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"I have been all over the world.

I have seen many religions 

and heard many philosophies.

How can I know that this is the truth?"

Years ago several of us visited an army captain whose wife attended our church. He welcomed us into his home and allowed us to talk with him about Jesus. When we asked if he would like to accept the forgiveness of Jesus and devote his life to Him, he politely asked a difficult question.

He said, “I have been all over the world. I have seen many religions and heard many philosophies. How can I know that what you say about Jesus is the truth?”

I said, “If God sent his son to die for you, that is surely important. I suggest that you ask God Himself to show you if this is true or not.”

In chapter 5 of The Gospel of John in the New Testament, Jesus dealt with this very question. Beginning with verse 31 He said if He alone bore witness about Himself His testimony could not be deemed to be true. But He said, “There is another who bears witness about me, and I know that his testimony is true.”

Jesus first mentioned John the Baptist. John said Jesus was the son of God. John the Baptist may have been the most impressive man to walk the earth in those days. Jesus called him a burning and shining light. He noted that they rejoiced for a time in his light. There are many today who will tell you that you can personally experience Jesus in your life. Some of them are impressive people. Astrophysicist/astronomer, Hugh Ross of the University of California is one who comes to mind. I also think of preachers like Tim Keller, and Ravi Zacharias who died earlier this year. Billy Graham also died this year. Years ago the church that I served was starting home-churches in a mountain valley that did not have a church. In house after house where we were invited to lead Bible studies people brought up Billy Graham. Everyone seemed to be impressed with Billy. He indeed bore witness to the truth. But people, no matter how impressive, are not the great witness Jesus spoke of. Jesus said He did not accept human testimony. He mentioned John so that the people might be saved, but He said there was a greater witness yet.

Jesus next spoke about the works that he was doing. His miracles were a powerful witness about him. God continues to show us his mighty works today. The more we know about the Earth, and life, and the universe the more astounded we become. Is it rational to believe that the most complex things we know anything about, including life, eyesight, human consciousness, and intelligence, and even the universe itself happened by accident? 

Of course, admitting that there had to be a Creator, does not make Christianity true. But the miracles of Jesus can still be seen to this day. I have heard people accuse Christianity of perpetuating slavery. And they are right. In the 19th Century some people actually used the Bible to justify slavery. God forgive us. However, it should be noted that slavery has been prevalent in every part of the world. We do not know of a time in history when human bondage did not exist. And no other philosophy, no other influence besides Christianity ever abolished slavery from whole nations or from human approval and law.

Angola prison in Louisiana was once one of the most dangerous prisons in the United States. Because of a Christian witness, that whole prison has been turned around. Despite the fact that some of the most violent criminals in our country have been incarcerated there, almost all violence has been eliminated within its walls. Is there any example in the entire world of anything else turning a prison around like that? 

A large hospital in the city where I used to live is dedicated to scientifically curing people of alcohol and drug addiction. They saturated the city with advertisements about their treatment plan. According to their own statistics, only 20% of their patients were still alcohol or drug-free three years after their treatment. 20% is certainly better than nothing. And I will admit that the statistics this hospital provides are better than many other treatment centers. However, Christian treatment programs are much more effective. I have a friend who began an outpatient treatment program in the same city. After 20 years more than 60% of those who have gone through his program are still alcohol and drug-free. Nothing else changes people like the message of Jesus Christ.

But Jesus does not quite say that the works that He accomplishes are the testimony about which He referred. He says that by those miracles which still take place God himself to testifies about Jesus. If you are considering these things I would encourage you to ask God to show you if this is the truth. You might pray something like, “God, if there really is a God and if you really care about me, show me if this is the truth, and help me understand what you show me."

Early on a Sunday morning several weeks after we visited the Army officer that I began by telling you about, he came to our church dressed in fatigues. He had duty that day and could not come to the service. But he told me he had not been able to forget the prayer that I had suggested to him. In the next 10 years God did a number of stunning things in that man’s life. And he eventually gave his life to Christ. I am still in regular contact with him even though I live in a different state. For nearly 30 years now he has been one of the strongest leaders in the church that he joined.

