Even so, I continue to pray with confidence knowing that you are in control &, that your plan for Tim's life is taking place right now.  Thank you Jesus for your gracious care. 

I pray this in your holy name. Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... we're taught that all things are possible if we have faith.  And Scripture assures us that 'to have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see.'  I/we have faith today that you have not abandoned Tim; that you are indeed actively involved in his life right now.  I/we have faith that it is you, & not medical knowledge & skill, which ultimately brings healing.  Lord, you know the desire of Tim's heart & faith, Peggy's heart & faith, my heart & faith, our heart & faith.  Please Jesus, hear my/our prayers. 

I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Jesus ... following your Baptism by John you spent 40 days preparing yourself for the work that your Heavenly Father had for you.  40 days ago Peggy asked me & others to pray for Tim.    We have faithfully done that, & in a certain sense, preparing Tim for what our Heavenly Father has in store for him.  Thank you Jesus for the connection that prayer gives us with you.  Please, on this 40th day, touch Tim with your healing hand. 

I ask this in your gracious & holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as I pray this prayer I'm reminded that while Tim has been frequently in my thoughts & quick prayers today, you have been continuously with him.  I want to believe that he has felt your presence in some recognizable way. 

I want to believe that he is experiencing a peace that passes all human understanding.  Lord how I wish I lived closer so that I could visit him this evening.  But you know Tim's needs far better than I.  Please Jesus, touch him today with your presence. 

I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I'm hoping that Tim & Peggy had the opportunity to worship you today.  And if they did, I wish the hymn "O Worship The King" was included during their experience.  As I sang the 4th verse this morning it seemed so appropriate for Tim. 'Frail children of dust, & feeble as frail. In thee do we trust, nor find thee to fail.  Thy mercies how tender, how firm to the end.  Our Maker, Defender, Redeemer and Friend.'  Please Jesus, put a song in Tim & Peggy's heart today. 

I pray this in your holy name. Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I can't imagine what it would be like for Tim to be facing this week without Peggy at his side.  Thank you for her, & the support, encouragement, & help that she will bring to the various procedures & treatments that Tim will be experiencing this week, & in the weeks to come.  Please give her the strength

& patience that she will need.  Help her to understand the Dr.'s plans & be able to correctly help Tim as they discuss the options.  Finally, Jesus, we also recognize that The Holy Spirit is also actively working in all of this.  So my prayer/our prayer as this week begins, is that you will be glorified through it all.

 I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Lord ... I can't help but think that Tim must feel like a pawn these days, being pushed & pulled in every direction at the whims of many people he hardly knows.  Please remind him again & again this day, & throughout this week, that it is YOU who is ultimately in control.  And that nothing will come as a surprise to you.  And when he feels that he can't go another step, please Jesus, carry him. 

I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as I read from the Psalms today (#71), I couldn't help but think of Tim. ’LORD, I have come to you for protection ... be my secure shelter ... I put my hope in you ... I have relied on you ... you have protected me since the day I was born ... you have been my strong defender ... do not abandon me now that I am feeble ... hurry to my aid ... I will always put my hope in you ... you have sent troubles & suffering on me, but you will restore my strength.'  Today Lord, I would ask that you would remind Tim of those specific moments when you blessed his life, & by doing that he will be encouraged as he looks upon the coming days with hope. 

Thank you Jesus, & I pray this in your name.  Amen"


"Good morning Jesus ... I don't know what the weather is like in Hellertown today, but you've given me a beautiful morning here in Nashville, Indiana.  The birds are chirping, the trees are blossoming, & the flowers are blooming.  Thank you Lord for such an amazing creation: the colors, the smells, the sounds.  And certainly the pinnacle of your creative genus is the human body.  I pray for Tim's body today. 

It was good when you initially created it.  Please Jesus, make it good again. 

I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Dear Lord ... one of the truly good gifts you have given us, that we often just take for granted, are our relationships.  Thank you Lord for friendships.  And I want to especially thank you for Tim & Peggy's friends today.  I know that the cards, texts, e-mails, phone calls, visits, & prayers have had to bring needed encouragement to their spirits. I think I can speak for all of us, when I say that we are simply returning the love that they have given us over the years. 

Thank you Jesus for our friends.  I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord ... as I pause to pray for Tim today, I'm reminded of how complex & busy my life is. And how many distractions keep me from my essential tasks.  So I want to lift those things up in Tim's life right now that might cause him any additional concern & expense. He & Peggy don't need that right now. Please Jesus, protect his car & his home during this time when he & Peggy must direct their energies elsewhere. Keep those things safe & in operating condition.

Thank you Jesus for your continuous care.  I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... Peggy has invited 119 of her friends to pray for Tim.  Today I pray for each one of them.  I thank you, 1st of all, for your relationship with them & their relationship with you.  I thank you that they are men & women who believe in the power of prayer & are committed to prayer.  I ask that you would meet their individual needs & bless each one of them.  And finally, Jesus, please hear our united prayer for Tim's health. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... the Apostle Paul begins & ends his letter to his son in the faith, Timothy, with a prayer, 'May God the Father & Christ Jesus our Lord give you grace, mercy, & peace.' & 'God's grace be with you.' 

As I pray for my friend Tim today, I can't improve on Paul's request. 

Thank you Jesus, I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Lord ... as someone who struggles with depression from time to time, I know how easy it is to become discouraged when things don't seem to be going the way I hoped.  Please Jesus, encourage Tim's spirit in some unexpected way today.  Remind him that you love him & are bringing something divinely good out of his situation. (Romans 8:28) 

I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... 1st of all, thank you for getting us to CA safely.  Today as I'm thinking of Tim, almost 3,000 miles away, I am comforted to remember that you are right there with him.  The Psalmist reminds us that there's nowhere we can go that you're not there.  'If I went up to Heaven you would be there; if I lay down in the world of the dead you would be there; if I lived in the east or went to the farthest place in the west you would be there to lead me, you would be there to guide me.'  Please Jesus encourage Tim today with the reality of your presence. 

I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... even though I've been praying since my earliest remembrances (thanks to my Mom), & have studied prayer, & even taught people how to pray,

I continue to be mystified by this unimaginable gift you've given tome/ us.  I pray, & you seem to stop what you're doing & want to listen to me!  Unbelievable.  Lord, you already know right now that I'm praying for Tim.  Thank you for saving him, (future).  Thank you for blessing him these past 75 years, (past).  Thank you for what you are doing for him & in him today.  What a faithful God you are. 

I praise you & pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... thank you for this time that Tim & Peggy can be back home in FL.

I can only imagine the rollercoaster of emotions they must have been on these past couple of months. My prayer for them today is that these next couple of weeks would allow them to experience a sense of normalcy which would refresh & strengthen them physically, mentally, & spiritually. I/we place them in your care (what better place for them to be).  I pray this in your holy name. Amen"

"Thank you Jesus for being a loving, gracious, & personal God.  You have not left us to flounder helplessly through life.  Because I recognize this as a divine truth,

I can place my friend, Tim, in your righteous hands knowing that you are at this moment caring for him in the best way possible.  So Jesus, today I pray again for the 'peace that passes all human understanding' to feel his spirit. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Jesus ... my sincerest hope is that Tim & Peggy were able to worship you in their home church today.  Something wonderful happens when we are surrounded by the fellowship of the saints.  It would be like a shot of adrenaline to their spirits.  In fact, that will be my prayer for their entire stay in FL, that it will provide the needed refreshment they need at this moment in their lives.  Please Good Shepherd, 'lead them today by the still waters, & restoreth their soul.'

I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Lord ... the song that The Holy Spirit brought to my mind today is 'This Is The Day' & as I have been singing it the 3rd stanza just jumped out to me: 'This is the month of the Lord's triumph.'  Lord Jesus, as I pray for Tim & Peggy right now, that is my prayer.  As we begin the month of May, I pray that they would witness many evidences of your triumphal work in Tim's life.  

Please Jesus, bring healing to my friend.  I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as I reread Peggy's latest update, I want to claim one of your promises for her & Tim.  You said, 'come to me all of you who are tired & weary from carrying heavy loads, & I will give you rest.'  Lord, they are certainly tired & weary, & they have been carrying a very heavy load, please in these coming days give them physical, mental, emotional, relational, & spiritual rest. 

I pray this in your gracious name.  Amen"


"Dear Lord ... as I pray for Tim's healing today, I am conscience that there are many others who are praying as well.  And as I ponder that fact I'm aware of a ministry that Tim, whether he realizes it or not, now has.  He & Peggy have encouraged me, along with many others, to daily come before you in prayer.  And Scripture teaches that you are happy when your people pray.  So today Lord, I'm grateful for this privilege of bringing Tim & Peggy's needs before you.

 Please Jesus, intervene & touch him with your healing hand. 

I ask this in your gracious name.  Amen"

"Good morning Jesus ... it's gratifying to know that believers all over our country are praying on this National Day Of Prayer.  We are praising you for being Almighty God.  We are confessing our sins & shortcomings.  We are thanking you for the gift of eternal life & the many blessings we enjoy each day. 

We are praying for those in national, state, & local positions.  And a number of us are continuing to pray for Tim & Peggy. 

Lord, please hear our requests today.  I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as I pray for Tim this morning, my thoughts move toward finances.  I'm aware of the costs of hotels, restaurants, gas, parking, let alone Dr.'s, treatments, medications, etc.  Lord, I'm not privy to Tim's insurance & financial situation, if this is not an issue for him, thank you for preparing him for this situation.  If this is, or becomes a burden, I pray that You will meet his need. 

I ask this in your gracious name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I couldn't help but think as I watched the coronation of Charles this morning of all of the pomp & circumstance that was given to an earthly king, & how I so often treat my Heavenly King of kings so nonchalantly.  I pray when I feel like it.  I rush through my daily Scripture reading.  The guests are Westminster Abbey were wearing their finest because they were going to be in the presence of their king, & I don't even wear a suit when I go to worship you.  Please Jesus, forgive me.  I much appreciated the vows of commitment that Charles made to you, & the vows that the people made to Charles.  Even so, King Charles is limited in what he can actually accomplish.  But you, King Jesus, possess none of those limitations.  And so when I bring Tim & Peggy before you, & pray your blessings be upon them ... I know, with all confidence, that you can do that. 

You are indeed, the King of kings, & your Kingdom will never end.  Halleluiah! 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I continue to be surprised at how quickly the days fly by.  I know that Tim & Peggy's time in FL is rapidly coming to an end.  Please Lord, help them accomplish all that needs to be done this week.  There are Dr.’s that need to be seen.  There are tasks that need to be accomplished around their home.  Please Lord, protect them from distractions & interruptions.  Also, I pray that they would have the opportunity to see friends who are in the area.  I'm sure that their return to PA will be more satisfying if they have been able to check off all their FL plans.  Thank you Jesus.  I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"

"Lord Jesus ... as I sat in the waiting room of my Dr.'s office this morning for my regular checkup, I couldn't help but think of the many Dr.'s offices Tim & Peggy have waited in over the past number of months.  It must seem to them like endless hours.  So Lord, 1st of all I pray for the patience that they need as they wait to be seen.  But I'm also praying for their physicians, surgeons, nurses, technicians, etc. that have been trained to care for him.  Thank you Lord for their education & abilities.  And please use them to bring healing to Tim's body. 

I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Lord ... as I was sitting on my front porch this morning, I couldn't help but remember Tim & Peggy's visit a couple of years ago.  Tim & I spent more than a few hours there enjoying each other's company.  I have been blessed with his friendship for over 70 years.  Jesus, you too appreciated your friends.  Scripture records the special times you shared with Martha, Mary, & Lazarus.  And we read that when your friend Lazarus needed your healing touch, you responded, even to the point of raising him from the dead.  Lord, my friend Tim needs your touch today.  Please Jesus.  I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as Tim has come to mind today so has David's great affirmation ... 'The LORD restores my soul', or as my preferred translation puts it, 'The LORD gives me new strength.'  Jesus, I truly hope that Tim's soul has felt restored today.  Jesus, I truly hope that he has experienced new strength. 

I, along with many others, continue to faithfully pray for him & Peggy. 

