SEG. 5 Dr. Roberto Miranda Interviews Phil Miglioratti 120301

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Phil shares about the legacy of prayer that he prays will outlive his life. Roberto poses the question, "How do you see prayer and spiritual warfare?" Phil elaborates concerning the "rhema word," the word that God gives you in a specific moment for that situation. He describes the kind of prayer that really results in evangelism..."Prayer that never leads to someone doing evangelism means the club just stays the club and no one gets added."

Roberto engages dialogue about Joshua and the first prayer walk around Jericho. Phil responds, "We need more Joshuas, who know where the battle is... if we had a more listening posture, I think we'd have a lot more Jericho situations than we're seeing." Roberto likens the mind of modern Western culture to be as impenetrable as the huge walls of Jericho. Both Roberto and Phil agree that apologetics is not going to break down these walls. The new strategies must come from God, who is infinitely creative.



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