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Recently, about 120 people were physically healed at a gathering in a village because they were all hungry for an encounter and for healing. The Lord did an amazing work, but please pray that these souls would also believe in their hearts who Jesus Christ is. Please pray that miracles, signs, and wonders would continue to occur to accompany and confirm the message of truth. 
Please keep praying for "Jennifer" whom we have been praying for, the local woman who has been suffering from black magic. Unfortunately, she is still being tormented by evil spirits.  She looks confused and was really sick for nearly two months. She has complained of psychological problems. She went to see a psychiatrist who somehow helped her with some medicine. She is still avoiding her Christian friends. When they try to share Jesus with her, she changes the subject.  Last year, she saw a vision in her bedroom of a large red cross.  Just because some Muslims see dreams and visions doesn't mean they turn to Jesus automatically!  This is a call to press on in our prayers for her.  Let's do just that!

The friends of a believer are asking questions about what she believes, and why. They want to know and understand the whole truth, although they confess they really don't believe. Please pray that their eyes and hearts would be opened to the truth, that they would not reject Jesus Christ, and that they would experience the true love of God for themselves.

Please pray for protection and guidance in discipleship relationships and the wisdom to nurture new believers in a way that will result in indigenous and reproducible churches. Pray for local believers to have boldness and to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit and fellowship with other believers.
"Amy" had hopes and dreams to study and become a nurse one day. Her father had different plans for her, to either marry young or to quickly get a job to provide money for her family. She was forced to quit her studies and is desperately searching for a job that will please her father and prevent an unwanted marriage. She seems to run into dead end after dead end, and her father's patience is running low. Please pray for Amy to find a job soon that will satisfy her father, and that she will find peace in a relationship with her true Father.
Please pray for all local believers who are alone. Pray that the Lord will bring them into contact with people who love Him, that they will know they are not alone and that they will thrive. Pray for them to have boldness and wisdom in sharing with other locals. Pray also for those who try to tell their friends and family about Jesus but are faced with confrontation. In fact, some of their friends and family try to convince them that the Bible was corrupted, and this confuses them. Pray for these local believers to  continue to be bold in sharing with others. Pray for God to remove all confusion from their hearts and increase their faith in His Word.

Please pray for the Word of God to be translated into local dialects. Pray for this project's progression and for those who are doing the translating.
Answers to Prayer

Praise God for answering our prayers during our recent February prayer focus on Yemen! Here are three answers:

1. It has been reported that in February, more than 10 new Yemeni believers were acknowledged. And of course, there could be more of whom we do not know about. 

2. The bombings from Saudi Arabia and its coalition have greatly decreased.

3. In the first week of March, a Yemeni university student walked into an international church in the Gulf asking many questions about the faith, even asking "What is baptism?" He then attended a student conference the next day where he received more gospel teaching. The campus workers involved have followed up on him. As of now, he is not interested in the gospel. He is a pluralist who picks and chooses what he likes in different religions. But let's pray for him. Seeds have been sown and he now has Christian friends. Pray that the Father will grow these seeds to bring new life in Christ!
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Healing Hearts & Opening Eyes

A very sweet and intelligent mother of three young children has received a copy of the Word with eagerness to explore what it says. Pray that she will read with hunger and understanding and her eyes will be opened to the truth. 

Pray that the veil over the eyes of locals would be removed and that they would see the truth for what it is. There is much healing happening among the locals, but it goes nowhere because they are blinded to the truth behind the miracle! Pray these miracles will lead to salvation in Jesus!

Pray for Sammy, a woman who received prayer for her back and was healed. Pray for an open door of friendship with the one who prayed for her and that she will hear and receive the truth.

Amy heard the Good News but was rather uncomfortable with it, even after she received healing from the Lord. Ask that the barriers in her heart will come down, that she will be given great understanding and will surrender to the Lord with joy.

When Sarah shared her deep loneliness with her believing neighbors, they prayed for her. She told them she felt much lighter and peaceful, acknowledging that it was a result of their prayers. Ask for an open door to share the good news with her, that her heart will continue to soften and that she will accept it.

There are many foreign, believing workers in the AP (Pakistanis, Filipinos, Indians, etc.) Pray that their love and testimony of Jesus will impact the hearts of the locals. Many of them are servants in the homes of locals and could have a major impact on entire families. Ask that they will be strengthened to stand firm in their own commitment and be given open doors to share.

Pray that more people will have dreams and visions of Jesus. Many turn to him after experiencing such an encounter with Him, so ask for more of it! And pray that those people who have had dreams/visions will seek out people of faith in Jesus to give them more information.

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The Brink of Your Miracle

Years ago my car engine burned up because the oil had leaked out. I’m sure the leakage had been going on for a while, but the destruction to my engine happened quite rapidly, mere moments after I saw the warning light on my dashboard.

