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Most of us have grown cynical about New Year's resolutions. But if we are pressed we would admit that they could be good things. Have you ever kept one? If you have, you surely think that was a good thing. But why are they so difficult to keep? I believe the fundamental problem is our approach to resolutions. We make them, and try to keep them in the flesh.

Goals are great things for Christian Believers. But they need to spring from our relationship with Christ. I am intrigued by the title, Habits of The Heart, although I have not read the book. I recently looked it up on Amazon.com. I actually found two items, Habits of The Heart, individualism and commitment in American life, and Habits of The Heart, 365 daily exercises for living like Jesus. The latter has to be better.

But as most of us can attest, even godly goals can be approached in the flesh. It is better to begin with promises. Ask God to direct you to promises He wants you to focus on as you begin the year. You will have to spend serious time reading your Bible to do this right. Then, memorise the Scripture or Scriptures God is directing you to.

Finally, the most important factor in keeping a New Year's commitment is prayer. Don't just say, “I will do this,” or “I will do this if it kills me.” Pray, “Lord, I need You to produce this in my life.” The reminder on your mirror might read, “Father, glorify Your name as You do this in me.”





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Are You In Search Of Your Future?


I’m writing this at the beginning of a new year; a year in which many of us seem to be in transition. Some of us sense that a door is opening; some feel as if one has been slammed shut; and others are looking for the door—looking for direction. Perhaps that’s you, or someone you love. We’ve been inundated with emails and calls from those who are looking for the door to their future. With that in mind, here are a few thoughts.

We are here to find the doors; not here to map our future. We are here to walk through the correct door when it
appears, and to experience the future God has designed for us.  

I agree with Yankee baseball great, Yogi Berra, who said:  “The future sure ain’t what it used to be.” Well, hang
around. We, my friend, are about to have a head-on collision with our future. It’s coming at us at a rate of 60 M.P.H. (60 Minutes Per Hour)! Tomorrow morning will arrive whether we set our alarms or not.

Let’s get ready then, and prepare ourselves to experience our future.
 It will contain blessings and challenges; joy and sadness; questions and answers. As our future becomes our past, we’ll discover that even the challenges served purposes and contained hidden blessings for us. There really are silver linings in the storm clouds we face.


It's BACKWARD! Have you noticed that the American flag shoulder patch of the Army uniform is backward? Look closely. The blue section with the stars, which is normally in the upper left corner, is in the upper right corner. The red and white stripes are on the left, not the right side. What is that?

For a moment, imagine a person running while carrying an American flag on a pole. It would be blowing back behind them, right? The patterns would appear backward as they do on that shoulder patch. The message of the patch is: We do not run from the battle. We run to the battle! We need not fear the future because of our faith in Christ. Others may reluctantly, some even fearfully dread their future; not us. Like trusting children jumping into their fathers’ arms, we can run joyfully and boldly into our future—regardless of what we can or cannot see. We know that His plans for us are good.

We should however prepare for the future. Here’s what I suggest.

DREAM BIG! It’s alright to dream. In fact, God sometimes gives us glimpses into our future, as he did with Joseph in the Bible. The dream that’s in your heart may very well have been placed there by Him.

BE BOLD. Dream big; then hold your dreams loosely and...

EXPECT CHANGE. For at best, as the Apostle Paul wrote, we “see through a glass darkly.”  (1 Cor 13:12)

PRAY HARD. We don’t mean that you should beg. We aren’t beggars. Remember, on the cross Jesus said, “it is finished.” And Peter wrote that God “hath given unto us (past tense) all things that pertain to life and godliness.”

(Jn 19:30; 1 Pet 2:1) Let’s pray without anxiety, and offer thanks in advance for what we have yet to see. (Phil 4:6)

God resists anxiety, and responds to gratitude.
Jesus taught us to pray as if we already have that for which we are asking. So, regarding your future, remember that anxiety is an expression of doubt; and James warns us against doubtful praying. (Jas 1:6) In most cases, the greatest spiritual warfare we’ll face is to resist anxiety due to what we do see; and to pray with thanksgiving for what we don’t yet see! That is a fight of faith.

So friend, ACCEPT CHANGE. When we arrive at this confusing crossroads, it’s because we are about to experience a change in our assignment or our direction. Do not resist God-directed change. We are to be moving from glory to glory. Growth requires change. It demands it!

DO WHAT IS AT HAND--what is in front of you. Some people looking for life-direction shut down, give up, bail out, or retreat. Don’t do that. Be that soldier who runs TO the battle! There is always a need that you can fill, a person or cause you can serve. Continue to be God’s servant. How? Find someone with a bigger need than yours and serve them.

2012 had its challenges. I’m sure you agree. God is shifting us (Alice and me) in certain ways, though it’s yet unclear to us exactly how. So, we are focused on what is at hand—writing and teaching. We have updated and published seven books on Amazon’s Kindle. They are: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Praying People ($2.99); The One Minute Intercessor ($2.99); How to Be Heard in Heaven ($7.12); 
Amazing God Encounters ($4.88); and Intercessors & Pastors ($6.99). We are trying to add at least one book to Kindle each week. You’ll find them on  http://Amazon.com The next will be, Discerning The Climate of The City. Other resources are available at:   http://PrayerBookstore.com

We are also writing new books. I (Eddie) have co-written a new book with real estate businessman Kenn Renner entitled: Maximum Dream Achievement: How You Can Live and Enjoy a Purpose-Full Life. Alice and I have almost finished writing a book to provide needed guidelines for successful prophetic ministry in the church.


We would be very grateful to have your partnership in this worldwide ministry. Many, including the nine ministries we support, are counting on us.

Thank you in advance!

Let us know how we can better serve you.
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