Discipleship.org is a collaborative community of men and women committed to the discipleship lifestyle—being disciples of Jesus and making disciples of Jesus.

Our main goal is that people would become Jesus-style disciple makers.

That’s why we host the National Disciple Making Forum every year. We know that it’s life-on-life interactions with other disciples—by the power of the Holy Spirit—that produces change to become more like Jesus.

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Discipleship Rhythms

One of the most important free eBooks that Discipleship.org has published is Jason Dukes’ book, Inviting Along: 5 Shifts to Help You Move from Informational to Relational Disciple Making (Discipleship.org, 2018).  Click here to download the free eBook. Jason provides us with a good paradigm for understanding Jesus’ everyday relationships with the twelve men that he invited along, as his disciples.  We would suggest that Jesus modeled seven recurring, relational rhythms in His disciple-making…

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