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PTAP: The Courage to Trust

In Matthew 6:36, Jesus talks about how God cares for us. Pray this verse for those who love Christ but are struggling with feeding their families. They cannot find jobs in an economy that is failing. Their needs are great. Ask God to provide in miraculous ways for the poor who love Him.


Pray for those who are suffering from fear in cities which are being bombed or where fighting has broken out. Others are feeling hopeless and depressed, wondering about their future. Pray that Christ will appear to them in visions and dreams, giving them hope. Pray that many will come to know Him during this time of turmoil in their nation.


Please pray for the on-going gathering of several university students as they meet with a believing mentor. Pray they will have minds that understand and acknowledge the truth as well as hearts that receive with great joy what they are hearing. May the Lord do a great work in this small beginning so that many will come into His Kingdom.


A Believer in Christ is worried about his mother. She has many health problems and needs to get medical help outside of the country. Due to unrest in her country, it is impossible for her to leave at this time. Pray that God will heal her. Pray that she will accept His love for her.

"Saeed", a Shiite Muslim collegian, has heard the gospel several times from his professor, "Daniel" - in the classroom, and privately in personal conversations.  They have become friends in their honest interaction.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will impress on "Saeed's" heart the reality of all he has heard, and grant him the courage to trust in Jesus.
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Small Prayers

This is the final blog I will enter on Pray Network. I will miss it, but I will continue to thank God for all that God has done through it.

I have written a great deal in the past about praying great prayers. And I still believe they are terribly important. I have said, “I have cancer. I don’t want to spend my time praying for a better parking place at the Old Country Buffet.”

However, it is important to pray for small things as well. Jesus told us to pray for “our daily bread.”

One of the crucial things about praying for small things is that they are daily. I need to pray for my daily attitudes, my daily habits, my daily devotions. If I do not pray for these I will find I have little power to pray for great things that we face in life. The prophet warned us not to despise the day of small things. They are often the foundations of the mighty works of God.

Praying for small things lays the foundation for my relationship with God. I once heard a man say, “Some of the best praying I have ever done was when I was lying on my back wrestling with a stubborn nut underneath a car I was working on.” As we take our small struggles to God we become instant in prayer. We learn to begin praying as an instant response to life.

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