February 7

Prayer Walking on a Treadmill

I know when I think of prayer walking I think of walking through a neighborhood and praying for the people that live there. Well this is a new prayer walking I've begun some months back. I began walking on the treadmill in my basement. I have never been able to keep up with a daily walking routine for as long as I can remember. However since I began kneeling down and asking for Jesus to be the source of my strength, I strangely enough have kept up with it. I confess to him just how weak I am in…

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There is nothing more powerful than God's word!

I began praying scripture back a few years ago and I am really excited when I read a verse that I think will be a big help in praying for myself or someone in my family or our country.( I guess even more so now the world.) I am so small in my thoughts of what our great God can do. He is not small at all and nothing is to hard for him, or deminishes His power in any way. I have seen how God's word changed my life and I am so eager to see it out there in the world for others to be set on fire…

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  • Hi Rhondalyn, So nice of you to write back. Beth Moore studies are great, aren't they? I really feel that missionaries around the world need our prayers but as someone new at this too, it's a little hard getting started. I hope you can help and then maybe we can help each other to try to find new and personal ways to let our missionaries know they are loved, appreciated and being prayed for!!!
  • Thank you - I want prayer for complete freedom from fear - just
    has been affecting my physical body - also for my marriage - there's no communication, he is so busy and when he is home he watches tv - is obsessed with sports. There's more I could write but will spare you -
    need to know deep inside God's love and care and protection for me.
  • Rhonda, my friend Julie Bauer just joined the network so you might want to ask her to be your friend. I'll let her know that you're on here, too.
    Love you
  • Hi Rhonda - Check out the Prayer for the World group.
    Love you!
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