I know when I think of prayer walking I think of walking through a neighborhood and praying for the people that live there. Well this is a new prayer walking I've begun some months back. I began walking on the treadmill in my basement. I have never been able to keep up with a daily walking routine for as long as I can remember. However since I began kneeling down and asking for Jesus to be the source of my strength, I strangely enough have kept up with it. I confess to him just how weak I am in my flesh and so far he has carried me on with this.( I am not a person who enjoys exercise at all.) Well anyway this is my idea of prayer walking now. I take my index cards filled with prayers from the scriptures and go for a walk. Talking with Jesus all the way. In Christ's Love Rhondalyn Burns

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  • I have recently found that prayerwalking has helped me to connect with God for longer periods of prayer time than I can pray at home. For some reason, being outside and walking a trail helps keep me focused. The times of silence before God seem more directed with less mind-wandering. I'm not sure why, but it's working for me. My topics have varied - yesterday I spent some time in deep confession and commitment; today I spent time praying for my church. It just seems that God gets through to me better when I'm walking. Weird?
    • Hi Andrew, I think it is great that you get outside and walk. My basement is very drab, but I guess it is just the Holy Spirit that helps us in our prayer life. Wherever we are if we focus on Him we will be fellowshiping with the Great I AM. Keep up your treking with the Lord. God Bless you Andrew! In Christ's Love Rhondalyn
  • Great idea!

  • this Is a great idea! keep it up. God is getting
    the glory in your prayerwalks
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