May 18

My Primary #Reimagine Passion


This Scripture Drives/Directs My #Reimagine Journey

Philippians 3:10 and Matthew 28:19, 20

Your First-Step-Suggestion to Us on How to Begin a Journey to Reimagine Disciple-Making? [ Tweet-Sized (280 characters) ]

Start with knowing God and being a disciple of Jesus.

How I Discovered Discipleship.Network

Did a search on discipleship on the internet

Discipleship in the early church.

Considering that the vast majority of people in the early church could not read. I am wondering how you would change your way of discipling people if you were dealing the same scenario? It seems that so many churches are following the American school system of a "repeat after me" way of learning and then we get a "repeat after me" kind of theology. Then when someone is "discipled" he has a bunch of intellectual knowledge that is from a teacher who has taught very little of what Jesus actually…

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