Lord, hear my/our prayers.  I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord ... what a wonderful gift the Holy Scriptures are to me/us.  And The Holy Spirit continues to speak through them.  I was struck today as I read The Psalms with the powerful affirmation, 'You are the God that works miracles.'  And as I was pondering that, I realized that the verb 'works' is present tense.  You accomplished miraculous things in the older Testament.  John writes that you did many signs & wonders when you walked on this earth so people would believe you are the Messiah.  And those miracles continued throughout the New Testament & up to today.  'You are the God that works miracles.'  So I/we believe without a doubt that you can work a miracle in Tim's life.  Please Jesus. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Jesus ... what a beautiful morning it is here in Nashville, Indiana.  Thank you for a refreshing night's rest.  Help me to represent you well today. 

I remember hearing my grandfather pray once, & concluding with, 'well, I guess I've taken enough of your time.'  How do you do it Lord?  How do you honestly listen to my feeble words, & at the same time, hear millions of other prayers?  How great thou art!  Well, my prayer continues for Tim & Peggy.  Lord, I ask you to minister to them today in whatever way you see fit.  Please make your presence known. 

Thank you for hearing my prayer.  And I pray it in your holy name.  Amen" 


"Good morning Jesus ... I want to expand my prayer today.  While I have been praying for Tim & Peggy, I'm sure there have been individuals on their prayer list.  And while they may be unknown to me, they certainly are not to you.  So Jesus please touch those who Tim & Peggy are praying for.  Bless them in the ways that they need to experience your grace.  Thank you Lord for the connectedness your people have through prayer. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I'm tired.  Thank you for all the things we were able to do today, the family & friends we were able to be with, & the safe traveling we had.  And as I get ready to shower & go to bed, I think of Tim.  I hope, Lord, that he also had a good day.  And I pray especially that he will get a restful night's sleep. 

Please Jesus, I ask this in your gracious name.  Amen"


"Good morning Jesus ... thank you for this, another day of life.  It was good to receive Peggy's update yesterday, & to hear about Tim's activity, which certainly helps all of us who are praying to do so more specifically.  1st, thank you for all they were able to accomplish during their time in FL, & then for traveling mercies as they returned to PA.  Lord, we continue to be concerned about Tim's bronchitis.  To which end David's words in the 41st Psalm seem to be so applicable:

'The LORD will help them when they are sick & will restore them to health.' 

Please Jesus, do that for Tim.  I ask this in your gracious name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... thank you for reminding me once again this morning that 'the greatest tragedy of life is not unanswered prayer, but unoffered prayer.'  Please Holy Spirit, keep me/us faithful in our prayers for Tim & Peggy.  And I/we thank you in advance for answering them. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I've tried several times to write out this prayer, & just as I'm about to finish it, it disappears.  And as I'm getting frustrated & impatient with now this 4th attempt, I think how frustrated & impatient Tim must get with much more serious issues than posting a prayer.  So while I continue to pray for his healing of the immediate bronchitis problem & the ultimate cancer that has plagued him for the past many months, I ask this evening that The Holy Spirit might give him an extra dose of patience, while at the same time encourage his spirit.  (I pray this for Peggy as well.)  Thank you. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I want to pray specifically for Peggy today.  Certainly no one on the face of the earth cares for Tim more than she does.  I cannot even begin to imagine the toll that all of this has taken upon her.  Please Jesus, encourage her spirit, strengthen her resolve, give her wisdom, remove her worries, allow her rest, bless her with peace.  Thank you Lord for putting her in Tim's life for a time like this. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as I bring Tim & Peggy before you today I want to thank you for their own ministry during this difficult time.  They have been able to witness of your love & concern to other "patients" & medical personnel.  I think specifically of Mircia, who they met back in March.  She is a Jamaican lady who was in great pain.  They had the opportunity to pray together.  Lord, I want to remember her today in my prayers.  As always I am grateful for the medical treatment that is available to Tim.  As Peggy writes of them they seem to be caring professionals. 

Please bless their efforts.  I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... thank you for the Scriptures & how you speak to us through them.  Obviously Paul was referring to his own condition when he wrote what is recorded for us in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.  But I claim his final words for Tim today ...

'for when I am weak, then I am strong.'  Thank you Lord for though Tim may be struggling physically right now, he is strong spiritually, which is certainly the most important thing for all of us.  Please Jesus, I pray that will always be so, & that you will strengthen & heal him physically.  I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as I pause to pray for Tim right now, the word 'hope' pops into my mind.  How different you view that word in contrast to how we so often use it.  Hope for many of us is like keeping our fingers crossed.  But hope in Scripture is a confident assurance.  With that in mind I want to paraphrase Paul's statement in his letter to the Romans: 'May God, the source of hope, fill Tim with all joy & peace by means of his faith in Him, so that his hope will continue to grow by the power of the Holy Spirit.'  Jesus, I/we continue to 'hope' for Tim's healing. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Jesus ... you know Lord, sometimes I feel like adolescent kid in my prayers with you, 'give me this, I want that.' If I'm honest, I seem to spend far more time in my prayers dealing with my 'wants' and far less time thanking you for what I have, or just simply talking to you.  Jesus, forgive me for those moments when I look more to the gifts than I do to you as the giver.  I recognize clearly that I am blessed far more than I deserve to be.  So, today I want to thank you for saving Tim & Peggy.  Thank you that they have a personal relationship with you.  Thank you for their life together.  I love you Jesus. 

And I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Lord ... we live in such a mechanical & technological world.  We have so many things that make our lives convenient, (when they work), & add frustration to our lives, (when they don't).  Lord, I would ask that you would protect all those items that Tim & Peggy depend upon.  They do not need any unwelcomed aggravations in their lives right now.  Please Jesus.

I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I know I keep telling you this, but I'm continuously thankful for the Scriptures, & how you use them to speak directly to me/us.  Please protect me as I read & help me not to take your words out of context & make them apply to what I am currently dealing with.  Having said that Lord, James tells me/us: 'you do not have what you want because your do not ask God for it.'  So today the want of my/our heart is & I/we are asking you, 'please heal Tim of his cancer.' 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Lord ... I want to pray today about the side effects of Tim's medicine.  If I wasn't already aware of this issue, certainly every commercial on television about medications alerts me to this problem.  I know Tim is on some heavy strength drugs, please Jesus, allow them to do their intended purpose without experiencing any of those dreaded side effects so that during this time of healing Tim can still have a productive life.  Thank you Jesus. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I am grateful that Peggy was humble enough to ask for prayer for Tim.  I think of my friend Bill who passed last Autumn, & how I'm still frustrated with him.  He didn't tell anyone he was ill.  He didn't want anyone to know.  I wonder if there would have been a different outcome if he had put his pride aside & simply requested his friends to pray for him?  Anyway, Peggy was quick to summon those she felt were 'prayer warriors', & we have faithfully responded.  Please Jesus, hear our prayers.  I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I've been thinking about the e-mail I got from my grandson yesterday.  He's about to graduate from High School, (& thank you Lord for that), but it's been a tough road for him.  But now the time he has long been waiting for has arrived.  I know I've prayed about this before, but waiting is a tough thing for all of us, & it has to be especially so for Tim.  I pray today that he will be encouraged by Isaiah's words: 'those who wait upon the LORD for help will find their strength renewed.'  Please Jesus, renew Tim's strength today. 

I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... on this day of Pentecost, I want to thank you for the gift of The Holy Spirit that you have given to each of us who believe.  And as I think of a few of the things that the Spirit does I want to apply them to Tim.  Please Holy Spirit, be a Comforter to Tim, be a Counselor to Tim, be an Advocate for Tim, be an Intercessor for all of us who are praying for Tim, & be a Helper to Tim & to Peggy.

Please Jesus, I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... on this Memorial Day we are told to remember those who have given their lives so that we might live free.  And we do pause to remember them.  But we can't neglect thanking you for giving your life in payment for our sins so that we might live with you forever in Heaven.  And because of you we are truly 'free indeed.'  So today I come to you as the living, gracious God, & ask you to continue your good work in the life of Tim.  Please Jesus, touch him with your healing hand.  I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I must have noticed this before, but for some reason it jumped out at me this morning during devotions, & I've pondered it all day; people were asking you questions all the time during your time on earth.  And you were never put off by them, & when the questions were honest & sincere, you responded in kind.  Jesus, I'm certain that Tim & Peggy have questions concerning all that has happened.  You certainly know that I do.  Please Jesus, give them/me/us ears to hear your answers.  I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"

"Lord Jesus ... today has been a day of reminiscing for me.  I thank you for bringing Tim into my life.  I cannot imagine what my life would have been like without his friendship.  And I suspect those last 2 sentences could be echoed by dozens of others over the years.  What a great gift you have given us Jesus: the ability to develop friendships. So, today as I smile thinking of all the fun Tim & I have had over the years, I also hurt, knowing that he is struggling now with this cancer.  Please, please, please Jesus, touch my friend with your healing hand. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Lord ... I pray that Tim & Peggy both had a restful night.  I pray for joy & peace to fill their hearts today.  I pray for patience.  I pray for opportunities for them to express & receive kindness.  I thank you for your faithfulness in caring for them. I pray that they would remember that you are with them each moment of this day.  I pray that when this day concludes that they will be able to look back on it & affirm "God is good."  

I pray all of this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as we head out this morning for our grandson's high school graduation I can't help but think back 58 years to Tim & my graduation.  To be honest, we had no idea of what our future held, & sadly Jesus, at best we only gave you a fleeting thought, if even that much.  But you had a plan.  You cared for us.  You cared for Tim.  You protected him.  You led him to Peggy.  You brought him to faith.  And after all these years, I know that you have not abandoned him now.  So please Lord, bring him through this, restore him to perfect health, & continue to bless his life.  I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Jesus ... as I pray to you for Tim today, I pause to reflect/ponder the reality that right now I am speaking to Almighty God.  The realization of that almost takes my breath away.  The mere fact that you not only allow me to talk to you, but even desire that, is almost unimaginable.  So, with all that said, thank you for hearing my prayer for Tim today.  I place him & his need before you.  He is in your hands. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... on this, what we liturgically celebrate as Trinity Sunday, I want to acknowledge the 3-in-1 Godhead's work in Tim's life.  God the Father for creating him; God the Son for saving him; & God the Spirit for directing him.  Thank you Lord for what you have done, what you are doing, & what you will do with Tim. 

And we give you all the glory, & it's in your holy name that I pray this.  Amen"

"Lord Jesus ... I'm excited tonight.  We get to spend tomorrow with Tim & Peggy.  I can imagine how much you looked forward to going to Martha, Mary, & Lazarus' home. That's me right now.  I would ask that you give the 4 of us a good night's rest.  I pray for traveling mercies for Kathy & me. 

Please Jesus, bless our time together.  I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... thank you for the opportunity to spend today with Tim & Peggy & you Lord.  Tim prayed that we would have a good time of fellowship & we did.  Please Lord, fill this dear couple with your love, power, & grace. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... it's late, & we have been traveling, & traveling safely for which we give you thanks.  But I don't want to miss "officially" praying for Tim & Peggy tonight.  I thank you for their faith, & for the peace that Tim is experiencing.  Certainly it is "the peace that passes all human understanding" that you have given to him.  What a wonderful assurance to be certain that he is securely in your hands.  Thank you Jesus.  

And I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Jesus ... as I begin praying for Tim today, my 1st thought is 'this is the day that you (Lord) have made, let us rejoice & be glad in it.'  Jesus, please help Tim find countless things throughout his day for which he is thankful. 

I continue to pray for increased strength & stamina for him. 

Please bless both Tim & Peggy this day.  I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Lord Jesus ... I'm always thankful when little truths of your love

& grace pop up unexpectedly, (i.e. yesterday at Harriet Tubman's museum).  Her quote 'God's time is always near' was so insightful.  And so this morning, as I pray for Tim & Peggy, I ask that those 5 words might encourage their spirits & be a gentle reminder as they go through this day. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Wow Jesus, what a beautiful day!  I hope that Tim & Peggy can enjoy being outside today.  But as I say this, I also remember that the air quality is hazardous because of the Canadian fires.  So I pray for the fire fighters there, & for all those who have respiratory issues.  Please Lord protect them.  And allow Tim

& Peggy to have some positive outside time today.  Thank you Jesus. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Dear Lord ... over the past couple of months I have prayed for Tim in my office, on the front porch, at the dining room table, at church, & in Tim & Peggy's living room. Today I got to pray for him at The National Cathedral. The Psalmist tells us that there is no place where we can escape your presence. You are everywhere. Even so, there was a genuine sense of true holiness at the Cathedral this morning. Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayer today, & for hearing all the other prayers for Tim & Peggy.

