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 As Veteran's day approaches, we are reminded of our military families and those who have served our country in the military. There are many U.S. troops in our military deployed all over the world leaving families back home and don’t hear the laughter of their loved ones. They only have memories of their loved ones and long for the time they will be back home again. Many times their families see the importance of their mission but the remaining parents, spouse and children struggle with many issues, miss their family member, and often feel abandoned.9651013854?profile=original

Here are suggestions to pray for those in the military and their families.

  1. Protection and safety for our troops as they currently patrol the war torn areas.
  2. Pray for a covering of protection  over their families left behind. The numbers of spouses who leave a marriage because of the stresses of long-term deployment and repeated      deployments is staggering. The impact this has on the kids is beyond imagination.
  3. Pray for grandparents of these military kids left behind to provide spiritual covering, encouragement, and intentional ministry of hope in Christ. The grandparents also need our prayers as they also face the uncertainty and anxiety of their sons, daughters and possibly grandchildren in potential danger daily.
  4. Pray for the witness and powerful presence of God for the troops who are followers of Christ among the unbelievers where they are stationed. Pray for the local friendships that they develop, that they will be able to build relationships and have opportunities to share the Gospel in ways and places that no other missionaries would be able to do. Pray that these troops would be the sweet fragrance of Christ among these peoples.

Happy Veteran's Day to all those who have served our country.

By Lillian Penner       

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