March 19

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  • Opal, you are so right.  It seems to get made harder than it is, when it should be a natural part of our walking in Christ together.  I know many people who don't think they can measure up as audible pray-ers, so are uncomfortable or even shy away from opportunities to do so.  I am not proficient in praying audibly but have grown a lot and love to pray with other believers. Their expressions of love and devotion and calling on Him draw me closer to Him - and them.  I'm not sure where the "disconnect" comes with some church leadership, but they definitely are vital to a church getting on board with prayer as their foundation of worship. It's been a problem in my church even though our pastors are firm believers in the Body praying together.  The impulse to "do for God" overcomes the desire to "wait on the Lord" if that makes sense.  We hear so many stories from other nations where Christians are persecuted, how they go through great turmoil and sometimes danger to meet together and pray and worship; that's why I wondered if maybe here in America we get away from our need for praying together - because we don't experience great spiritual and physical opposition - and the practice seems to become optional, then awkward.  Other ways to relate to fellow believers and our own personal time with the Lord eventually ease out the time spent seeking Him together. 

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