World Watch List 2018: (#9) Yemen

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Yemen is #9 on the 2018 World Watch List. Here's why.

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  • WWL #9: Yemen

    Where Persecution Comes From

    Yemen is currently facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, and Christians are left particularly vulnerable due to their faith. Christian persecution in the country is driven by government officials, radical Islam, families and leaders of ethnic and religious groups. Government officials maintain a strict Islamic system that treats all nationals as Muslims. The ongoing conflict in the country has left a power vacuum, allowing radical groups like the Islamic State (IS) and al-Qaeda to expand their operations and persecute Christians. Converts face persecution from extended family, tribal leaders and local imams, and are denied access to emergency relief that is distributed through Islamic organizations and mosques.

    How Christians are Suffering

    All Christians in Yemen experience persecution for their faith, but converts from Islam experience the worst of it. These converts are essentially forced to keep their faith completely hidden from those around them, including their closest friends and family members, for fear of repercussions should their conversion be discovered. If others come to know that they have left Islam, believers face detention and interrogation by authorities and death threats from family and radical Islamic groups. Meanwhile, migrant Christians also face harassment and discrimination, as well as overt violence at the hands of Islamic militant groups.


    In the WWL 2018 reporting period, there were several instances of believers barely escaping attempts on their lives.

    In the same period, at least 20 believers were mentally or physically abused for their faith.

    In the same period, at least 10 Christian families were forced to flee their homes for relocation due to faith-related reasons.


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