I pray this also in your holy name. Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... 100 days ago Peggy invited me to be part of a group who would 'Pray For Tim.'  And since that time, I, along with many others have had the privilege of doing just that.  What an honor it is to bring the name of a person before you

& request your intervention.  I think back to my initial prayer that I prayed, & it continues to still be the desire of my heart.  'Dear Lord, in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit, we pray that Tim's body, mind, & soul be made whole by the healing hand of the Living Christ. Amen' 

So, I repeat that prayer this evening in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... days seem to go by so quickly, & many of them bring some unexpected moments, that are both good & bad. I pray that whatever comes Tim's way will be good. I also know that he has an important medical appointment this week. And I join him & Peggy & all the others who are praying that it will provide a positive report. We continue to thank you for your care. We love you Jesus, and...

t's in your holy name that I pray. Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I'm grateful for the new thought I came across today: thanking you for unanswered prayer.  The author was commenting on the fact that he had prayed fervently for something, which then didn't take place, but later something much better happened.  As I think about that with my prayer for Tim today, I'm still asking for you to heal him now, but, I'm also trusting that ultimately you have Tim's best in your plan for him.

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Jesus ... I confess Lord, after reading Peggy's post, I'm more than a little discouraged.  I know Tim & Peggy must be.  And as I'm pondering what to make of this, & am still for a few moments ......... your words in Isaiah come to mind:         

    'when you pass through the deep waters, I will be with you.'  

Please, please Jesus, burn those words into Tim & Peggy's mind & heart today. 

Please Jesus, I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as I think back on my day right now, & the scrubs & flowers we bought & I planted, I am once again in awe of your creative genius.  The incredible variety, shapes, colors & even wonderfully pleasant smells.  And you gave us all of this for our enjoyment.  Thank you Lord.  But Scripture teaches that human beings were the crown of your creation.  And as I have been praying for Tim & learning about his situation I continue to marvel at how complex the human body is.  And just as you originally created him, & just as you gave him a "rebirth" spiritually,

I (we) know that you can miraculously heal him now. So, Jesus, that is my prayer this evening. 

And I pray it in your holy name.  Amen"


"Dear Lord ... on this day that has been set aside to honor our earthly fathers for all they have done for us, we also remember you, our Heavenly Father, 'in whom we live & move & exist.'  Thank you for coming into Tim & Peggy's life.  I can't even begin to imagine how they would be coping, if they had to go through this on their own.  So I (we) praise you today for your grace, mercy, & love. 

And I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I've just finished my monthly prayer time with my prayer partner, Phil.  And in his prayer he mentioned 'the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want' (or, in another translation, 'I have everything I need.')  And I would like to claim that promise for Tim & Peggy right now.  Thank you Jesus for being the 'Good Shepherd' for them.  Thank you for your provision, care, & security.  And just as the shepherd watches over the sheep because he cares deeply for them, I (we) know that you are watching over Tim & Peggy because you deeply love them.  Thank you Jesus for being with them this day.  I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Lord Jesus ... 'this is the day that you have made, let us rejoice & be glad in it.'  Jesus that is my prayer for Tim & Peggy today. 

And I pray it in your holy name.  Amen"


"Dear Lord Jesus ... I did a lot of heavy work yesterday, & this morning my body aches.  Years ago this wouldn't have been an issue, but I'm older now, & I don't bounce back as easily as I did.  I think of all that Tim & I did as boys.  We played, ran, wrestled for hours on end, & then did it again the following day, & we never thought a thing about it. Thank you for the health that I (we) so often take for granted.  Lord Jesus, Tim's body is tired.  It's been going through a lot. 

Please allow it the rest & nourishment he daily needs. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... how do you do it? You have to be Almighty God! You're listening & responding to countless prayers at this very moment. My mind simply can't comprehend your magnitude. And while my heart is heavy tonight, as I've been praying for not only Tim & Peggy, but also for Phil & Noah & Bill & Jim & Beth & Kailoni & Raelyn & Julie & Mary. Lord Jesus, your heart must be close to breaking knowing how much disease & sickness there is in this world. Obviously this was not how you intended it. So Lord, I (we) continue to bring those I (we) love before you & ask for your intercession. Touch them Lord, & I (we) will give you all the glory.

I pray this in your holy name. Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I heard 3 people proclaim today "TGIF" (thank God it's Friday).  Jesus, I'm so glad that I don't have to wait until the weekend to appreciate the life that you've given us.  I am grateful for Tim & Peggy yesterday, today, & tomorrow.  And I'm grateful that you were with them yesterday, & are with them today, & will be with them tomorrow.  My prayer this evening is that they will be constantly aware of your presence as they navigate through Tim's medical issues.  And Lord, I continue to pray for his healing.  Thank you Jesus. 

And I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as I pray for Tim & Peggy each day I try to imagine where they are & what they're doing at that very moment.  That has become a little easier since I've now been in their home.  But I'm also aware that even simple everyday tasks can no longer be taken for granted.  Almost every action now has a corresponding reaction.  Please Lord, I pray for 'normalcy' to return to their lives.  And as I do daily, I place them in your loving hands. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Jesus ... what a special day this is!  Not only do we get to corporately worship you, but also we celebrate Peggy's birthday.  Thank you for her, & all that she has meant to Tim throughout the years.  We especially are grateful that not only has she been born, but also 'reborn' in you. 

Please continue to guide & direct her.  And use her for your honor & glory. 

And I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as I get ready for bed, I think of one of the 1st prayers that my Mom taught me.  It was meaningful back then, & I think appropriate for tonight. 'Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, Thy love stay with me through the night, & bless me with the morning light.' 

Jesus, that's my prayer for Tim & Peggy tonight. 

And I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I talked with someone over the weekend who was 'worried' about all the things they needed to do.  And it seemed apparent to me that their 'worry' was sapping their strength.  I think of your words to my favorite woman in Scripture, 'Martha, Maratha! You are worried & troubled over so many things, but just one is needed.'  My prayer today for Tim & Peggy is that during this time of 'waiting', when Tim seems to be at the mercy of Drs. & medications, please Lord, remove all worry from him.  I (we) rebuke the Evil One from attempting to put doubts or concerns into his mind.  Surround him with your angels. 

Please Jesus, I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... many of us today have been praying for Tim, not only because Peggy has asked us to, but because we want to.  But as I'm thinking about that right now, I realize that there is even a more important reason.  You command us to pray for each other.  James writes, (& the verb is imperative), 'pray for one another.' 

So, in obedience I bring Tim McCoy before you right now. 

I pray that you would touch his body, mind, & soul with your healing hand. 

And I pray this Jesus, in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... each morning, as you know, I conclude my prayer time with 'the serenity prayer.' I want to paraphrase it for my prayer for Tim today. 'God grant Tim the serenity to accept the things he cannot change; courage to change the things he can; and the wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time; enjoying one moment at a time; accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; taking, as You did, this sinful world as it is, not as he would have it; trusting that You will make all things right if he surrenders to Your will; that he may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with You forever in the next.'

I pray this in your holy name. Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... most of us look forward to long holiday weekends, & it appears that this one may even have an extra day.  And while that provides opportunities for get togethers with family & friends, it has also been my experience that medical facilities pull back services: hospitals work with a skeleton staff, & many Drs. offices close.  Lord, please keep Tim especially healthy over these next 4 days.  I pray that he would be able to enjoy all the food & fellowship that he would desire.  Thank you Jesus, & I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as I head off to bed this evening, I hear thunder in the background.  That always reminds me of what a powerful God you are.  I think of the thunder & lightning that surrounded you on the Mount of Transfiguration.  Once again, Lord, we pray to you not because you are a mighty God, but because you are the Almighty God.  And as you used your power to heal individuals when you walked on this earth.  I (we) pray that you would use your power to heal Tim. 

Please Jesus, I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as you listened to our prayers for Tim at our worship service today, I couldn't help but wonder, how many other congregations mentioned his name?  We read in the Scriptures: 'when good people pray, the LORD listens.' 

Thank you Jesus, for hearing & responding to our prayers for Tim & Peggy. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... as I sit here right now & think of Tim, I am so grateful that you are a relational God.  You desire us to have a relationship with you & with those who come into our lives.  And as I am pondering that thought, I once again realize that my relationship with Tim is not an accident, but your loving gift. 

Thank you so much for it.  So once again I lift my friend up to you. 

I pray that you would heal his body, encourage his spirit, & refresh his mind. 

Please Jesus, bless Tim & Peggy real good today.  I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... the Psalmist wonders, 'Where will my help come from?' And then immediately answers, 'My help will come from the LORD, who made heaven & earth.  He will not let you fall; your protector is always awake.'  Thank you Lord, for your constant vigilance.  I (we) are assured that Tim is completely safe with you. 

I pray that Tim & Peggy may enjoy this day to the upmost. 

And I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Good morning Lord ... thank you for our night's rest & another day of life.  I often think how confused I (we) get between the words 'want' & 'need.'  There are a lot of things I may want, but relatively few that I really need.  I pray today for Tim & Peggy's needs.  Please Jesus, provide them to my (our) dear friends. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I'm constantly reminded of how much I take for granted.  When I was young I never thought about limitations.  I could do anything!  And I always assumed that there would be tomorrow.  Now I recognize that there are physical limitations to my daily plans.  Thank you Lord for all that Tim & Peggy are able to do today.  Thank you Lord for those who can step in in those areas where help is needed.  Thank you Lord for your constant provision. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... it is a beautiful day here in the state of Indiana, & I'm hoping that it is in Pennsylvania as well.  There's something about the sun shining that lifts my spirit.  And that is especially true as the SON shines in my heart.  Jesus, I pray that you will shine in Tim & Peggy's heart today.  Allow them to experience your presence in a new & exciting way.  Thank you Lord. 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... it's Saturday in July.  60+ years ago, Tim & I would be playing baseball, or maybe at this moment, swimming at Mack pool.  How often I take the moments & experiences of my life for granted.  I don't appreciate them as much as I should while they are happening.  Forgive me Lord.  I pray today that you will give Tim & Peggy many more "moments" that they may build lasting "memories".  I know that they do appreciate each day right now.  May I (we) all value the life experiences you bring to us.  I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I know I seem to repeat myself, but I love being in a worship experience.  Thank you for today & the opportunity to be with other believers.  And even though I don't use the term "brother" or "sister" when I'm with them, I truly feel that bond.  And when I break it all down, that's how I feel about Tim & Peggy.  I care for them just as if we were true siblings.  And that's because of you Jesus, so thank you for that.  And since we have a common Heavenly Father who cares for us, I want to thank Him now for what He has done, & what He is doing, & what He will do for my "brother & sister", Tim & Peggy. 

And I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I want to pray for Tim's night tonight.  Please Lord, allow him to have good, deep, uninterrupted sleep, which will refresh his body, mind, & spirit. 

I even ask that his dreams tonight would be pleasant ones. 

Thank you Lord for your constant care.  And I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I want to pray for Tim's day today.  I know that you have created each one of us for a purpose.  And we are to fulfill that purpose until the moment you call us 'home'.  I pray that Tim's activities today would be pleasing to you.  And that when he lies down tonight not only would he experience as sense of accomplishment, but that you would say 'well done.' 

I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I'm thinking right now of those little irritations & annoyances that seem to come my way & affect my whole demeanor. Lord, I would ask that you protect Tim & Peggy today from those kind of distractions.  My hope is that today would be an enjoyable one for them. 

I ask this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I'm sitting here thinking about Tim & wondering what he is doing at this very moment. And while I can only imagine, you know, because nothing in our lives goes unnoticed by you. So my prayer for Tim (& Peggy) right now is that you would bless their afternoon with a gentle reminder of your love for them.

Thank you Jesus, & I pray this in your holy name. Amen"


"Good morning again Lord Jesus ... I, as I'm sure all the others in this group, appreciated Peggy's update yesterday. And while it may have lacked everything that I (we) have been praying for, I was encouraged by a few of her phrases: 'blood work was pretty good,' 'responding to the medication,' & 'keeping myeloma in stable condition.' All of that seems to be good news to me, & I have to believe it's your response to our prayers. So thank you Jesus for all that you are doing in Tim's life right now. I also know from personal experience that my 'attitude' has a direct effect on my body. So, I am especially thankful for the company that will be visiting Tim & Peggy in the coming days. Peggy has admitted that it will 'lift their spirits.' I pray that will be the case.

