October 8

FAW: Faith At Work

Faith At Work: Probably there are very few of you who remember FAW; it has now changed to Lumunos. It was a faith based group of people who got together at "retreats" around the country to encourage and grow in their daily walk with God.

Woke up this morning at 1am with Barnabas snoring and wheezing on the rug beside my bed. Called to her and a few minutes later she joined me, snuggled in real close to my belly and with a few kind kind words…
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  • Richard, thank you for your comments. Our Las Vegas Unity Prayer Meeting  took place at 10 a.m. on Saturday January 8 and it was not a political rally. Sadly at the same hour a mentally ill young man shot Arizona's Congresswoman. I  am not sure what you mean by right wing rally. Please look at the photos. Those minority pastors in Las Vegas are not right wing. Many of them love Obama and his agenda. Perhaps I misread your tone?
  • Richard,

    Your request to join the intercessor's group was approved. It is a group where we can share issues that intercessors face, and also pray for each other as the need arises. Occasionally, I have brought attention to other intercessory needs as they manifest them selves. Through the friend network on the Pray Network, we have been able to pray for personal needs too for some.

    Don't be afraid to ask the Lord to help you share your heart and join in in our discussions. We need men who have learned heart language--something that was difficult for myself in the past, and may be difficult for men in general. What you share may help someone move forward in their intercessorary prayer life and service to the Lord.

  • By the way, just realized you are in Maryland. I lived in Pasadena and Ellicott City for many years. My sister in law lives near Frederick.
  • Your son works really near to us! This is a great area. My husband and I have been here for 10 years and love it.
  • I love your photo!
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