October 29

Seeing God

                                             SEEING GOD


My husband John saw the face of God…


I see God and have a personal relationship with Him.


I say this very humbly. Personally I can’t imagine a life without a higher power. Sometimes life just really stinks and it is good to know that God never did intend any of this and that He still has a plan. God does not want to elude us but show us He is real.


Even when we know…

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Good will or God's will

Good Will or God’s Will



I still remember the time I handed my will over for God’s will.


I was a very successful highly trained medical professional who just reached the paradigm of jobs with the most highly rated Biotech Company in the US at the time.

It was a good job and as a medical provider I had helped a lot of people.


I wanted to work there for life and I basically had my future planned.



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                                    GOT PEACE?


         There is only one path to this that works completely.



                                      Prince of Peace


         In all of human history there is only one person who has been able to make one day for world peace. That day is his birth.

                                      Christmas Day



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