Who prays for YOUR backyard?

"Who prays for YOUR backyard?"

As our prayer team disembarked the plane that brought us home to DFW from a Washington, DC prayer assignment a few years ago, I heard this question from the Holy Spirit. I asked "what?" "You heard me, WHO prays for YOUR backyard?" My first thought was "this is a trick question Lord." Then He showed me that often, as intercessors, the headlines catch our attention and that is where much of our prayers are targeted, and it is often national and international items we cover in prayer. And those are important too.
But I took His point well realizing it did not cross my mind until a crisis happens to pray over our home state.

What if we gave our state the same prayer opportunity once in a while in that we place ourselves before the Lord to wait on Him for our state, it's leaders, those who govern over us from the city dog catcher to the governor and all offices in between. The people of our state, including those all important "Josephs" that live here, but do international and Kingdom work in the public arena given by God for His use?

1) Take time to go to your state capital and pray on site with insight. It is my opinion that the local church cannot bear the prayer burden of the state capital by themselves....we need to manup and do our part !! Prayerwalk the grounds of your capital, for not only the elected officials and their staff, but all the troopers who keep it secure, the other clerks and staff that make your capital operate smoothly.
2) Is there legislation pending that will make life better or more difficult for it's citizens? Don't know? Find out !! And I have found God has His agenda of what needs to take place....maybe there is legislation we need to pray in to existence !! Get lists of all the elected officials at the state level and pray regularly for them including state and district courts.. Put a map of your state in your tool box for prayer and regularly pull it out to pray for it.
3) You know the state and city laws/services effect our daily life a lot more directly than even the national ones...things like our streets paved & highways built/repaired,public school quality, sales & property taxes, all those things that come out of the state capital and our local city hall efforts.

Consider what your influence for prayer for your state might be, whether in your local church or city prayer group, and get started with it. Invite others and spread the word !!

That we join Heaven in agreeing our city and state will collectively achieve it's destiny from God and fulfill it's Kingdom purposes. Unique in it's giftings and resources, YOUR state is called of Him for such a time as this !!


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