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"Abia" has been reading the Word and now believes that Jesus is indeed the Son of God who died on the cross and rose from the dead. But she is experiencing an inner battle as she tries to reconcile these truths with her lifelong beliefs. Pray that she will be given understanding and clarity so that she will uncompromisingly embrace the One who loves her and can give her eternal life.
A man who is very active in his local mosque is curious about the teachings of Jesus. Pray that as he meets with a believer to ask questions, he will come to know Jesus.
Many in the Arabian Peninsula have a desire to learn or improve their English skills. Pray that this desire will result in relationships with English speaking believers who will point them to Jesus Christ.
God created his people to live in community. There are many believers who have no one to worship with. They have either been rejected by their family and friends or they are too fearful to tell others about the faith they have embraced. Pray that they will find encouragement in reading the Word. Pray that their family and friends will accept the Savior and for a faith community to develop around these lone believers.
Praise God that despite the war in Yemen, the good news continues to spread, as people who have left the country stay in contact with friends they have left behind. Pray for Islamic extremists to be exposed to and changed by the truth of the gospel.
Pray that the few Qataris who call Jesus Lord would share the good news with those to whom God has shown the emptiness of wealth.
Praise God that His Church in Saudi Arabia is growing. Pray that they will be able to meet freely and safely.
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