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Christians may understand the urgency of evangelism and their role in leading people to Jesus, yet not know what the Bible says about how to share their faith.  In other words, many get the “why” and “who”, but not the “how”.  Few churches are…
Jul 14
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"This article and the ratio concept are fantastic, Phil.  Great biblical insights that I've never seen captured and reflected in this way.  My only thought is that the 1:1 ratio is most critical yet most ignored these days.  Discipleship is about the…"
Apr 22
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"Enjoyed the interview - great message and mission.  Not surprising coming from someone with the same name as my son, Jamie Morgan!"
Oct 29, 2021

Why Discipleship is the Ultimate Church Growth Model

Not all church growth is healthy growth.  Unhealthy growth attracts people from other churches by catering more to them and expecting less of them.  Healthy, exponential growth involves sending those who’ve experienced genuine life change out into the community to demonstrate and share the love of Jesus Christ with those hopeless and hurting.  The growth potential from discipleship is about leverage and empowerment, fueled by the Holy Spirit.  There is so much latent…

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Jesus selected an odd cast of characters to be His disciples.  If you were asked to pick a team of 12 people to change the course of history, I’m guessing you wouldn’t head straight to the local marina or IRS office looking for candidates.  Yet that’s exactly what Jesus did.  In fact, the Old Testament, New Testament and the annals of church history are riddled with stories of “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”.  God gets all the glory when those least capable achieve the seemingly…

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Internal Factors Keeping Churches from Discipling

Part 1 – Internal Factors

As we showed last week, discipleship expands the Kingdom, changes your community and grows your church.  So why do only 1% of church leaders surveyed believe American churches are discipling well.  Why wouldn’t more pastors emphasize discipleship and implement a discipleship track that goes well beyond sermons and small groups…

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We Look More Like the Church BC than AD

Why did Jesus come when He did?  Theories abound, but the state of the Church was likely, at least in part, behind God’s timing.  Religious practices and teachings had gotten far off course, fueled by impure motives and metrics – and leading to cynicism among non-believers and an improper understanding of God among believers.  Jesus came to blow up those misconceptions and set the record straight – about who God is and what He expects of His followers.  Jesus reserved His harshest words and…

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