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He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap, to make them sit with princes, with the princes of His people. - Psalm 113: 7,8
November 10, 2018
Dear Praying Friends,

November 10 is the International Day of Prayer for Yemen when Christians around the world will be uniting to pray for Yemen.  As you know, PTAP has been encouraging much prayer for Yemen due to the immense suffering of the Yemeni people from the horrors of war, resulting in the worst humanitarian disaster in the world today.  So please join us in prayer again, united in the Spirit as one body of Christ, for God to have mercy upon the people and country of Yemen.  

Most of all, pray for the end of the civil war!!!  Pray for successful negotiations and a resulting ceasefire.  Pray for all fighting and killing to stop. Pray against famine and cholera and all disease.  Pray for all humanitarian efforts to be successful. Pray for normal life to return so that the country can start to heal and prosper again.  
Below are links to resources to help you pray.  Also, we recommend the following:
  1. Spend a dedicated time of personal, focused prayer for Yemen.
  2. Fast if possible.
  3. Lead your family, small group, church, etc. in a time of corporate, focused prayer.
  4. Share on social media that November 1o is the International Day of Prayer for Yemen and encourage your friends to pray.
PTAP's Yemen page:
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PTAP's Prayermate mobile app:

Here is a short testimony from a Yemeni believer and also recent prayer requests from Yemeni believers themselves.  Let's pray along with our brothers and sisters. They are greatly encouraged when they know that we are praying with them.  

My story
"I used to live with fear and hatred, and I was tired of living this way.  It made me sick. So one day, I fervently prayed to God to free me from this unrighteousness, and God sent me a brother who was actually my neighbor.  He spoke to me about Christ. I saw Christ in his life. God gave me freedom like I have never experienced before.
Now, when I encounter challenges (people of another faith who want to harm me and give me trouble), the only thing I have to give them is love, joy, peace, patience, and reassurance in Christ.  No more fear, no more hatred.  I have complete freedom. I can now trust in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because He lives in me."
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Wouldn't it be wonderful if our entire nation joined together in prayer for America, just like the Israelites convened at the sound of the trumpet to pray? Now, more than ever, our government needs prayer. Our families need us to pray. And we need God to heal our land. Thankfully, thousands of Americans are planning to pray together this week, and you can be a part of this historic event.

Thursday, May 5, 2016, is the National Day of Prayer, a day set aside for prayer by Presidential order since 1988. Here's a list of 10 things you can do to strengthen your prayer life on this national day of prayer:​

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The New Year - 2015


                              2015 – Crowned With Blessings

Dear Friends,
First of all, I convey my very sincere Greetings and blessings to you in THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD, for the New Year – 2015. As I waited on the Lord and sought Him like Daniel in 9th Chapter, and asked Him to give me His word for us and for the people to whom I will be sharing the word, the Lord gave me His word which I declared in some churches and will be declaring here with you.

1. I am not a “soothsayer”, “predictor” Prophet” (or) a “Time setter
There are people who are called to do this and let them do it. The church to-day is cultivated in such a dangerous way that “Every one wants a word (or) a “Prophesy”! They are bent to believe men then HIS INFALLIBLE WORDS AND PROPHECIES ALREADY IN THE WORD!

2. The times are going to be hard and difficult and we all know it. It will be like in the days of Noah, full of sins and violence! Yes it is! That is one side of the coin. The other side is, “But Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD.(Gen.6:8). On the one side sin abounds but on the other side GRACE ABOUNDS.” Amen! But How did he found grace in the eyes of the Lord? “Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God.(Gen.6:9)
Those days were primitive, and there was no printed bible, no church or prayer fellowships, there were no preachers, he had never ever had any encounter with the Lord, and yet he was righteous and blameless before God. How much more the Lord will expect from us, as we now have all which Noah did not have in his time? Grace will be bountiful to people who separate from this crocked and wicked generation and walk in righteousness.

