PTAP: Fragrance of Christ

Sadly, two local believers from a Muslim back ground went to court against one another in our country over a money issue.  It should not have been. Now that the issue is decided, please pray that their hearts will be softened, and humility and forgiveness will be born again between them.
A second cyclone hit the Island of Socotra a few weeks ago, causing even more destruction and death. Pray for the people as they rebuild their homes and their lives. Pray that food and supplies will be flown into the island to help them. Pray that tragedy will stop.
"Even in the midst of fear, God gave me peace," said a Believer from a war torn country. Praise God that He continues to help those who love Him, even when the world around them is crumbling. Pray that many more will come to know Him
Why do some non-believers wish to keep hanging around believers?  Is there something of the Spirit of God that woos them?  Please pray for Abdulmohsen, who has heard much of the gospel, and expressed fear of being identified with  believers, yet still calls on those who would speak of Christ to him.
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