April 15

How I Discovered Discipleship.Network

Phil Miglioratti

Guide for a One Hour Prayer Vigil

GUIDE FOR A ONE HOUR PRAYER VIGIL Pray for an hour (60 minutes) with 6 prayer movements in 10 minute segments. Scripture fed. Spirit led prayer. Use the Bible to pray God’s Word back to Him. Like to jot notes, journal? Add a notebook. Inspired by hymns, Christian songs? Load your smart phone; play as you mediate and pray. Sing your prayer. Pray as you transition to another location in the church. Pray with the person who follows you. MOVEMENT 1 - FOCUS ON GOD’S ATTRIBUTES (Begin in the…

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Sermon Outline - Praying People to Christ, Colossian 4:2-4

Praying People to Christ Colossians 4:2-4   I.   Committed to Praying (vv. 2-3)      A.  Praying Persistently      B.  Praying Alertly      C.  Praying Thankfully      D.  Praying Specifically II.  Conscience of Open Doors (v. 3)      A.  Praying for Opportunities to Share Jesus Christ      B.  Taking Advantage of Those God-Given Opportunities III.  Commanded to Speak (v. 4)      A.  Speaking with Clarity      B.  Speaking with Boldness

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Silence and Solitude

I just completed The Great Omission by Dallas Willard.  The premise of the book is reclaiming Jesus' fundamental teachings about discipleship, especially as it pertains to the Great Commission's mandate to teach disciples to observe all the commands of Jesus.  As one can imangine part of his discussion deals with spiritual disciplines or the means of grace which are God's gift to help us be conformed to the image of Christ.  Two of the most challenging disciplines that he really emphasized were…

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A Personal So That Prayer for Fellowship

The attached prayer is born out of my own weaknesses and need to be more like Christ.  As the Apostle Paul stated to the Corinthians, a man ought to examine himself.  During a time of self-examination and Spirit led conviction, I pored over the passage in Colossians 3, and realized how much more I need to work on these qualities.  Perhaps there is something helpful to you in the prayer.SO THAT Prayer for Fellowship.wpd

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What Is "So That" Praying?

I was challenged by Phil Miglioratti’s teaching at the 2009 Illinois Baptist Pastors’ Conference. He focused on the prayer of Jesus in John 17, especially the phrase "so that". It is evident in the passage that Jesus used this phrase or variations of it throughout the prayer (vv. 1,2,3,11,12,13,15,19,21). The result of this personal challenge was an invitation to Phil to come to Rochester FBC and teach us more about "So That" praying which is Spirit led and Scripture fed.   What I learned…

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  •  Welcome, Kevin – to the Discipleship.Network community!

    Looking forward to your commentary and biblical insight… I know you will inspire many,


    Discipleship.Network coordinator 

  • Glad you joined - so far only folks from outside of IL have jumped in (5, total) ... We'll keep trying!

    Trusting the funeral will be a powerful moment for those who are seeking ...

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