I pray all of this in your holy name. Amen"


"Good morning Lord Jesus ... I'm thinking about David this morning.  Scripture teaches that when he faced an impossible situation, (the giant Goliath), which would result in certain defeat, he called upon the name of the LORD Almighty, & was victorious.  Jesus, I'm thinking that Tim may feel like he's facing a 'giant' in his life right now.  Please remind him that the name of JESUS is what he needs to defeat it. 

Thank you Lord, & I pray this in your holy name.  Amen"


"Lord Jesus ... I love singing worship songs of all styles, but there is something about hymns that, for me, speak to your majesty.  This morning as we sang 'Praise To The Lord, The Almighty' I was particularly struck with a phrase in the 3rd verse: 'Ponder anew, what the Almighty can do.'  It was all present tense.  Lord Jesus, when I (we) come to you on behalf of Tim & Peggy, I (we) do so because you're not a God of the past only, your work on our behalf has not ended.  You continue to intervene in our lives.  So on this day that we have set aside to corporately worship you, I (we) ask you, Almighty God, to bring healing to Tim. 

And I pray this in your holy name.  Amen" 


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One Word Prayers

One Word Prayers.

At the end of 2021 a good friend of mine, Phil Miglioratti with the National Pastors Prayer Network and a bunch of other Prayer Think Tanks suggested in a publication to ask God for ‘one' Biblical  word for the day.  Then throughout the day repeat that word 4 or 5 times as a primer for Prayer and see what the Holy Spirit will do.  
I was ready for a new thing.  So I opened my iPhone ‘Life Application’ App and Prayed for ’one’ word from Jesus for the day.  Bang.  The Holy Spirit fed me a word each day.  I then did a Life Application Bible word search through the Old Testament and New Testament of that one word and selected the passage that touched me the most for that day. Then I would just pray that one word 4 or 5 times through out the day.  Bang… the Holy Spirit would flood me with things to pray.  
Then at the beginning of this year I started going back through my word for the day and read those passages and spend more time on the context around the passage, usually the chapter or two around it. 
Just another way to keep prayer and scripture reading fresh for a season before you go on to the next idea.  It’s not for everyone, but it sure rang my bell.
Tony Danhelka

One Word Daily Prayer Primers


‘2022 New Living Translation [NLT]

“Jesus, what one word or brief phrase do you give me today,

so that I could slowly repeat it from time to time throughout the

day as a primer for prayer? Love You! tony”


PS: The below daily ‘word’s’ were given by the Lord to Tony one morning at a time.


