Discipleship Rhythms

One of the most important free eBooks that Discipleship.org has published is Jason Dukes’ book, Inviting Along: 5 Shifts to Help You Move from Informational to Relational Disciple Making (Discipleship.org, 2018).  Click here to download the free eBook.
Jason provides us with a good paradigm for understanding Jesus’ everyday relationships with the twelve men that he invited along, as his disciples.  We would suggest that Jesus modeled seven recurring, relational rhythms in His disciple-making efforts with these men.  
  1. FASTING and PRAYING to his Father in Heaven was foundational.
  2. Relationally INVITING ALONG those who WELCOMED Him into their lives to love others together.
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Why Churches Need 1 on 1 Discipleship with Steve McCoy
Steve McCoy teaches on why traditional church models are often lacking in terms of inner formation and how 1 on 1 discipleship can be a blessing to those in your church. He provides tools for you to get started without having to invent everything from scratch.

Making Disciples In Existing Churches Through Small Groups with Paul Huyghebaert & Rob Shaver
Paul and Rob discuss their experience integrating disciple making movement principles into the established church they minister at. This comes with a set of challenges and opportunities to be aware of!
Multiplication and Decentralization with Josh Howard and Paul Huyghebaert 
Josh Howard (Disciple Making Movement leader in India) and Paul Huyghebaert engage in an honest conversation about the North American Church and the barrier created by centralized thinking.

Clarity and Urgency Concerning the Disciple Making Mission with Paul Huyghebaert & Curtis Sergeant
Paul interviews Curtis about the need to rediscover genuine urgency tied to the mission of God in the United States and how to utilize the methods Curtis used in leading a disciple-making movement in South China.
Developing vs Disciple Making
On this podcast we will look at the basic difference between development and disciple making. There are all kinds of development. Churches and Christians put incredible amounts of focus on the development of skills rather than the life and character of a disciple maker. Development is about skills. A disciple maker is a lifestyle. We will share life examples that help identify the difference and why each has its place.
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Communication is Key

Ron Helle
Three ways to communicate with clarity.

Biblical Decision Making

Dan Leitz
Three keys to making biblically informed decisions.

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