May 24

My Primary #Reimagine Passion


This Scripture Drives/Directs My #Reimagine Journey

Go into ALL the world... ie, pervasively... every city, every zipcode community, every neighborhood, every home, every person. #TheEvery -- and apparently that corporate command is for all of us together, TheChurch... and thus each of us right where we are. Connected. Unified/harmonized, on the same mission.

Your First-Step-Suggestion to Us on How to Begin a Journey to Reimagine Disciple-Making? [ Tweet-Sized (280 characters) ]

Read and re-read the book -- it's pretty clear. Jesus and his apostles were also abundantly clear. Then look around at your city/community; does it look like what the Word of God not only describes, but prescribes? And if not, then overhaul The Church at your City. Reimagine, yes, but more importantly, Re-DO.

How I Discovered Discipleship.Network

Phil made me do it. ha.

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  • Neil,

    We welcome you to our community and anticipate your good content that will provoke us to the good work of rethinking ministry for the 21st century,


  • Hi Neil. I invite you to join a group. We are worshiping Christ and praying for His lordship in every part of our lives and across the nation, using 153 names and attributes of Christ (one for each day, Aug. 1 - Dec. 31). You can go to: http://www.prayersummits.net/articles.html, then click on daily names of Christ. I will also add you to my friends list and send you a daily update, if you want. CHRIST IS ALL, Steve Hall
  • thanks Neil. I am trying to get the hang of this....I am technically challenged.

    Pat Allen
  • Yes, Neil

    That would be great for you to play my Intercessors Arise video on IndyChristianTV. Feel free to play it whenever you like.


  • Hey early adopter - welcome aboard!
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