1/18 Healer Ex15:26/ Lk 4:40

1/19 Deliverer 2Sam 22:49/ 2 Tim 4:18

1/20 Joy Ps 9:2/ I Pt 1:18

1/21 Wife Gen 2:24-25/ 1Pt3:7

1/22 Search Ps 9:10/ I Pt 3:11

1/23 Surprise Ruth 3:8/ Jn 7:15

1/24 Peace Jud 6:23/ Jn 14:27

1/25 Self-Control Pro 16:32/ Gal 5:23

1/26 Soothe Ps 104:15/ Lk 10:34

1/27 Impossible Lk 1:37

1/28 Blood Lev 17:14/ Rev 19:13

1/29 Short Num 11:23/ Rom 3:23

1/30 Fast Dt 10:20/ Lk 5:35

1/31 Splendor Ex15:11/ 2Pt 1:16

2/1 Surgery Acts 3:16

2/2 Commitment Dt6:5/Titus 2:14

2/3 More Ephs 3:20

2/4 Reward Is 40:10/Hebs 11:6

2/5 Fear ISam12:24/ 1Jn4:18

2/6 Strong Dt31:6 / Lk 1:80

2/7 Glory Ex14:18/ Jn 11:40

2/8 Surprised Ruth 3:8/ Jn 3:7

2/9 Discipline Dt 8:5/ Rev 3:19

2/10 Majestic Ps 8:1&9/ Lk9:43

2/11 Everlasting Gen 17:7/ Gal 6:8

2/12 Bless Gen 39:5/ Ephs 1:3

2/13 Favor Dt 33:33:16/ Lk4:19

2/14 Love I Chr 16:34/ I Cor 13:4-7

2/15 Thankfulness Ps50:14/ Col2:7

2/16 Praise Ps150:1-6/ Lk17:15

2/17 Trust Pro 3:5/ Jn 12:44

2/18 Faith I Sam 23:16/ Heb 11:6

2/19 Salvation Ps 103:17/ 1Pt1:9-10

2/20 World Job 34:13/ Jn 3:16

2/21 Freedom Ps 119:45/ Rm 6:14

2/22 Son Ruth 4:13/ Jn 3:16

2/23 Redeemed Ps 107:2/ Lk1:68

2/24 Heaven Dt 4:39/ Mt3:2

2/25 Embark Gen 12:1/ Lk9:51

2/26 Guard Ps17:8/ Acts20:28

2/27 Cross Job 36:12/ Lk 9:23

2/28 Obey Jer 7:23/ Jn12:46

2/29 Leap Is 35:6/ Lk 6:23

3/1 Restoration 2Kgs 22:5/ Acts3:21

3/2 Wait Ps 62:5/ Rms 8:23

3/3 Help Is1:17/ 2 Tim2:7

3/4 Volodymyr 2Chr23:16/Col 1:16

3/5 Zelensky Jud 11:25/ 1 Tim 2:7

3/6 Hope Jer17:7/ Mt 12:21

3/7 Perfect Dt 32:4/ Mt 5:48

3/8 Thirst Ps 42:2/ Jn 6:35

3/9 Redemption Ps 130:7/ Heb 9:12

3/10 Promises Josh 21:45/ Rms 4:21

3/11 Encouraged I Sam 23:16/ Acts 11:23

3/12 Sing Ex 15:21/ Lk 19:37

3/13 Look Ps 40:7/ Mt 12:18

3/14 Watch Gen 2:45/ I Pt5:2&8

3/15 Growing Ex23:11/ Lk8:6&14

3/16 Listen 1 Kgs 11:38/ Rev 2:29

3/17 Travel Ex 34:9/ Lk4:44

3/18 Forgive Ex 34:9/ Mt 9:6

3/19 Light Ps 36:9/ 1 Jn 1:5-7

3/20 Mute Ezek 24:27/ Mark 7:37

3/21 Excellence Dan 6:3/ 2 Pt 1:5

3/22 Plans Ps 33:11/ 1 Cor 1:25

3/23 End Times Dan 8:19/ 2 Tim 3:1

3/24 Rejoice Zech 9:9/ 1 Pt 1:8

3/25 Rock Gen 49:24/ 1 Cor 10:4

3/26 War 2 Sam 16:18/ Rev 17:14

3/27 Confess Lev 5:5/ 1 Jn 1:9

3/28 Trumpet Ex 19:19/ Zech 9:14

3/29 Steps Pro 16:9/ 1 Pt 2:21

3/30 Wait Ps 37:7/ Rms 15:4

3/31 Sleep Lev 26:6/ Ephs 5:14

4/1 Oneness Dt 6:4/ Ephs 4:3 & 13

4/2 Intercede 1 Sam 2:25/ 1 Tim 2:1

4/3 Praise Ps 103:1-5/ Heb 13:5

4/4 Chosen 2 Sam 3:18/ Lk 9:35

4/5 Prayer 1 Kgs 17:22/ Acts 4:24 & 31

4/6 Poor Pr 19:17/ Lk 4:18

4/7 Reputation Ps 89:15-16/ 1 Tim 3:2

4/8 Reward Is 40:10-11/ Heb 11:6

4/9 Awesome Dan9:4/ Heb 12:19

4/10 Truthful Pro 12:19/ Jn 8:26

4/11Commands Ps 119:47/ Rms 3:20

4/12 Awaken Songs of S 2:7/ Rns 3:20

4/13 Holy Nu 15:40/ 1 Pt 1:16

4/14 Scriptures Ps 40:7/ Mt 4:10

4/15 Walk Gen 5:23/ 2 Cor 6:16

4/16 Dominated Jud 15:20/ Rms 7:24… 8:5

4/17 Resurrection Ex 3:6/ Mt 22:31-32, 28:6

4/18 Prophesy Joel 2:28/ I Cor 16:4

4/19 Appropriate Nu 2:18/ I Cor 16:4

4/20 Consecrate Ex 19:9-11/ Heb 12:18-24

4/21 Restore 2 Chr 7:14/ 1 Pt 5:10

4/22 Appeal 2 Kgs 8:5 / 2 Cor 5:20

4/23 Lord Ex 6:10/ Ezk 21:8/ Rev 19:6

4/24 Prayer Zech 12:10/ Acts 4:31

4/25 Son Is 9:6/ Mt 1:23

4/26 Turn Joshua 24:23/ Mt 4:17

4/27 Honor Gen 49:10/ Acts 2:33

4/28 Belong DT 10:14/ Acts 18:10

4/29 Father Mal 4:6/ Mt 6:9

4/30 Son Ezk 43:7/ Mt 16:16

5/1 Spirit Gen 1:2/Acts 1:8

5/2 Redemption Ps 130:7/ Hebs 9:12

5/3 Patient Pro 16:32/ Ephs 4:2

5/4 Adopt Ex 2:10/ Ephs 1:5

5/5 Surround Ps 119:77/ Heb 12:1

5/6 Life Gen2:7/ Jn 14:6

5/7 Everlasting Dan 12:2/ Gal 6:8

5/8 Wife Pro 31:10-31/ IPt 3:7

5/9 Prophetic Ezekiel 37:4&9/ 1 Tim 1:18

5/10 Devote Hosea 3:5/ Col 4:2

5/11 Glorify Job 36:24/ Ephs 1:14

5/12 Together Esther 4:16/ Acts 4:24

5/13 Suddenly Josh 6:20/ John 20:19

5/14 Give Dt 15:10-11/ James 2:14-19

5/15 Hope Ps 31:24/ Mt 12:21

5/16 Valuable Ps 119:72/ Lk 12:6-7

5/17 Ransomed Is 43:1/ Rev 5:9

5/18 Mercy Ps 4:1/ 1 Pt 2:1

5/19 Anointed Is61:1/ Acts 10:38

5/20 Praise Dt 10:21/ James 5:17

5/21 Free Mal 4:2/ Jn 8:32-36

5/22 Eager Ex 35:39/ 1Pt 5:2

5/23 Finish Zech 8:9/ Rom 1:17

5/24 Authority Dan 7:14/ Lk 10:19

5/25 Revelation Jer 14:14/ I Cor 14:6

5/26 Strength Ex 15:2/ Lk 10:27

5/27 Personally Ex 33:13-14/ I Pt 2:24

5/28 Word Dt 8:3/ James 1:22-23

5/29 Quietly Ps 62:1-5/ Acts 15:12

5/30 Friends Pr 17:9/ Rms 5:10-11

5/31 Disciplines Dt 8:5/ Heb 12:6

6/1  Instrument Is 41:14-15/ Acts 6:1

6/2 Voice Ps 116:1-2/ 2 Pt 1:17-18

6/3 Seed Is 6:13/ Lk 8:11

6/4 Righteousness Is 32:17/ Jn 16:10

6/5 Ransom Ps 71:23/ I Pt 1:18-20

6/6 Delight Micah 7:18/ Mark 12:37

6/7 Compassion Is 30:18/ Mt 9:36

6/8 Pleading PS 88:13/ Rms 8:23 & 34

6/9 Cling Dt 10:20/ I Tim 1:19

6/10 Shield 2 Sam 22:3, 31 & 36/ Ephs 6:16

6/11 Messenger Is 6:8/ Jn 13:20

6/12 Magnificent Nu 14:19/  Mk 13:1

6/13 Honorable 1 Chr 4:9-10/ 1 Pt 2:12 & 15

6/14 Shout Ps 20:5/ Rev 21:3

6/15 Free Ps 4:1/ Jn 8:36

6/16 Witnesses Is 43:10/ Acts 1:8

6/17 Kingdom Jer 15:20/ Rom 14:17-19

6/18 Throne Ps 45:6-7/ Heb 1:8

6/19 Honor Dt 5:16/ Mt 15:8

6/20 Wonder Ps 26:7-8/ Lk 5:26

6/21 Tongue 2 Sam 23:2/ Phil 2:11

6/22 Health Ps 73:26/ Ephs 4:16

6/23 Perfect 2 Sam 22:31/ Mt 5:48

6/24 Trust Pro 3:5/ Jn 14:1

6/25 Remain Mal 2:15-16/ Jn 15:4&7

6/26 Abandoned Lam 3:31-33/ Mt 27:46

6/27 Eternal Dt 33:27/ 1 Tim 6:12

6/28 Wisdom Dan 2:20-23/ Rev 5:12

6/29 Patience Ecc 7:8/ Rms 15:5

6/30 Help Ps 107:19-21/ Mt 15:24-25

7/1 Cross Dt 2:13-14/ 1 Cor 1:18

7/2 Honest Pro 2:7/ 2 Cor 6:8

7/3 Pray Is 62:6/ Ephs 6:18

7/4 Lord Ps 118:5-6/ Mt 22:37

7/5 Work Gen 2:2-3/ 1 Cor 15:58

7/6 Delight Zep 3:17/ Rom 12:10

7/7 I Am Gen 28:13/ Rev 22:13 & 16

7/8 Blessings Nu 10:29-32/ Mt 23:39

7/9 Humble 2 Chr 7:14/ Mt 11:29 & Ephs 4:2

7/10 Protect Ps 138:7/ Jn 17:11

7/11 Seeing 1 Sam 1:12-13/ Jn 12:45

7/12 Heart Pro 4:23/ Mt 11:29

7/13 Children Ps 90:16/ Mt 18:2-6

7/14 Listen Nu 12:6-8/ Mk 9:7

7/15 Expectantly Ps 5:3/ Lk 2:38

7/16 Older Pr 22:6/ Titus 2:2

7/17 Salvation Hab 3:18/ Rev 7:10e Lord

7/18 Overwhelmed Job 19:27 & Is 61:10/ 

          Mk 9:15

7/19 Meet 1 Sam 25:32-34/ Lk 7:7

7/20 Power Ps 18:2/ Lk 21:27

7/21 Confidently Micah 7:7/ Ephs 3:12

7/22 Certain Ecc 7:14/ Lk1:4 & Heb 6:11

7/23 Think 1 Sam12:24/ Col 3:2

7/24 Foundation Is 33:6/ 1Cor3:11

7/25 Good News Is 52:7&61:1/ Rms1:16-17

7/26 Remember Gen 9:16/ Mt 5:11-12

7/27 Cast Out Mt 8:16-17/ Acts 8:7

7/28 Fear the Lord Dt 10:12/ Acts 9:31

7/28 Test Ps 139:23/ 2 Cor 13:5-6

7/30 Delight Dt 30:9-10/ Mk 12:36-37

7/31 Eager Ex 35:29/ Rms 8:23

8/1 Serve Josh 24:14-24/  I Pt 4:10

8/2 Victory Ps 18:35/ 1 Cor 15:55-58

8/3 Refuge Ps 119:114/ Hebs 6:18

8/4 Life 1 Kgs 17:22/ Jn 10:10

8/5 Answer Pro 15:1/ Roms 7:25

8/6 Vine Mal 3:11/ Jn 15:4-5

8/7 Heard Me 2Sam 22:7/ 2Tim2:2

8/8 Treasure Is 33:6/ Lk 12:34

8/9 Seek 2 Chr 15:2/ Mt 6:33

8/10 Father Dt 32:6 (Ex 4:22-23)/ 

         Mt 10:20-40

8/11 Great Dt 7:21 Ps 40:16/ Lk 21:27

8/12 Honor Ps 29:1-2/ Col 1:9-10

8/13 Fire Dt 4:24/ Heb 12:29

8/14 Body Mal 2:15/ Rms 8:10

8/15 Temple 1 Chr 22:1-19/ 1 Cor 3:16-17

8/16 Work Is 65:23-24/ Phil 1:6

8/17 Go Nu 14:14/ Mt 28:18-20

8/18 Yahweh Ex 3:13-16/ Ex 34:6-6

8/19 Integrity 1 Chr 29:17/ 1 Tim 3:8

8/20 Masterpiece Gen 1:27-31/ Ephs 2:10

8/21 Neighbor Pro 3:27-29/ Mt 22:37-39

8/22 Law 1 Kings 2:3/ Mt 5:17

8/23 Shaken Ps 16:8/ Lk 6:38

8/24 Motivate Ecc 4:4/ Heb 10:24

8/25 Come Is 1:18/ Jn 6:44

8/26 Confident Ps 27:3&13/ Rms15:13

8/27 Touch Ps 91:7/ 1 Jn 5:18

8/28 Wisdom Jer 10:12/ Jams1:5

8/29 Honest Gen 42:11-34/ Rms 12:3

8/30 Gift Gen 33:8-11/ Act 2:38

8/31 Guide Ps 32:8/ Jn 16:13

9/1 Discipline Is 38:16/ I Cor 9:25-27 

9/2 Respect Lev 19:32/ Titus 2:2

9/3 Watch Gen 4:7/ Mk 14:38

9/4 Move Is 54:10/ Acts 17:28

9/5 Happy Ecc 3:12/ 2 Cor 7:4-16

9/6 Understand Dt 7:9/ Lk 24:25

9/7 Light Gen 1:3-4/ Mt 5:14-16

9/8 Strength Hab 3:19/ Rev 5:12

9/9 Commandments Ps 19:8/ Mk 12:28-31

9/10 Speak up Pro 31:8-9/ Mk

9/11 Savior 2 Sam 22:2-3/ Jude 1:24-25

9/12 Lend Dt 15:6/ Lk 6:35

9/13 Peace 2 Chr 32:20-22/ I Thes 5:23

9/14 Lead Is 49:10/ Rms 5:5

9/15 God Gen 1:1-3/ Lk 12:5-9

9/16 Faithful Dt 7:9/ Mt 25:21

9/17 Inheritance Lam 3:21-25/ 1 Pe 1:4

9/18 Confessed Dan 9:4/ Acts 19:17-21

9/19 United Gen 2:24/ Ephs 2:6-7

9/20 Fortress 2 Sam 22:32-34/ Jer 16:19

9/21 Slaves Ezra 9:9/ 1 Pt 2:15-17

9/22 Guide Ps 119:105/ Jn 16:13

9/23 Soul Pro 24:12/ Heb 4:12

9/24 Help Dan 9:18/ 2 Tim 2:7

9/25 Good 2 Sam 7:27-29/ Mt 11:4

9/26 Search 1 Chr 16:11, Jer 17:10/Lk 15:4

9/27 Time Ecc 3:1-11/ 2 Cor 6:2

9/28 Worship 2 Chr 29:30/ Jn 4:23-24

9/29 Ask 1 Kgs 3:10-13/ 1 Jn 5:13-15

9/30 Wedding Is 61:10-11/ Rev 19:7-9

10/1 Marriage Ezk 16:8/ 1 Cor 7:14

10/2 Conquer Ps 5:8/ Rms 12:21

10/3 Forgive Dan 9:17-19 / Col 3:13

10/4 Spark Haggai 1:13-14/ James 3:5

10/5 Speak 1 Sam 3:9-10/ Mark 16:17

10/6 Armor Is 59:17/ Ephs 6:14-17

10/7 Generosity Is 32:8/ 2 Cor 8:2-5

10/8 Heal Hosea 6:1-3/ Mt 10:7-8

10/9 Holy Is 6:3/ Luke 24:49

10/10 Love Ex 20:6/ Jn 3:16

10/11 Children Ps 78:4/ Gal 3:26

10/12 Righteous Is 64:6/ Titus 3:5

10/13 Listen Is 40:3-5/ Lk 6:27

10/14 Require Dt 10:12-13/ Col 2:23

10/15 Firstborn Zech 12:10/ Roms 8:29

10/16 Wind 2 Sam 22:10-11/ Acts 2:

10/17 Blessing Mal 3:10/ Rev 21:6-7

10/18 Song Is 12:2/ Rev 5:9

10/19 Return Is 51:11/ Mt 25:13

10/20 Discipline Pro 10:17/ Rev 3:19

10/21 Pure Mal 1:11/ 1 Cor 1:30

10/22 Tell Is 63:7/ Mt 18:3

10/23 Resist Dan 11:32/ Ephs 6:13 & Jam 4:7

10/24 Virtuous Ruth 3:11/ Ecc 7:28-29

10/25 Centurion Mt 8:5-13 & 27:54/ Acts 10

10/26 Decide Is 45:21/ 2 Cor 9:7

10/26 Delight Neh 1:11/ Rom’s 12:10

10/27 Pleases Is 42:1/ Ephs 5:10

10/28 Godliness Is 58:8/ 1 Tim5:24

10/29 Sacrifice 1Sam 15:22/ Heb 9:26-28

10/30 Everlasting Is 40:28/ Gal 6:8

10/31 Comfort Is 61:1/ 2 Cor 1:3-4

11/1 Sees Gen 16:13-15(El Roi)/ Mt 6:4-6 

11/2 Scriptures Psalm 40:7-8/ Acts 4:13

11/3 Word  Dt 33:9/ Jn 1:14

11/4 Satisfies Ps 107:9/ Acts 17:25

11/5 Government Is 9:6/ Titus 3:1

11/6 Authority Is 21:21-22/ Mk 1:22

11/7 Instruction Dt 30:10/ 1 Tim 1:5

11/8 Breath Gen 2:7/ Acts 17:25

11/9 Unfailing Love Ps40:10-11/ Jn 1:14

11/10 Open 2 Chr 7:15/ Acts 26:18

11/11 Courageous Josh 1:6-9/ 1Cor16:13
11/12 Contentment Ecc 6:6/  1 Tim6:6-8
11/13 Commit Ps37:5/ Rms13:90
11/14 World Is 45:18/ Jn 8:12
11/15 Delight Neh 1:11/ Rms 12:10
11/16 Champion Jer 14:9/ Heb 12:2
11/17 Unfailing Ex 34:5-8/ Jn 1:14-17
11/18 Repent Ezek 18:30-32/ Acts 2:38
11/19 Look Is 65:17/ Hebs 10:9
11/20 Endurance Rms 5:3-4/ Col 1:11
11/21 Wait Ps 27:13-14/ Rms 8:23-25
11/22 Reconciliation Pr 14:9/ 2Cor5:19
11/23 Ancestors Ex 3:13-14/ Acts 3:13
11/24 Rejoice Is9:3/ 1Pt1:8
11/25 Suffering Is 30:20-21/ Rms 8:23
11/26 Heaven Gen 49:25/ Jn 6:32
11/27 Requirements 2Chr 31:5/ Ro 13:8-10
11/28 Eye Is 64:4/ 1 Tim 6:15
11/29 Abandon 1 Sam 12:22/ Jn 14:1
11/30 Perfect 2Sam22:31-33/ 1 Jn 4:17-18
12/1 Deep Is 43:2/ Acts 2:43
12/2 Freedom Ps 119:45/ 2 Cor 3:17
12/3 Commands Dt 28:1-14/ Rms 3:20
12/4 Messiah Jn 4:25-29/ Acts 17:3

Tony Diagnosed with Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Cancer

12/5 Water Ezek 36:25-27/ Jn 7:35-38
12/6 Mercy Neh 9:19-31/ Rms 9:15-23
12/7 Shepherd Gen 48:15/ Mt 2:6
12/8 Multiply Gen 1:28/ Heb 6:14
12/9 Follow Me 1 Kgs 3:14/ Mt 4:19
12/10 Sacrifice 1Sam15:22/ Heb 10: 10-12
12/11 Anointed Is61:1/ Acts 10:38
12/12 Overshadow(Hovered) Gen 1:2/ Lk1:35
12/13 Stand Dt 29:15/ Mk 4:21
12/14 Mourn Is 61:2-3/ Jn 16:20
12/15 Surrender Jer 4:4/ Jer 38:21
12/16 Fire Lev 6:12-13/ Mt3:11
12/17 Fight Ex 14:13-18/ 2Tim4:7-8
12/18 Purify-Consecrate2Chr29:5/ Jm4:6-10
12/19 Joy Is 56:7/ Jude 1:24
12/20 Work Ps 8:3/ Gal 3:5
12/21 Knees Ezra 9:5-15/ Lk 5:8
12/22 Foothold Ps 69:2/ Ephs 4:27
12/23 Repentance 2 Chr 6:37 Acts 19:4

Donna Died! late morning!!! 12/23/22

12/24 Virgin Is 7:14/ Mt 1:18
12/25 Everlasting Jer 31:3/ Gal 6:8
12/26 Abandon Dt 31:6-8/ Heb 13:5
12/27 Plans Ps 40:5/ Acts 4:2
12/28 Run Pr 18:10/ Phil 2:16
12/29 Merciful Ps 145:8/ Heb 2:17
12/30 Enthusiastically Rms 12:11/ 1 Co 15:58
12/31 Steps De 33:3/ 1Pt 2:21






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Clay Hallelujahs









     This precious treasure—light and power that now shine within us—is held in fragile clay jars,
  that is, in our weak bodies.  Everyone can see our glorious power is from God and not our own.
                      Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day.
                                                    2 Corinthians 4:7, 16 NLT


Forever light on Christ’s face is My best portrait of Incarnate Truth.