3. The creator God was hurt deeply and He was saddened for cresting the human race on earth. KNOW FOR SURE, THAT GOD IS WATCHING HUMAN RACE AND HIS HEART BLEED WHEN SIN AND VIOLENCE INCREASE ON EARTH. He is hurt as much we are hurt. The injustice, wars, crimes, debauchery and sins are known to Him. And the only way to cleanse this is to destroy the human race and make them to pray for its sins. God provided the means of escape for free in the person of LORD JESUS CHRIST, but HE HAS BEEN MOCKED AND REJECTED, and his CHURCH IS PERSECUTED CONTINUALLY. Then comes the judgment and this is His option and not ours.

4. The Living God takes the initiative and the first step of “Revealing His plan to Noah”. This is the reward for his righteous and blameless walk with the Lord. We call it Supernatural encounters in the life of believers and in the body of Christ. Every one who walked upright and prayed were honoured with “Supernatural visitations”! And this is the promise for the last day generations. “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:”(Joel.2:28). On the one side satan may do all that he can to damage “ His Eckklesia’ but on the other hand the LORD, will be liberal in pouring out HIS MIGHTY SPIRIT in to His People. His Church will have supernatural! Another classical example is that the enemies of the Gospel were killing St. Stephan, by throwing stones. At that moment ,” But he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up steadfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God,(Acts.7:55). This unfortunately is not for cold hearted, lukewarm, and compromising christians; but for people who would rather “point blank gunshots” and die for the Lord Jesus as his mighty witnesses.
How did Noah recognize God when He Communed with Him? What an instinct and perception! This explains how Noah walked with His creator. His 500 years of walk with His “YEHWEH was so certain and so sure and familiar that when God Spoke He recognized His Voice. There are millions of Voices across the world. Some voices are from “wolves in sheep Clothing’. Some say, “I am He”. Others say,” He is in the Chamber”. But Lord Jesus Said,” My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:(Jn.10:27)” And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.(Jn.10:5)

5. The Lord said that He will save Noah and his family. The Lord God said,” But I will establish my covenant with you, and you will enter the ark—you and your sons and your wife and your sons’ wives with you.(Gen.6:18). Totally Eight individuals. GOD MADE A COVENANT WITH NOAH AND HIS FAMILY.

A. How mindful God is! over His Children and how great is His Compassion. Noah will be saved from TOTAL annihilation.

B. A pact to save Noah’s 3 sons, their wives (3) and His wife. Life insured in Jesus!

As husbands and as fathers, our greatest concern is running and maintaining the family. I am glad that when God encountered Noah at his 500th year, he found with his wife. (he had not divorced her and it’s part of God’s righteousness). Families are important to raise godly generation. (And did not he make one? Yet had he the residue of the spirit. And wherefore one? That he might seek a godly seed. Therefore take heed to your spirit, and let none deal treacherously against the wife of his youth.(Mal.2:15))And Noah’s wife was a female who can bear children. I am writing this purposely to make us realize the way satan perverted God’s plan of raising “Godly generation” on earth.not only in 2015 but eternally God, has chosen our family with a Covenant. The chosen one’s were a minority.

6. The Lord instructed to build an Ark and gather pair of animals and birds and gather food water for them all. The Ark is a place where Noah and His family will abide in safe and secure INSIDE, when the anger of God poured out in the world in the form of natural calamity, rain, thunder shower and a great deluge!
The Ark of Noah is symbolically “Depict” Christ’s Eckklesia” , which is the future Kingdom of God, and His Governance! The best and most secured place to be in is IN HIS CHURCH, which is the body of redeemed ones; also known as HIS BRIDE. A bride is always kept in the “Beloved’s Chamber”. Let us be glad and rejoice! THERE WAS ONLY ONE ARK AND THERE IS ONLY ONE CHURCH. And He is building His church. When it starts raining, the Ark will arise! Above the waters it will set sail. The powers of Hell will never be able to overcome it or destroy it! ARE WE FOUND IN THIS ARK?

