March 5

Where Should a Leader put Prayer in the Service??

Ok... so our church has been through a big season of change this past year, with so much of our church leaders leaving, and we are trying to rebuild our worship services.    Previously, our services (especially our contemporary one) was incredibly choppy.  We sang a song, stoppped, clapped, sang another song, stopped, clapped, etc.  Since leadership has changed, we have inserted prayer into the worship sets, along with scripture readings.  We are trying to have smooth transitions between all of…

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Praise IS Prayer

I am currently a worship leader at a local church, and have to admit, that for most of my adult life, I have been more pre-occupied with the music aspect of praise and worship, and incredibly uncomfortable with the prayer end.  Why I have had such an aversion to prayer, has a lot to do with my story, and my upbringing in the church, but thankfully, is something that God is leading me through.  For many years, I have been passionate about worship music, songs that move a person into closer…

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