     Light beyond light is your Center of Gravity.

     Here is the Greatest Reality you can ever ponder:

          I Will Always Be Who I Have Always Been—

               I have always loved you, and I always will.

     Get to know My Son better—enjoy the pleasure of His company.


Frail life of clay is a container of boundless power, an interior treasure.

     Your human body is mortal, finite, limited by space and time.

     Yet I choose to make your heart My home.

     I am Light in your darkness—the dark side cannot conquer My love.

     I am Power in your weakness—the evil one cannot vanquish My grace.

     Avoid staggering in dirty places—walk as a child of the Light.


Finish line is the challenge to believing perseverance in intense trial.

     Endurance is underrated—those who finish the race win My smile.

     When perplexed, pray—gaze again at My cross and hang on.

     When tempted by easier roads, refuse to compromise—soldier on.

     Do not let fatigue or criticism force you to resign—re-sign and work on!

     I remember you are weak—remember I am strong, and you will make it.


Forward look is the celebration of beautiful paradise, the infinite triumph.  

     Discouraged? You are headed for a sinless, deathless, painless place.   

     Disappointed by false advertising? Heaven is not too good to be true.

     Disillusioned by fleeting pleasures? Heaven is not too good to last.

     One day, in eternity, you will join saints and angels in celestial hallelujahs.

     Until then—today, in time, praise Me with clay hallelujahs.




© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                  

Day 340, Gentle Whispers from Eternity



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Read. Heed. Weed. Feed. Seed.

Take 20 Seconds to Extend Our Reach.

  • As you surf this site, ask the Spirit to give you a specific assignment to...
    • Read: Yield to the filling-leading-teaching-coaching of the Spirit; be Spirit-led, Scripture-fed
    • Heed: Apply to yourslef whatever captures your attention, then repent (change how you think about...)
    • Weed: Look for infestations that need to be removed (such as biblical applications that have been given inerrancy status)
    • Feed: Share with friends who share your faith; ask for their feedback
    • Seed: Forward to inspire pastors, church mnistry leaders...


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Way Dreaming











He dreamed of a stairway that reached from earth to heaven.

                                  Genesis 28:12 NLT


What are you dreaming of? What is your highest hope? Noblest vision? Imagination mirrors My creativity. Your idea of the ideal future echoes My promises. Your dreams are vague reflections of Mine. I communicate with you in dreams. Pay attention to images and ideas. Be sensitive to emotions. I send clear and colorful signals to your heart that can transform your life if you take My dream seriously.

To you it seems a long way from earth to heaven. “Now” and “not yet” feel a great distance apart—between where I am and where you are, countless steps. But it is not as far between time and eternity as you think—Love traverses the span with the speed of thought. Small faith takes you up to heaven; mature faith brings heaven down to earth.

Infinite light years are bridged in an instant of childlike trust. I am nearer than hands and feet, closer than breathing. I am not a local, territorial god—I am the Omnipresent God of the universe. I am Land Lord of the earth, so every location can become My sanctuary. No spot need be lonely—find Me in your heart and find Me everywhere.

Whatever your dream, I am the Apex of the staircase. I am the Author of every perfect dream, the Means to achieve the desired end, the Final Step to reach the ultimate goal. I am the Stairway to the stars, Reality behind dreams, and Energy to climb steps and attain visions.

The sky is not the limit—aim for the company of the immortals! Dare to dream grand dreams—visualize heaven open and angels ascending and descending the stairway of hope. When it seems there is no way to reach your dream, I will make a way. I am the Way to the Truth of Life. I am the Gateway to perfect ecstasy. I dream with you as you pursue your dream.

I give you strength and patience to continue to climb. I comfort you when you wonder if the dream will ever materialize. My Spirit inspired your dream; I keep your dream alive until fulfillment. I protect you in twists and turns of the dreamy spiral. From the heights, I watch over your progress and supervise the ascent to your destiny. Take My hand and I will get you home.

Let reveille awaken you from reverie. Daydreaming is sweet, but it is time to wake up and start climbing. Do more than stare up the steps—step up the stairs.

I promise your dream will come true in thrilling actuality. We will celebrate together at the top of the stairs.





© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                            

Day 19, Gentle Whispers from Eternity


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GUEST POST ~ Love Neighbor; Love Justice
YUP-t0GQ1FCNcWW6AQNMbPW7CU_mEyFRL2hAvTaaEaLGk9-mlBDkXA4qEz6tXgKIm-ECf4hfD5Qv2edRIH-UXrhW3t5Kq4CY41aH46qIMnAHQnKO5qCI24T9apIVeAfkQSgwtVAyGMMZPub7wUb0XDMHQSe_k8V_u2bYCD8Kkm_ShDcrs_MhwPa2=s0-d-e1-ft#<a href=

Will God Love Us if We Love Our Neighbor?

Jeff Hilles • Quotes • 07/03/2023

Quick Quote - Source - Jeff Hilles

A Biblical Christian worldview perspective - The answer is yes, but the order is reversed. The problem is that many today read that to mean, "God will love us if we love our neighbor" and stop right there in their systematic theology.

God does love all of mankind.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

However, the ultimate expression of that love is filtered through His need for justice, and our need to accept the sacrifice of His Son for our sins.

Romans 5:8 God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Clearly we are told to love our neighbor as ourselves (Luke 10:27). But, to do that in a Godly way, we must love Him first. And, to do that we need to accept Him as our Savior and Lord, through a belief that Christ dies as a payment for our sins and was resurrected, as we will be someday.

Loving our neighbor is not the final answer. Our faith must begin with a love of God and a desire to follow Him through a study of His Word.

Author - Jeff Hilles | 


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GUEST POST ~ The Surpsing First Step for Lasting Change

The surprising first step for lasting change

New blog post from Bob Logan

How do I start over? What can I do to I pull people back in? How do I deal with polarization in the church? How do I recapture the mission of the church? What does it look like to move people forward from a practical standpoint? Dozens of key questions weighing on church leadership right now can be summed up with this one question: How do we get from HERE to THERE? And it’s a great question! At its root, it’s a question about the process of transition. 


Change vs. Transition

The best resource that I have come across on this topic is Managing Transitions, by William Bridges. In the book, Bridges explains that change is external—change happens to us, whereas transition is internal—transition is the psychological (and spiritual) process people go through to come to terms with the new situation. 

The last 15 months have been filled with rapid-fire changes surrounding topics that are foundational to the way we do life on an individual, community, national, and global level. In short, a lot has changed and we are still processing it.

You are in the middle of transition and so is every single person you are leading.


The process of transition 

Bridges breaks the process of transition into three main parts: Letting Go, The Neutral Zone, and The New Beginning. We are going to take it slow and walk through these parts over the next few blog posts. 

The first step: Letting Go

“Failure to identify and be ready for the endings and losses that change produces is the largest single problem that organizations in transition encounter.” —William Bridges

Simply put, change means loss. Even good changes like the birth of a new baby, a new job, or moving to a new town require letting go of the old to make room for the new. Simply put but not as simple to do. Of course there is much joy when adding a baby to the family but there is loss too: sleep, priorities, your time being your own, space, date night, money… there’s a lot to let go of in order to fully embrace the joy of a new baby.

Now think of the changes you experienced in the last 15 months. Many were sudden and scary and unwelcome but that didn’t stop them from happening. You mastered the “pivot” because it allowed you to keep moving forward but how well did you stop to identify the endings and losses in the process? 

It’s time to slow down and process the losses from the last 15 months. By processing loss thoroughly, you can move forward intentionally and effectively.


Here are 5 steps to guide you through the process of letting go:

1. Identify the losses

Make a list of changes, including pivots, that were made over the last 15 months (i.e. stay-at-home, store hours, online church, etc.) For each one to occur, something had to end. Think through the ripple effect of each change. 

  • What physical or tangible things were lost as a result? 
  • Were there mental processes that were impacted? If so, what and how?
  • How were you affected emotionally?
  • What relationships were affected and how?

2. Acknowledge the loss

It will be tempting to shrug some of this off as no big deal. But as they say, “It’s the little things…” Each loss is still a loss. The sense of loss tends to grow when not acknowledged. Take some time to recognize and acknowledge what each loss means to you. 

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself going through the classic stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. The grieving process is normal, however, getting stuck in any one stage can act like a millstone keeping you from moving forward. Should you get stuck in one stage, reach out to a trusted friend, mentor, or therapist who can help you walk through the process.


3. Don’t buy into hyperbole.

Life isn’t OVER. It’s not ALL bad. It won’t ALWAYS be this way. Yes, some things have ended but if you find yourself using hyperbolic language it may be time to rehearse what hasn’t changed. You may even want to go back to your list of changes/losses to add on and answer “What is still true or hasn’t changed?” 

It’s good to be specific but let me pause here for an important reminder: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” —Hebrews 13:8 

The way we do church may change but the mission of the church will never change. Jesus has called us to love the Lord, to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to make disciples. These will never change as our God will never change.


4. Punctuate each loss

Punctuation is powerful. It tells us when to pause, what comes next, and when it’s over. When looking over your list you may see losses that are temporary (…), some with undetermined futures (?), and some that are permanent (. or !). Take time to consider the punctuation for each loss honestly. Some you may hope are temporary but in reality will never be the same. 

  • How does each affect you? 
  • What needs to be done in order to move on?
  • How can you work to keep the vision alive on temporary losses?
  • What do you need to move a loss from undetermined to temporary or permanent?
  • How can you honor the past and close the door on permanent losses?


5. Guide others through the process

How do you move people forward? The first step is to let them know that they are seen and heard. I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of people struggled with pivoting because all they could see was the loss and they felt like leaders were blind to it. As you go through this process, recognize that those you are leading need to go through it as well. Look back at your list and think it through from the perspective of different people within your staff and congregation. Walking in their shoes you will find additional, or at least different, losses. Then talk about the elephant in the room… acknowledge their losses, mourn with them, and help them let go.

  • What losses may have been overlooked in all the pivoting? Is there a demographic that stands out?
  • What do you need to pause in order to address loss?
  • How can you honor the past as you plan to move forward?



The Discipleship Difference– Follow a pastor as he transitions his congregation to a more effective disciplemaking culture.  People do not grow in Christ linearly. So, why do we expect a linear discipleship program to work for everyone? Nonlinear does not have to be complicated. The Discipleship Difference outlines ways to meet people where they are at while walking through intentional and measurable discipleship.

Becoming Barnabas– Processing transition cannot be done by just one person. You need a team of encouragers to come alongside people and walk them through the process. Becoming Barnabas casts vision for such a team within the church. When you are ready to train up some Barnabas’s, check out the Barnabas Ministry Training Kit.

Photo by Ehteshamul Haque Adit on Unsplash

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The Greatest Reality










There remain then, faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13 MLB


Love endures.

     Love’s patience never dies; love’s commitment never gives up.

     No matter how uncertain the future, love trusts steadily.

     Love never fails, fades, or becomes obsolete—it endures time’s test.


Love empathizes.

     My heart is eternally kind—all true love reflects My merciful heart.

     Love celebrates with happy hearts—love cries with the heartbroken.


Love esteems others.

     Love wishes the best for others, so it is not jealous of their success.

     Love is not focused inwardly, so it does not brag or strut.

     Love is genuinely concerned for others’ welfare, so it is never rude.

     Love serves for heaven’s sake, so it does not resent Christlike slave labor.


Love excuses wrongs suffered.

     Love does not keep score, or maintain a record of trespasses against it.

     A loving heart forgives others, as it has been forgiven by Infinite Love.