7. The Ark finally be moored on mount Ararat. There is a meaning for this name as, “Curse Reversed”. Hallelujah! God’s ark the redeemed will be always be kept on the hill top and our curses were reversed on Mount Golgotha and takes us to mount Zion! “They go from strength to strength, every one of them in Zion appeareth before God.(Ps.84:7), That’s our destiny and none can stop us!

8. There will be “Go Global” situation. Noah and his family were the seed to replenish and multiply the new world and earth. The Lord said, “And God spake unto Noah, saying, Go forth of the ark, thou, and thy wife, and thy sons, and thy sons' wives with thee. Bring forth with thee every living thing that is with thee, of all flesh, both of fowl, and of cattle, and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth; that they may breed abundantly in the earth, and be fruitful, and multiply upon the earth.


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Making Every Day a Holiday (Holy Day)

As we near the annual holidays of Thanksgiving, the celebration and remembrance of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and the celebration of New Year's, we enter a season where many of our routines are interrupted with different activities and interactions.  Family, celebrations, and travel, bring many people a respite from the routines established in daily/weekly life.

For many, holidays seem to accelerate our busyness- darting from home-to-home or place-to-place; sharing time with friends and family members not regularly seen.  For some, a return to the routine after the holidays may even seem like a relief!

But routine or no routine; how many of us as Christians make every day a holiday with God?

Every Day a Holy Day
The word, holiday, stems from the term, "holy day."  The word, holy, simply means "set apart" or "unique."  Therefore, a holy day is set apart from all other days.

While it's true that no two days are exactly alike (there may be similarities in routine, etc.); do we ever consider setting apart each and every day as a holy day (holiday) for/with God?

Redeeming the Time

Jesus said, "A student is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master.  It is enough for the student to be like his teacher, and the servant like his master." - Matthew 10:24-25

Jesus kept in constant contact with the Father in prayer and thanksgiving (spoken and silent).  In doing so, he was able to do and be who the world needed to meet, see, and come to know!  He was holy; that is, set apart from the world- yet while in the world.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we're called to do and be the same- just like our Teacher; our Master!

We know that we have come to know him if we keep his commands. Whoever says, “I know him,” but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in that person. But if anyone obeys his word, love for God is truly made complete in them. This is how we know we are in him: Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did. - 1 John 2:3-6

Read Mark 1:35 and Luke 5:15-16.  Jesus was busy, yet set aside time to pray privately.  He also constantly kept in communication with his Father in silent prayer as he served, ministered, taught, and more.

So, what could it look like to make each day a holy day?

All people- As you get up in the morning, praise God for who he is.  Share time with him.  Ask him to establish your steps (your plans, schedule, and more), and listen for his answer(s).  Throughout the day, continue asking him to revise your plans if he desires.  Obediently follow him if/as he does.  Ask him to help you realize opportunities to share your faith with others, then let him empower you (your words and actions) to do so.  Without realizing it, you've woven prayer and a closer ongoing connection with the Lord into and throughout your day.  The day has become more of a holy day!

Teachers- Begin as suggested above (All people).  Throughout the day, ask the Lord to provide you with his wisdom in instructing, correcting, teaching, and loving the children and/or students you teach and serve.  While correcting tests and homework, ask the Lord to bring you deeper insight into each child's life and thinking- so that you may more effectively pray for each one as the Spirit leads.  In doing so, the day has become more of a holy day for you- and for those you're in prayer for!

Businessmen- Begin as suggested above (All people).  Throughout the day, ask the Lord to speak to you truths about how he sees your dealings, service, networking, presentations, preparation, interactions with others, the spreadsheets you may review and revise, and more.  Invite Jesus to review and advise you in each decision, contact, presentation, and more throughout the day/night. Follow him as he guides you.  As you do, each day becomes more of a holy day- yielded and led by the Lord instead of man's earthly thoughts or wisdom.

