"It's not about you, it's not about me, it's about the kingdom." Mistakenly, many Christians view spiritual warfare simply as the enemy's assault on them and their stuff. Some go so far as to assume that out of seven billion people on earth, the devil (who is not omniscient at all) actually knows their name, address and telephone number--even their thoughts! Not so.

Though they'd never admit it, many treat him as if he is omnipresent, which he is not.

We read of the bombing in Pakistan and the mall-assault in Kenya. To many of us, this is simply an attack on Christians.

While it is true that suicide bombers took almost 100 lives and severely injured many more than that in Pakistan last Sunday, it wasn't really about the people at all.

Sure. In the mind of the bombers it was. But they were demonized. They only facilitated the enemy's plan. What they, and many of us, haven't realized yet is that it is (and will continue to be) an assault on the Jesus Christ, Son of God and His kingdom.

It's not about us. We came along a few thousand years too late. The battle that began in Isaiah 14 isn't a battle against Christians. It's a battle for who will be worshiped as God.

Remember when Saul of Tarsus (later the Apostle Paul) was on his way to Syria to kill Christians. At the point of his Damascus Road experience, where he was so unceremoniously dismounted from his horse, Jesus didn't say, "Saul, why are you persecuting my people." He said, "...why are you persecuting ME."

You see, we were born on an ancient battlefield, in the midst of a war that has been waged for millennia. The main reason we are involved is because our Father is one of the participants.

Many live as though the goal is to survive. Surviving isn't to be our highest goal. Our highest goal should be to successfully complete the assignments we are given. While some of us will be called to live our lives to reach our kingdom potential; others of us may be called to give our lives to reach our kingdom potential. If you're a true child of God, you are no mere earthling.

Many assume their job is to overcome the devil. They focus virtually all of their attention on him and his activities. I asked a group of warfare intercessors in the Northeast, "Can you tell me 10 things the devil is doing in your city?" They threw up their hands, some jumped to their feet, and all shouted, "I can. I can!"

Ignoring their reply, I asked, "Can any of you tell me 10 things God is doing in your city?" They looked at me as if I were speaking a foreign language. None of them had a clue.

I explained, "Jesus said in John 5:19 that of Himself, that He could do nothing.He said, 'I only do what I see the father doing.' If you don't have a clue what God is doing in your city, how can you formulate your first prayer? ...Is it possible that what the devil is doing is what directs your prayer-life?" Frankly, I'm convinced that most of us pray according to what the devil is doing, rather than what the Father is doing. Remember, we are instructed to focus our attention on the Son of God. ("Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee.")

Are we given assignments related to this war? Absolutely. However, we must realize as Jesus pointed out that of our selves, we can do nothing; and that we are only to do what we see the Father doing. (Jn 5:19)

We must also understand that our authority is granted one assignment at a time. That's why we can't heal people at will, empty hospitals, or do anything of our own initiative. We are only empowered as we are God-directed.

What else could you learn about spiritual warfare?

You may find my book, "Making Sense of Spiritual Warfare" helpful.

Making Sense of Spiritual Warfare
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  • Father, we know that the enemy is out to destroy Your people.  It is not against people on earth with whom we struggle, but against the powers of evil in this world's darkness.  You are the Beginning and the End and You do all things well.  Thank You for making us Your holy temple.  Please refine our hearing to be very sensitive to Your voice and to bring honor to You in all we think and believe in this world of heavy spiritual warfare.  Amen

  • backwards we get our thinking!  Much to think on from this post; thank you.

  • This reminds me of Watchman Nee's famous prayer: 

    Watchman Nee at the Keswick Convention

    At Keswick, speaking before fellow believers, that included a Japanese gentleman, Watchman invoked an intercessory prayer: 

    [i]The Lord reigns; we affirm it boldly. Our Lord Jesus Christ is reigning, and he is Lord of all; nothing can touch his authority It is spiritual forces that are out to destroy his interests in China and Japan. [b]Therefore we do not pray for China, we do not pray for Japan, but we pray for the interests of thy Son in China and Japan.[/b] We do not blame any men, for they only tools of thine enemy. We stand for thy will. Shatter, O Lord, the kingdom of darkness, for the persecutions of thy Church are wounding thee. Amen.[/i]

    Copied from the

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