Love is ecstatic about truth.

     Love weeps its heart out over injustice, and parties when truth wins.


Love expects the best.

     Seeing your Savior face to face will launch a never-ending celebration.

     I am saving the best for the last—rest assured.


Love exceeds everything.

     Eloquence without love is pointless speech.

     Knowledge without love is meaningless nonsense.

     Faith without love is useless exercise.

     Self-sacrifice without love is wasted effort.

     Faith and hope are temporal, but love lasts forever—the greatest reality.





© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                  Day 339. Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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GUEST POST ~ "Gospeling"

The One-Word Gospel


In working again through my translation of the Book of Acts I began to record passages where Luke the Storyteller put into words a summary of what the apostles preached when they were gospeling.

Here are the verses in the The Second Testament, with the appropriate words in bold:

Acts 8:35: Philippos, opening his mouth and beginning from this writing, gospeled Yēsous to him.

11:20 Some of them were men from Kyprios and Kyrēnaios [Cyrene] who, coming to Antiocheia, were speaking also to the Hellēnists, gospeling the Lord Yēsous.

17:18 Also some of the Epikoureioi [Epicureans] and Stoïkoi [Stoic] philosophers were engaging him, and some were saying, “Whatever might this scrounger want to say?” Others, “He seems to be a proclaimer of foreign demons.” (Because he was gospeling Yēsous and the resurrection.)

18:5 As both Silas and Timotheos [Timothy] went down from Makedonia [Macedonia], Paulos [Paul] was absorbed with the word, witnessing to the Youdaians that Yēsous is the Christos.

18:28 For he was vigorously refuting the Youdaians in public, exhibiting through the writings that Yēsous is the Christos.

19:13 Even some of Youdaian itinerant exorcists attempted to name the Lord Yēsous upon those having evil spirits, saying, “I implore you by the ‘Yēsous’ whom Paulos announces [to leave].” (Notice then 19:17 This became known to all the Youdaians and Hellēnes who reside in Ephesos, and awe fell on all of them and the Lord Yēsous’ name was magnified.)

20:20 … as I did not back off of what is beneficial so to announce to you and to teach you, in public and house-to-house, 21 witnessing to both the Youdaians and Hellēnes [Greeks] about conversion to God and faith in our Lord Yēsous.

28:23 Ordering for him a day, even more came to him in his guest room, before whom he laid out, witnessing about God’s Empire, and persuading them about Yēsous from Mōüsēs’ [Moses’] Covenant Code and the Prophets, from early until evening.

28:30-31 He remained two whole years at his own wage and he received all journeying to him, announcing God’s Empire and teaching unhindered matters about the Lord Yēsous Christos with all frankness.

Here are eight or nine – one could combine the last two – instances of summarizing early Christian gospeling.

This gospeling is being done in the first generation. This gospeling is done by the apostles and those formed by them (Philip, others).

I believe in the Bible as God’s revelation to us, and I believe Christian theology has to begin first with Scripture (prima scriptura).

I also believe if our framing of theology is not according to Scripture, we are called to adjust it until it conforms to and is consistent with the gospel. This is what I do in The King Jesus Gospel.

The uniform message can be reduced to one word: Jesus.

Or to:

Jesus is the Messiah
Jesus and the resurrection
Repentance toward God and faith in Jesus
God’s kingdom and the Lord Jesus Christ

Not one of these summaries of apostolic gospeling contains a word about salvation – justification, reconciliation, redemption, substitution – and that’s worthy of note.

Why not?

Not because redemption is not the impact of that gospeling, for it is, but the content of the message according to Luke is the person, Jesus, and not about what he accomplished. He did it all, he accomplished it all, but the focus of the apostolic preaching was Jesus – who he was, what he did, what he accomplished, in that order.

Gospeling today could learn from the apostles. We could learn that gospeling others is about talking about Jesus, announcing Jesus, and generating conversations about Jesus. I promise you, it will get to redemption because it leads there, as can be seen with Peter in Acts 10. And, telling others about Jesus is attended by the Spirit who will prompt repentance, forgiveness of sins and redemption, that too in Acts 10.

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The Greatest Friend



















                                               Sallman  Head of Christ


             God is the one who invited you into this wonderful friendship

                                with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

                                           1 Corinthians 1:9 NLT


Christ behind you is your forgiveness.

     I knew your name and paid for your redemption before you were born.

     I died in your place to give you a clean slate and a fresh start.

     I drowned your transgressions in the depths of Forgetfulness Sea.

     I am your Cleansing—the most blessed assurance of your mind.


Christ within you is your freedom.

     I am your Key to liberation from sin’s cruel addiction—live free!

     Do not brag about being rich, strong, or wise—never blow your own horn.

     Revel in the fact that you know Me—blow a trumpet of praise for God.

     I am your Center of Gravity—the most precious treasure of your heart.


Christ beneath you is your foundation.

     I am the Solid Rock in a quicksand world—Even Keel on high seas.

     Let Me have what troubles you, and I promise to take good care of you.

     Lean on My everlasting arms, and I will see that you survive every trial.

     I am your Cornerstone—the most powerful fortress for your soul.


Christ before you is your future.

     I am your Shepherd; in My Presence you have everything you need—

          comfort in hurt, satisfaction in disillusionment, welcome in coldness,   

          goodness in evil, love in hate, blessings in sadness, hope in doubt.

     I am your Confidence—the most beautiful promise of your tomorrows.


Christ beside you is your Friend.

     I am with you every heartbeat, breath, step, day, season, and year.

     I am your Advocate—I defend against hell’s prosecuting attorney.

     I am your Anchor in life’s storms—I comfort you in pain and heartache.

     I am your Companion—the most encouraging Friend of your life.




© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                  

Day 338, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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I’ve been thinking!
I believe that we are living in times of amazing transition that are exhilarating and terrifying at the same time and that challenge us to be our very best selves.
In a meeting with a small group of pastors and theological academics, I said: "I'm convinced that in the next 10-30 years, the local congregation as we know it will, for all intents and purposes, cease to exist. Most of our efforts at revitalizing the church are about renewing systems and structures that serve a world that no longer exists. I'm not saying the body of Christ is going away. But where and how it mobilizes to serve, I believe, will be very different."
In a different conversation with a denominational executive, I asked, "If you could get your congregations to do just one thing - and that one thing would foster significant movement toward the transformation of the people of God and the communities they serve, what would that one thing be?” Her answer: I'd have 80% of the congregations I serve sell their building and figure out how to use the money to structure different kinds of ministries to the community in which they exist. The building both defines and profoundly limits change, because we think our building is where God is on mission and we are spending so much on keeping the building in repair.”
I've thought a lot about these two conversations. How will the body of Christ look in 10 to 30 years? I don't know. If I had to make some predictions based on my current perspective, I would say house churches, churches in the workplace functioning subversively, and the return of vibrant, small neighborhood churches. I think these neighborhood churches will be evaluated by two criteria. Do they regularly produced transformed people who can love God, neighbor, stranger, enemy and self? And do they serve the felt needs of the community in which they exist? In other words, do they add measurable value to the quality of the community, to the presence of the Shalom of God.
What interesting times we live in. God grant us wisdom for the living of these days.
Jim Herrington
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GUEST POST ~ How Should We Think About Record Numbers of Churches Closing?

The Great Replacement

By Mike Glenn

As I have admitted before, I’m a sucker for sacred spaces. I love old churches. I love sitting in  a classically built sanctuary and watching the light play through the panes of the stained glass windows. I love the quiet solitude of sitting in a pew and praying. We’re losing these places. For one thing, we can’t afford to build them anymore. That’s why I cringe every time I see that a church has been sold to a developer to turn into a condominium or shopping center. 

According to the experts, we are in a crisis in North America. Churches are closing at record numbers. Once vital, even famous congregations, are having to close their doors because of  failing attendance and as a result, falling financial support. Experts around the country are holding conferences and writing books telling us how we can turn this crisis around. Their suggestions run from changing preaching and music styles to rethinking our basic theology. 

In our panic, the one thing we haven’t done is focus on the obvious. What are the obvious facts we are overlooking?

First, nothing lasts forever, not even a good church. While Jesus did promise that hell wouldn’t prevail over his church, He made no such promise for every individual church. Churches are founded, serve their communities, and when those communities change or die out, their churches die with them.  I know it sounds counter intuitive, but sometimes, it's OK for a church to die. Like any well lived life, we need to celebrate the church, express our grief at its loss and then move on.

Funerals are a part of life, even for churches. 

Another reason churches are dying is they become obsolete. Obsolete things are discarded and replaced. We live in a disposable world. Everything is made to wear out. Mobile phones need to be updated and replaced at regular intervals. Cars wear out and new ones, or slightly used ones, need to be bought. Our entire world economy thrives on building and selling things to replace things that have worn out.  Churches wear out. The ministries and programs that once made the church “cutting edge” become dated and stale. Student ministries have to be updated to incorporate current social tastes. Technology changes. Screens replace the paintings of the Jordan River over the baptismal pool. If you don’t keep up, you get left behind. It’s that way in business, sports, movies and even games like golf. Change is the only constant in our world.

While we should expect some congregations to die, they shouldn’t be dying at the rate they are. Then, why? Sadly, too many churches have abandoned the mission. There is almost universal agreement on the mission of the church — to make disciples of Jesus by fulfilling the Great Commission. Most churches have forgotten this. They think the church exists to serve their members. The business community serves its stockholders. When church leadership adopts this philosophy, they begin to focus on the membership of the church rather than the lost around them. The membership, after all, does pay for the church budget, so, shouldn’t the staff focus on taking care of their needs?

In a word, no. The church has to focus on its community. Feeding the hungry, caring for the poor, giving aid to every disadvantaged person and yes, sharing the good news of Jesus. The focus on members is for yes, their care, but also their training and deployment in ministry and mission. The old preachers tell a story about some churches being like cruise ships and other churches being like battleships. Cruise ships focus on taking care of their passengers. Battleships don’t have passengers. They have sailors and sailors are focused on the mission. 

When churches are no longer focused on the mission, they no longer have a reason to exist. And yes, in my ministry, I’ve talked to a lot of churches who were focused more on their own comfort than the community around them. The first clue is when one of the members asks, “What about us?” 

When a church abandons the mission, another church is born to replace it. Now, we aren’t replacing churches in the numbers we need, not yet anyway, but we are replacing them. In fact, not all of the closing churches need to be replaced, but more do than not. In time, we’ll catch up. The Spirit will make sure of it. We serve a God of infinite resources. If one church won’t stay faithful to the mission, God will find one that will. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to anyone – including churches. 

That’s hard. 

That’s the truth. 

The mission is our life. Without it, we’re just another non-profit community organization.

Our mission is the reason we exist. If we aren’t faithful to our calling, we don’t have a reason to be here at all. 

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GUEST - POST ~ Knowing God. A Two-Sided Coin?


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We're living in dark and desperate days, my friends.


When you live in days like that, you need the facts because knowledge is power. Knowledge tells us what our opponent is all about, and how to fight that opponent. Knowledge is a very good thing. In the biblical Greek, there are two words for “to know.” One is the word oida, which means “to have knowledge of.” It’s a great word that influenced the European culture which in turn influenced our culture. The great danger of that word is we can think that when we've come to know in the mind and know the facts, that will be sufficient for us.


There is another Greek word for “to know” and it’s ginosko. It means “to know by experience.” This is the word that influenced the Hebrew culture. It basically says that we have no right to say that we've come to know something until we've experienced it. Let me give you some examples. I know about Abraham Lincoln. I've read a lot of books and they're encouraging to see a man of integrity, passion, and courage, who would fight for his nation. But I only know about Abraham Lincoln, because I have never met him.


Here is another example. I know about a kiss ― where two mouths come together to exchange tongues and saliva. That doesn't sound very appealing, but I've also experienced it, ginosko, with my sweet bride, and it's wonderful. You see, to just know about love is not enough. I need ginosko. I need to experience love. I share that with you because, in dark and desperate days, we need to know God. You see, it's not enough to oida, to know about God. You can read your Bible and learn that God is omnipotent and He's omnipresent and He's omniscient. He knows all things. He's all-powerful. He's everywhere. This is all wonderful, but in reality, if God is only a concept in my mind it does nothing for me.


