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PTAP: Ramadan Begins

Significantly spiritual dreams and visions are not uncommon for Muslims to have during Ramadan. Pray that the Father would pour Himself out to our friends through the supernatural as they participate in Ramadan. Pray for believers in the Arabian Gulf to be open to the Spirit's leading as they interact and engage with locals. 


At sunset, there is a meal called Iftar that signifies the breaking of the fast.  After sunset prayers, another meal called Suhoor occurs.  During Ramadan, these meals are significant and are often a time for big gatherings of family/friends.  Pray that believers would have opportunities to attend Iftar or Suhoor meals with local friends and that they would be able to connect with, and build relationship with, their families.  Pray for walls to come down between locals and expats.


Ramadan is a month where cousins tend to have increased focus and discipline towards the Koran and to their prayers. There are often reports of locals feeling a nearness to God because of the good things they are doing during this month.  Pray that there would be a lingering dissatisfaction and an overall feeling of being unfulfilled with the relationship they have with God during Ramadan. Pray that their increased time in the Koran would breed questions and critical thinking.


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Click below to download PTAP's 30 Day Ramadan 2019 prayer guide.  This is a guide to help you pray for the Arabian Peninsula in particular.  So let's unite our hearts in prayer during the 30 days of Ramadan for God to build his church in the AP!


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