Lately I’ve been reflecting on my need for “oil” of another kind—the oil of the Holy Spirit. And I’ve also been challenged about the necessity of regularly checking the warning lights on my spiritual dashboard.

Jesus told an intriguing story about this in Matthew 25. In the opening scene, 10 young women are waiting for the bridegroom to arrive. Jesus said five of them were foolish, and five were wise, yet there was only one difference: The wise ones knew they needed extra oil for their lamp.

Unfortunately for the foolish women in this story, “the bridegroom was a long time in coming” (v. 5). Of course, this parable is a rebuke to those who expect Jesus to return so imminently that they needn’t prepare for the long haul, but I believe there’s another message as well: At times our faith, love, endurance, and faithfulness will be tested by our need to WAIT for our Lord to come into our circumstances with a breakthrough of some kind.

In the story Jesus told, as in our lives today, the bridegroom typically comes “at midnight” (v. 6), right when the night seems darkest and our hope is running out. However, midnight represents a tipping point in many ways, when nighttime reaches its zenith and inevitably begins to turn to day.

Recently I’ve found myself humming an old gospel song that says, “Don’t give up on the brink of a miracle.” When midnight is approaching and you still haven’t seen the Bridegroom’s intervention, it sure is easy to lose heart and give up.

Paul writes about this in Galatians 6:9-10:

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

So what are the lessons for us today?

First, we must recognize that the Christian life is a marathon, not a sprint. Because of that, we need to continually check the gauges on our spiritual dashboard, ensuring that we have enough “oil” for the long haul.

Second, instead of falling asleep, as the women in Jesus’ story did, we should live in great expectancy that our Bridegroom may soon come and break through with a miracle in our circumstances. Even though we may have been waiting for quite a while to have some of our prayers answered, the tipping point could be closer than we think.

In the meantime, we’re encouraged to keep “doing good,” using every opportunity to show love to the people God has put in our lives. No matter what “season” we presently find ourselves in, we’re called to sow seeds of faith and kindness. Although we don’t know “the day or the hour,” we can be confident our harvest will come.

When we take these lessons to heart, we’re sure to experience great blessings ahead—whether the Bridegroom comes as quickly as we want Him to or not. 

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How Long Does a Breakthrough Take?

Your breakthrough is probably a lot closer than you think. Whether you need a miracle in your health, finances, relationships, or peace of mind, it’s possible that the answer is just a few steps away.


But I can understand if you are skeptical. You may have been waiting a long time already.


Abraham and Sarah had waited many years for a son, and you can understand why they would laugh upon hearing God’s prediction that their breakthrough was finally less than a year away (Genesis 17:15-17, Genesis 18:9-15). Yet their baby boy came just as the Lord promised, and they named him Isaac, which meant “Laughter” (Genesis 21:1-7).


If you laughed when I said your breakthrough was probably close at hand, you may want to call your eventual breakthrough Laughter, as Abraham and Sarah did. Of course, God always has the last laugh (Psalm 2:4), but I think Laughter is a wonderful name to call the breakthroughs He gives us.


Often it seems that our breakthrough is far away or simply impossible. The four lepers who sat glumly at the city gate certainly didn’t feel like they were on the brink of any breakthrough. The city was surrounded by an enemy army, and its inhabitants were gripped with famine, starvation, and hopelessness. But within a single day, the lives of these men were profoundly transformed (2 Kings 7:3-11).


Jesus’ disciples had fished all night and caught absolutely nothing, and their prospects looked anything but bright. Yet everything changed when they obeyed His surprising advice: “Throw out your net on the right-hand side of the boat!” (John 21:6)


Doesn’t this seem like a pointless instruction? If there were no fish on the left side of their small boat, why would it make any difference if they tried the right-hand side?


But the disciples were closer to a breakthrough than they could have imagined. They took Jesus’ advice, and that made all the difference. Within moments, they had caught 153 large fish.


How long will it take for YOUR breakthrough? Isaac was born within a year of God’s prediction to Abraham and Sarah. The lepers received their windfall of treasure within 24 hours of their step of faith. And the disciples received a miracle catch of fish within mere moments of obeying Jesus’ instruction. A breakthrough doesn’t have to take very long at all.


So here are two questions for you to ask: What do you need from the Lord? And what is He asking you to do?


After you have followed His instructions, your long-awaited answer can come with remarkable speed. Laugh if you want, but it’s true.


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