What good is it to know that He's omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent unless He's all those things to me by experience? My friends, in dark and desperate days, don't settle for knowledge about God. You need the experience of God — the ginosko. This is what Paul was hammering home to the Philippians in his own life. He said, “This is my one thing. I press on because I want to know Him.” He didn’t use the word oida. He didn't want to just know about Jesus. He used the word ginosko. He wanted to experience Him — to experience the power of the Resurrection because death was coming at him every day of his life. 


Every day there's loss and sorrow, grief, hurt, fear, and anxiety, and it can paralyze us. 


We need the power of the Resurrection to raise us up from the death that we are encountering today.


My friends, the wonderful thing is, He wants to be known! He wants to be experienced. He wants to be all that He is to whatever you need in the moment of faith. He wants to supply all your needs. He wants to save you with His Life and give you hope. In the midst of a dark world, pursue a relationship with Him. Talk to Him as you read His word. Ask Him to teach you. Ask Him to open your eyes to the glory of what He has provided. May you understand the height, length, breadth, and depth of how much He loves you. Bless you, in Jesus’ name.


Frank Friedmann | Our Resolute Hope


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What Time is It?


Another reason for right living is that  you know how late it is;  time is running out.

                                             Romans 13:11 NLT


 Time ticks away—like money, it can be spent as you like, but only once.

     Life is not a dress rehearsal.

     An anonymous poet expressed the poignant truth:

          Only one life, ’twill soon be past; Only what’s done for Christ will last.

     Thoreau was right—killing time injures eternity (Walden).

     Procrastination is not a good idea—regrets are futile.

     Today is the day of salvation and of service—Get busy!


It is time to advance My cause.

     Work for My kingdom—make it your primary concern.

     Do more than build your own kingdom—advance Mine!

     Work in My power, not your own—be energized by My Spirit.

     Outsoar mediocrity, outrun temptation, outwalk lethargy.

     Work for My glory, not human applause and recognition.

     Be earnest and disciplined—make a conscious effort to honor Me.


It is time to announce My coming.

     Dark-alley secrets will be revealed in the broad daylight of judgment.

     You are a child of the Light—be sure you live that way!

     Be optimistic as you await sunrise—rest easy.

     Be courageous as you await My Advent—relax.

     My kingdom will come—tell everyone who will listen the Good News.

     My will shall be done on earth, as in heaven—give others a preview.


It is time to allow My control.

     Do what comes naturally, act like the Devil—and you will self-destruct.

     Do what comes supernaturally, act like Jesus—and find great joy.

     Search for My help, and I will deliver you from the evil one.

     Stay near My heart, and I will develop your character for eternity.

     You do not have much time—prepare for your appointment with Me.

     Yield to My mastery, and do not be embarrassed when time is over.




© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                                

Gentle Whispers from Eternity

(Book available on


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Dead-end Trail


                           The wages of sin is death,

but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.

                                 Romans 6:23  NLT

When you’re dead to sin, you can be devoted to the Savior.

     Identified with Christ’s death through baptism, you have died to sin—

          a corpse does not sin, so consider yourself unresponsive to evil.

     As Christ was resurrected from the dead by My glorious power,

          so you are enabled by My Spirit to rise above the world’s selfishness.

     Decisively treat carnal desires and devilish lures of your human nature

          as if they were dead—only then can you learn how to really live.

     Bury your dark lifestyle—let Me resurrect you to a light-filled world. 

     Crucify your rotten nature—let Me adjust attitudes in fresh directions.

     You have a new focus—heaven dominates your thoughts.


When you’re delivered from addiction, sing doxologies to the Almighty. 

     By My power, you can be unshackled from harsh slavery to the evil one.

     Captured by grace and captivated by Christ, you are indeed free.

     By My omnipotence, you can be liberated from old degrading habits.

     Yielded joyfully to Christ, you discover far nobler ways to live.

     A non-conformist to the world, you are transformed by My Holy Spirit.

     Serve Me not in boring letter of the law, but creative ways of My Spirit. 

     Tossing slave’s rags and donning saint’s clothes, you sport a new wardrobe—

          tenderheartedness, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, and love.

     When you trust Me, I do not turn you into a robot—I let you choose.

     You have new freedom—deciding for My purpose is a grand lifestyle.


When you leave Satan’s dead-end trail, you can travel the King’s Highway.

     Live only for self-gratification and you will ruin your life and wind up dead.

     Live for My honor and you will ultimately reach My home and see My smile. 

     It is impossible to remain neutral; here is the choice you must make—

          surrender to My mastery and be blessed, or yield to sin and be cursed.

     Those rejecting Me have hell to pay; those trusting Me have heaven to enjoy.

     Hell and heaven are eternal opposites—

          painful darkness or perpetual light, cold hate or heart-warming love,

          despondent hopelessness or delightful joy, awful punishment or paradise.

     Do not be duped by Satan’s temptations—his party has an eternal hangover.       

     Satan offers happiness but it is only transient—I am saving the best for last. 

     Walking in My steps is not easy, but the destination will thrill you forever. 

     You have a new future—a perspective helping you march forward in hope. 





© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                                    Gentle Whispers from Eternity


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GUEST POST ~ Fostering Spiritual Transformation

Are you seeing transformation?

New blog post from Bob Logan

The gospel itself–Jesus’ death and resurrection–is an overwhelmingly powerful story of transformation. When all hope seems lost, we see light. Something difficult becomes something beautiful. The Red Sea rolls back to reveal dry land. The new heavens and the new earth arise from the ashes of the old. That’s the story of the gospel. As a senior pastor, where are you currently seeing that kind of change? Even the kernels of such change can provide much-needed hope for your people. 

If you yourself have been transformed by the grace of God, you can then go on to help others experience that same powerful change. Our God is a God who loves us too much to let us remain as we are. He has so much for us to learn, grow, experience, and do. Senior pastors are uniquely positioned to lead and guide others toward the joy and challenge that is spiritual transformation. 

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Fostering Spiritual Transformation  

For the purpose of the Senior Pastor Profile, Fostering Spiritual Transformation means engaging and equipping others to deepen their walk with Jesus.

Jesus promises significant transformation to those who place their trust in him:  

Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life. John 5:24

The very rite of baptism at conversion provides an image of cleansing, renewal, and rebirth, as it symbolizes crossing over from death to life. John the Baptist clarified: “I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire” (Matthew 3:11). That is the power source of the change: God himself. If we are in him, we become a new creation. As the Apostle Paul wrote, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Corinthians 5:17)

The Christian faith is a continual retelling of a story of transformation, restoration, and new creation. “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” (Romans 12:2)

One important element to remember is that we, as mere humans, cannot generate spiritual formation in others. We cannot make it happen. Only God has the power to bring about spiritual transformation. We, however, can engage in behaviors that foster and promote it in others. 

7 Habits that Demonstrate Fostering Spiritual Transformation  

What does it look like for someone to foster spiritual transformation? Although it’s a bit different for everyone, here are some of the features held in common:  

1. Cultivates prayer, worship, and listening to the Holy Spirit

If a senior pastor does not set an example of cultivating prayer and worship and listening to the Holy Spirit, how will the congregation learn? They need to see this example set and modeled and prioritized for all. That is how they will know what the church is called to be and do. 

2. Creates relational environments for life change 

Within every large group, smaller pockets of community need to be available for real-life interpersonal change. People need those close relationships to grow and change, sometimes fail, and then get back on their feet. Without it, each person will be ultimately alone and likely pretending to be somewhere they aren’t. How much better to be in an honest relational environment?   

3. Delivers transformational messages 

Transformation is difficult. That’s why we all need reminding… regular reminding. Preach about the coming Kingdom, the new heaven and the new earth, the small glimpses and tastes of that we experience here and now, and how we can move toward all that God has for us. Without a message of hope for change, the people wander and ultimately perish. 

4. Helps people apply biblical principles in contemporary contexts 

The Bible was written a long time ago, and not everyone has been to seminary and able to interpret all of the context. Yet everyone who believes does have the Holy Spirit within them to help them understand the word of God. As a senior pastor, provide guardrails and guidance for how to apply the Bible and its principles to everyday life. Point them to the essentials and how to live those out. Without that, people tend to become focused on the non-essentials and the divisive. 

5. Shares personal experiences of spiritual growth 

If the senior pastor isn’t growing, others won’t either. And if the senior pastor isn’t sharing about that growth–including the times when he or she doesn’t look perfect–others won’t open up either. If we are to be humans on a journey of growth where the path isn’t always straight, we need to hear the stories of others who have gone before us… and that includes from our senior leaders. 

6. Facilitates growth that includes both inward and outward components

The transformative growth that we model isn’t just words and it isn’t just behaviors–it’s an entire holistic experience of change. Transformation includes emotions, ideas, joy, memories, actions, words, and initiatives that reach out into the world. It starts on the inside, but if it’s real, it works its way outward to ways the whole world can see. 

7. Inspires people to godly action 

We can help people not only learn the scriptures, but live them out in ways that promote godly action and real world impact. Setting the tone for change—and indeed, the expectation of change—is one of the essential elements of a senior pastor’s role. This is a faith based in resurrection, new life, and the world to come… and we all have a part to play in that coming Kingdom.  

How well are you fostering spiritual transformation? 

If you would like to assess yourself in this area, take some time to reflect on the following questions. Write out your answers for more complete processing, or talk them through with someone if you’re more of a verbal processor. 

  • How have you facilitated prayer, worship, and listening to the Holy Spirit in your community?   
  • What relational environments for life change have you created? 
  • To what degree does your preaching result in transformation?  
  • How do you help people apply biblical principles in their contemporary contexts? 
  • When have you shared personal experiences of spiritual growth?   
  • How have you facilitated spiritual growth that includes both inward and outward components?  
  • How have you inspired people to godly action? 

Fostering Spiritual transformation is 1 of 12 qualities that have been proven to be essential to successful and healthy senior church leadership. To learn more, read The BEST qualities in a Senior Pastor. Next week, look out for another crucial quality for senior pastors.  


Feeling the weight of fostering transformation on your own? Grab a few good folks and get them on board by walking with them through The Guide for Discipling‘s series on Community Transformation. Outward focus tends to start a softening work in people’s hearts. Once you see that work begin move on to the series on Personal Transformation. Bringing others on the journey will lessen your load and expand your influence. The studies have been adapted for the Vineyard, Lutheran, and Episcopalian denominations. You can find the full set of guides HERE.

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Deep Treasures





         We know how dearly God loves us,

      because he has given us the Holy Spirit

            to fill our hearts with his love.

                          Romans 5:5 NLT






Faith is the key to heaven’s infinite resources

     unlocking a treasure chest enriching the depths of your innermost being. 

Kneeling in repentance and trust, you enter a place of highest privilege—

     ruled by the King of kings, loved and cared for as the apple of God’s eye,

     inseparably united to the Sovereign of the universe.

Explore these deep treasures I have placed in your heart—and celebrate.


Hope in My promises is a powerful antidote to the poison of despair.

Looking around can be discouraging, but looking forward lifts your spirit.     

Rest assured I will keep My Word—the future is as bright as My promises. 

Listen to My future melody—cheerfully laugh in anticipation of heaven.

In the meantime, until glory materializes—dance to My jig of joy.

The Bright Morning Star shines in your heart—live confidently.


Joy in problems is a precious alleviation for the pain of despondency. 

Adversity University teaches valuable lessons you’d never learn otherwise.

Hang in there—character-building experiences draw you nearer Me.

My Spirit cascades through your personality bringing out-of-this-world joy. 

I intend to finish what I started in your life—enjoy the divine process.

The Mighty God energizes your heart—live delightfully


Peace in perplexity is a practical answer to the puzzle of distress.

Pressure will not crush you; perplexity will not make you give up and quit;

     getting knocked down will not stop your forward progress,  

     if you use My recipe for peace—pray about all; thank Me for answers;

          in response I will guard your mind and heart by thoughts of My Son. 

When perplexing cares crowd your inmost self, I am near to cheer your soul. 

The Prince of Peace reigns in your heart—live calmly.


Love in My Presence is priceless assurance in the pressures of doubt. 

I have marked you as belonging to Me by placing My Spirit in your heart.

Adam’s family line brings death, but Christ’s family line brings life.

Celebrate your identity, call Me Father, and count on your Greatest Friend.         

The name of the eternal city is The Lord Is Therethat is why it is heaven. 

The Everlasting Father lives in your heart—live optimistically. 





© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                        

 Gentle Whispers from Eternity


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