December 8

The Shalom Prayer

9651028483?profile=original I come as myself.
Just as I am.
This moment.
My feelings, my fears
My joys, my sadnesses.
You see me as I really am
You know me
Through and through
You see all
All that I am
Or ever have been.

Every experience in my life is laid before you.
Every image I have seen
Each touch, each sensation
Every word I…

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Prayer Wisdom from Jean Vanier

In order to grow towards wholeness,

accepting our brokenness

and gradually becoming more compassionate,

we need the power of the Spirit.

But we are humans

and we must also know the ways of our own bodies and beings…

Each one of us must find our own secret rhythm

of how to rest, relax and find re-creation

for each one of our bodies is different.

We need personal space and time.

God gave the Jewish people the Sabbath

as a day of…

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Blessing of the Ages


On the day when your inner child
Curls up in fetal mode With thumb in mouth
And blanket clutched

May a thousand memories of childhood play
On rocks, in creeks
On lookouts, in hideouts
Call out to you, caress you
And carry you onward

When the inner crisis of mid-life
Grabs your throat tight at midnight
And drowns you in droves of unrealized dreams
May you find a pause on the…

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Pray Like a Gourmet Review

Another "delicious" review of PRAY LIKE A GOURMET. 
"Not since Richard Foster's Prayer (which Brazzeal often cites) have I read a better book on the various practices of Christian prayer, and Pray Like a Gourmet is filled with so much creativity that I could never do the book the justice it deserves in a review."

Thank you Little Friar.…

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