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A prayerwalking guide for Sept 11

Pray! Network friends, I want you to see this e-mail I recently sent:


Dear friends,

I want you to know about a resource we’ve just produced. It’s a prayerwalking guide designed to be used on September 11. It’s easy and free to download and print. Make all the copies you’d like to invite others to join you. Go to to download the pdf file.

September 11 falls on a Saturday this year, which is usually the easiest day to bring together a few friends to prayerwalk a portion of your community. Someone had the cool idea of prayerwalking between 9:00 am and 11:00 am on 9-11.

Thousands of people will be doing this, including some in every state of the union. Please think about organizing a prayerwalk near your workplace or around your neighborhood on the morning of September 11.

I wrote this prayer guide with the encouragement of our friends who are organizing the Cry Out America! initiative. Go to to find out what Cry Out America! is all about. Many will be organizing gatherings at government centers and courthouses at noon on that day. The last prayer on this prayer guide is designed to be read in unison at those gatherings.

Recent events have made this September 11 to be an even more important time for Christians to pray in hope for God’s life and love to be revealed in our land. We need to pray in ways that go beyond our partisan opinions. We can easily cheapen our public praying as political posturing unless wedeepen our praying by grounding our hope in God’s Word.

Yours in hope,

Steve Hawthorne
Director, WayMakers

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Prayerwalking Video Training

When I was serving as prayer coordinator for New Hope New York, we produced a 23 minute video to teach people to prayerwalk and take prayer to the streets of their city. The North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention has it posted for download and use for the sake of the Kingdom. You can view it and download it at:

Let's take "praying on site with insight" to the streetsof our cities, see with God's eyes, pray Holy Spirit prompted prayers,and join His work to see transformation for His glory and Kingdomadvance.
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