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PTAP: Hajj in Mecca

Prayer Requests - August 5, 2018
On 19-21 August 2018, PTAP is asking for 100,000 people from around the world to join us in Prayer and Fasting for the two million Muslims going on the Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca.
The Hajj is one of the five required acts of service for all Muslims. The city of Mecca is the center of the entire Muslim world.  It is the place where the Hajj is performed and the place to where a Muslim directs his daily prayers.  Therefore, there are many barriers that prevent the gospel from spreading to these people at this time.  However, our God knows no barriers!  And so we desire to gather together to fast and pray for this monumental event - for God to do something truly miraculous, something only he can do.
Would you join us in this effort as well as spread the word about this prayer and fasting event?
We have created three core resources for you:
A Hajj prayer promo video ( - This is designed to introduce this event and invite others to join us for these three days of prayer and fasting.
Hajj Prayer guides and a Hajj prayer video ( - We created a helpful 4-page prayer guide that has been translated into several languages (including Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, German, and Portugese).  There is also a corresponding video to watch. 
Please forward the above resources along to your spheres of influence and also feel free to edit as you feel led.  And similarly, when it comes to the fasting element, feel free to fast you feel led - one meal, one day, all three days, individually, as a group, etc.
Our one request is that you let us know an estimate of how many people in your spheres of influence prayed and also the country where they prayed during these three days.
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In November, we asked for prayer for a local brother whose wife has been very ill.  She is doing much better and so thank you for your prayers!
Here are his words:  "Thank you so much for your prayers.  Over the last two weeks, we have seen tremendous improvement in my wife's health.  Her bleeding has almost stopped completely and her red bloodcell count is going up and up!  The doctors have no explanation for this (they were recommending surgery, but now it may not be needed).  But we know who our Great Physician is and we are so grateful for the prayers of all the saints all over the world who have partnered with us in intercession.  May God bless you as you continue to labor for our King and his Kingdom."
Pray for a local brother whose wife we have been praying for.  Praise God for the progress she has made in her health.  Let's continue to pray for him.  Nowadays, he has much more time and flexibility to meet with local people and to share at many places during the week.  He is very encouraged by how the Spirit has been working in the lives of locals and believers from around the world.

He asks for prayers for discernment in their ministry towards locals, so that they invest their resources strategically for the Kingdom according to Christ's leadership and not their own understanding. He also asks for prayer for the salvation of his family, especially his siblings, both brothers and sisters.
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Please pray for a woman who is interested in meeting with a Christian worker to learn more about Jesus following a conversation over the Eid holidays about the meaning of sacrifice and Jesus. Please pray that His Spirit will open her eyes to the One True Sacrifice.  Pray, too, for her husband and children. Her husband travels frequently to the West, even though Leila always stays at home. Pray that he will meet other believers as he travels who can share with him as well.
An ADHD student has heard some aspects of the gospel, but has trouble staying focused on a topic. Pray for Christian workers to be able to share the Gospel in effective and easily accessible ways. 
A couple has been sharing the Gospel with an Arab expatriate couple. The husband has come to accept Jesus and is praying that his wife comes to know Christ as well. Please pray for continued witness of the couple and the husband. 
A local Muslim girl was married at age 11. After some years, her husband moved the family to a new neighborhood where she met a another Muslim lady who became her best friend. Since she moved, the young lady has been searching spiritually and have been wanting to meet a Christian but did not know how she would be able to meet one in her semi-rural town. She found out that her best friend in her neighborhood had become friends with a Christian and asked her friend for an introduction. The Christian woman had no knowledge of her intent, but felt led to bring Christian resources and materials with her. The young lady became a believer after talking with the Christian woman and requested more Bibles, audio Bibles, and Arabic worship music to supply to others who are seeking. Please pray for this young lady as she grows in her faith and becomes light to others in her community.  
A Muslim man who decided to trust in Jesus as the Messiah has been struggling both in the flesh and the spirit. Please pray for God to lead him and a others like him to greater freedom and spiritual maturity. May He provide each one with the knowledge and understanding they need so that His people do not "perish for lack of knowledge".
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PTAP: Pray without Ceasing

Military unrest between two countries have caused much heartache and devastation. Please pray that peace will come. Pray that differences will be discussed over the negotiating table, not by fighting. Pray for God's mercy on those who are suffering.

Demon possession is a very real problem for some individuals in the Gulf. Families sometimes go to great expense to find a means of deliverance. Please pray for a worker who has been asked to intervene in a particular situation, that it will result in the family turning to JC. Pray also for another case of a man who is acknowledged by his neighbours to "have a jinn," that God will bring about deliverance, and all who know of it will then acknowledge it was by the power of Jesus Christ.

A man phones his friend every week, wanting financial help. He lives in a country which is in financial ruin. Please pray for the great needs that he and many others have. Pray that God will give wisdom to those who can give, that they will know where to put their resources. Pray that aid given will go directly to the people who need it.

Continue to pray for those who have experienced dreams and visions of Jesus and those who are wrestling with the Truth as they count the cost of following Jesus Christ. May they be given an eye toward eternity and realize nothing on earth can compare to the joy of knowing Him.

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VIDEO: Big Prayers

VIDEO: Big Prayers

» Source: Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

In less than two minutes, a Wycliffe leader motivates viewers to pray bigger prayers – to pray for the most miraculous things.

» Watch Pray Bigger Prayers. Other short and stirring videos from the same source which you might find useful include Language Is Tied to Identity and Determining Truth.

Reprinted from Missions Catalyst 09.26.12 – Resource Reviews.

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