Students- Begin as suggested above (All people).  Throughout the day, ask the Lord to instruct you in your relationships with other students or teachers.  Ask the Lord to sit with you and instruct you (help you learn what you're studying) as you read, prepare your reports or projects, and more.  Ask the Lord how he'd have you pray for others around you in class, between classes, or after school.  Obediently follow him and do what he instructs.  He's all-knowing and will always tell you the truth- with your best in mind as he sees and knows you personally.  As you seek and follow the Lord throughout each day, each day becomes holy and set apart for his glory- working in and through you.

Retirees- Begin as suggested above (All people).  The world would tell you that your best days have passed and that you should simply coast and surrender the latter days of your life until you pass away.  Nonsense!!!  Each day is a holy day where Jesus desires to minister to and through you!  Call or visit a friend or acquaintance (maybe someone you haven't spoken with in awhile).  Tell them what Jesus has been doing in your life recently.  Ask them if they've seen Jesus working in their lives.  Encourage them to read or listen to the Word of God (maybe suggest a Scripture passage to read/listen to).  Offer to pray for or with them in person, over the phone, via email, or another means.  Let the Holy Spirit instruct you as you pray.  The day becomes holy and set apart as you redeem the time in the Lord's strength and wisdom.  You'll also likely bring encouragement to that other person/people as you do (encouragement that might last far beyond that very day!).

There are very few limits in how we redeem the time and seek the Lord to help make each day holy.  Likely, the greatest limit we place on God is ourselves; how we choose to handle our time, plans, and activities- in our own way, strength, or knowledge. 

Let's redeem the time.  You can begin this very minute.  There's no need to procrastinate until tomorrow morning!

Finish this day by making it holy.  Then begin and practice making tomorrow a holy day... and the day after that... and the day after that...

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National Day of Prayer Task Force


Revitalize your church's prayer ministry, using NDP as a jumping off point


What a gift!

Every first Thursday of May, your congregation has an opportunity to join the Church across America in praying for our nation … and in so doing, revitalize your prayer ministry at the same time.  The observance of the National Day of Prayeris the perfect time for a spring-cleaning of your approach to prayer and praying. No better time to review and revise the systems, structures, and strategies.


“Every church prays, but not every church is a praying church.”  

Ask every member of your congregation, young children to senior saints, to establish a personal plan to participate on May 3rd
·      Prayerwalk their street, praying for neighbors
·      Devote all or part of their lunchbreak to praying for our nation’s leaders
·      Pray for our President and other leaders at the evening meal
·      Attend a community-wide prayer breakfast or concert of prayer 
·      Spend 15 minutes in the prayer room (or a designated prayer location) in the church facility
·      Write a letter to a local or national leader and indicate you have taken time to pray for her or him

Challenge each class and committee, fellowship group and ministry team t prayerfully discern a plan for National Day of Prayer

  • Prayerwalk together a section of town near city hall
  • Gather at the church for a 30 minute prayer meeting
  • Meet early for breakfast and prayer before going to work
  • Attend together a community-wide prayer event
After the National Day of prayer, announce a planning session for every leader in the church (deacons, Awana, Sunday classes, music, etc.). Begin with a bathed in prayer assessment of the state of prayer in your congregation. Invite core leaders to participate in an honest discussion of the vitality of praying in each of the church’s ministries and for each of the congregation’s activities. Use a tool, such as Article #062   Diagnostic Tool To Assess The Prayer Life Of A Congregation.

A praying church not only invites everyone to the place of prayer (usually a weeknight prayer meeting) but also takes prayer to the places where everyone already connect.  Invite members to experience a fresh approach to corporate prayer, one that emphasizes Spirit-led participation, praying scripture, and praying for names and needs and neighborhoods … SO THAT the answers to each of our prayers results in a greater revelation of the glory of God (John 17:1-5).


Lastly, provide practical, biblical training through an experiential workshop, so that, prayer is no longer limited to the 60 seconds of a Sunday morning pastoral prayer or the often mechanical opening and closing prayer of a meeting.


