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GUEST-POST: City Saturation = Prayer Saturation x Christ Saturation

Get SATURATED With More of Christ!
Try These Five Easy Steps
David Bryant
In about a week, I will address a conference of 1000 Christian leaders from New York City to Philadelphia. We are preparing for JESUS WEEK 2024, which will take place in cities and communities across the region this summer. Now in its first decade, JESUS WEEK has a great website. Check it out here.
Mobilization for every JESUS WEEK involves a three-fold strategy:
  1. Christ Saturation
  2. Prayer Saturation
  3. City Saturation
My assignment is to inspire and train participants to saturate their own lives with more of the glories of the lordship of Jesus today so that, in turn, they can spread that same experience to everyone in their churches. This “Christ Saturation” initiative is foundational to the impact of the extensive, multifaceted outreach involved in every JESUS WEEK.
I usually end my training by giving everyone five very easy next steps. If you would like to explore how your life might become more caught up with the person, presence, power, and purposes of God’s Son, these next steps may be for YOU too!
Here we go!
Five Easy Steps Into a “Christ Saturation”

1. Above all, you need to start by saturating your own life with more of who Christ is today.

To enlarge and enrich your own vision of and passion for the majesty and supremacy of God’s Son today so that, in turn, you can share this with others, go to Scroll down to “Exalting Jesus: A 21-Day Video Journey Into More of Christ” and click on the button—and get ready to be saturated with much more of our Lord Jesus Christ!

2. Next, try to saturate fellow believers with more of the wonders of Jesus that you have uncovered.

Once you’ve taken the 21-Day Journey yourself, form a small group in your church to go on the Journey together, viewing three video clips per one-hour session for a total of seven sessions.

Within each session, take time between the three video clips to discuss what kind of fresh insights you’ve gained in each video clip about the glory of who Jesus is today.

End each session in a time of worship and prayer. Pray especially for a Christ-saturation of your entire church and for many there to wake up to the fullness of the greatness and glory of Jesus the way you have begun to do so through the 21-Day Video Journey.

3. Form a Christ Awakening Servant Team (CAST) inside your church to transform your church.

A CAST can have as few as four to five members who want to help saturate their church with more of the person, presence, power, and purposes of our reigning Redeemer today. The CAST strategy is easy to implement. Over time, it will bring a whole new spiritual dynamic into the life of your congregation.

To get started, go to Scroll down to the panel about the Nationwide Campaign and click on the button that says, “Learn More.” Then, scroll down to the panel about the CAST and click on that button to get all the help you need to form this group and begin to serve the Body of Christ in an unprecedented way.

4. Subscribe for free to the Christ Now Resources Catalog so you can keep growing in your life in Christ.

Visit, scroll down, and immediately sign up for the Catalog. You’ll receive a password by email that allows you to access a vast variety of literally thousands of free resources at any time that will help you go deeper and further with God’s Son, as well as equip you to help others experience a Christ awakening. Take 30 minutes to explore the Catalog, and you’ll quickly discover what a treasure trove it is!

5. Pastors and other Christian leaders should definitely consider drawing on the in-depth teaching found in “The Christ Institutes Video Training Series.

To begin, subscribe for free to the “Christ Now Resources Catalog” at Once you get into the Catalog, click on the button that takes you to the Institutes landing page—and you’re on your way!
Get started today!

About the Author

Over the past 50 years, David Bryant has been defined by many as a “messenger of hope” and a “Christ proclaimer” to the Church throughout the world. Formerly a minister-at-large with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, president of Concerts of Prayer International (COPI), and chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee, David now provides leadership to and Proclaim Hope!, whose mission is to foster and serve Christ Awakening movements. Download his widely read ebooks at Enjoy hundreds of podcast episodes. Watch his weekly vlogs at David Bryant REPORTS. Meet with David through Zoom or in-person events through David Bryant LIVE!

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#ReimaginePRAYER…this Advent

    In the Christian year, we're about to enter the season of Advent - and be reminded that we are still waiting for God to fulfill the all that has been promised in Jesus for us and for the world. That space of waiting reminds us that our posture should be aligned with that of Mary when she received the annunciation from the angel Gabriel: "may it be in me according to your will" (Luke 1:38)

     My Advent prayer for myself, for The Initiative, and for each of you who reads these updates is that we will continue to yield ourselves and our structure to be formed and shaped according to God's good purpose and loving design.

Yours in Christ's Love,
       Scott Brill
       Executive Director


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