SEG. 3 Dr. Roberto Miranda Interviews Phil Miglioratti 120301

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Phil explains, "Prayer is like the breathing in and out of listening to God and talking to God...Prayer is talking to God in the mode of listening to God, so that we know what to talk to Him about." Phil challenges believers, "Don't you want to go beyond just praying for sick people? ...We're not asking enough questions when we pray." Roberto affirms, "Prayer is not a monologue; it's a dialogue. It's two-way communication."

Phil elaborates, "It's not only a dialogue, but we are being invited into the Trialogue, which is the communion that's been going on between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit ... Come into this conversation and be a part of it." If we begin to think this way, we will be much less likely to pull our list out and say, "OK God, it's my turn to pray." Prayer starts with God and we are invited into it.

Phil describes how he used to sing with his eyes open and pray with his eyes closed. Now, he sings with his eyes closed, and prays with his eyes open."


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