May this National Day of Prayer see a release of the Holy Spirit’s fresh wind and fresh fire of prayer that stirs revival among believers and awakening in our communities.


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It seems to me ... our fears for the National Day of Prayer may cause us to appeal to the wrong court!

Along with most of you, I am a huge supporter of the National Day of Prayer. I am privileged to serve on America's National Prayer committee, the members of which are collectively stewards of this vital spiritual enterprise. As director of the National Pastors' Prayer Network, I have annually promoted the event and encouraged pastors' prayer groups across the country to meet on that day and pray fervently for the future of our nation. I have enjoyed the Chicago NDP prayer breakfast in my home city and attended several national rallies on the first Thursday of May in our nation's capitol.

The NDP has been catalytic toward greater expressions of the unity of the Body of Christ in cities and communities in every state of the union. Though not yet more popular than Valentine's Day, the National Day of Prayer has accomplished much in calling America to recognize oits Creator. Similar to the nation of Israel's feasts and solemn assemblies, an annual day of prayer reminds us how desperately we need repentance and must humbly petition our eternal Judge to heal our land and restore justice. Long live a national day of prayer.

Suddenly, more than in years past, opposition is rising. Voices have always spoken critically, especially since Congress officially recognized a day for prayer. But this year, for the first time in memory, our judicial system has joined the antagonists. Many, even some Christian leaders, fear the end of a national day of prayer. And I, for one, certainly hope that does not take place.

But what if it does?

Christians have responded quickly to this threat. Some appeal to constitutional rights or legal precedence. Others seem incredulous that our society wants to vote prayer out, so to speak. A few sound genuinely fearful, as if the Church of Jesus Christ will tumble without government permission and protection. Of course we have the right, even the responsibility, to champion for our rights like every other citizen . . . but I wonder if our bottom-line concern is motivated more by the potential loss of the comfort and ease we've experienced as Christians living in America. As the NDP faces new threats, is our defense based upon American tradition or political connections in high places? Will we appeal more in courts of law or in the court of heaven (Ephesians 2:6)? If what we know as the National Day of Prayer disappears, what, really, has changed? Yes, our comfort (no small issue) and maybe one day our safety but hopefully not our commission and calling and commitment.

What if the growing anti-NDP movement in our country is in reality an answer to decades of praying for revival? Maybe the Lord knows that our desire for an awakening is sincere but that our capacity to refocus our lives and reformat our congregations is in need of a serious challenge. Not a political or legal challenge but one that causes us to individually and corporately become radical Christians. And maybe the Lord knows that can only be accomplished by those things that cause us discomfort; a jolt that shatters our Christianized status quo.

Believe me, I am not inviting discomfort or cultural disapproval nor am I courageous enough to welcome a purifying persecution. The threat to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion are life and death issues (at least they were at one time in our nation's early history). Like you, I have read chilling reports of persecution in other nations and watched news clips of the hardships and even killings endured by fellow believers in other lands. No thank you. I am enormously grateful to live in the land of the free.

But this is also the home of the brave. And if Congress or the courts one day delete a National Day of Prayer from the calendar, our calling to pray has not been altered one iota. Our permission to gather is rooted, not in a legislative decree but, like millions of brother and sisters in Christ throughout history and across the globe, is in our Lord's commands. Maybe the real test is not legislative nor judicial (and certainly not political); the real test may be spiritual. How committed are we, and to what extreme will we risk our comfort or safety, to make certain Christ-followers in every town and village, community and city gather to pray for our nation? Is it possible that the court of heaven would actually hear from more desperate American Christians if NDP was rescinded? Could the God of heaven be asking us to move from one day of national prayer to 365?

It seems to me, our fears for the National Day of Prayer may cause us to fight the wrong fight and appeal to the wrong court; God forbid!

Pastor Phil Miglioratti
Originally posted by the Church Prayer Leaders Network
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